When and where can I watch the 2022 AFL championship game online for free?

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We've finally made it to the AFL championship game for 2022 after a thrilling series of finals all the way through.

Geelong and Sydney will face off in the match that decides who wins the premiership.

Both took very different routes to get to the championship game, but they both earned their spots there.

Geelong was in complete control throughout their preliminary final match against Brisbane, which resulted in a 71-point rout for Geelong. While this was going on, the Sydney Swans held off a late charge from Collingwood to win their preliminary final by a single point, securing a spot for themselves in the grand final.

Both teams are in blistering form as they head into the AFL championship match. While Sydney is currently on a 9-game winning streak, Geelong has won 15 consecutive games in a row.

There is no question that we are in store for a thriller during the most important football match of the year.

The match for the championship final this week

Where and how to watch the AFL Grand Final in 2022 live

On September 24, at 2:30 p.m., Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST), Geelong and Sydney will compete in the AFL grand final.

You can stream the AFL grand final on 7plus or watch it live on free-to-air television on Channel 7 if you want to see it in its entirety.

Live streaming of the AFL Grand Final is only available on 7plus for select connected TV, set-top box, and gaming console devices.

Users located in Australia will be able to access a mobile stream through the AFL Live Official App.

On either Kayo Sports or Foxtel iQ or Foxtel Now, you will not be able to watch the AFL grand final in real time. You won't be able to watch the event live on any of those services, but you can watch a replay.

You can watch the AFL championship game on 7plus.

You will need specific devices in order to watch the AFL Grand Final live streamed on 7plus. Telstra TV, Samsung Tizen (2016 and later), Fetch TV, Apple TV, Android TV/Google TV, LG TV, and PlayStation 4 and 5 are the devices that make up this list.

There will be no live streaming of the AFL grand final available on 7plus for mobile phones, tablets, or personal computers.

Replay of the AFL Grand Final is available to watch on Kayo Sports.

There is no live streaming available for the AFL grand final on Kayo, despite the fact that you are able to watch every AFL match on Kayo during the regular season and finals series. After the conclusion of the game, you won't be able to watch a replay until it's 6 o'clock Australian Eastern Standard Time.

On the other hand, you won't be able to watch a rerun of the championship game on 7plus, so it remains the only viable option. Therefore, in the event that you are unable to view the game in real time for any reason, you will need Kayo in order to view the replay.

Kayo Sports

Stream the AFL in high definition for free during your trial period on Kayo, which does not require a commitment.

Try out Kayo Sports for free for a week and watch over 50 different sporting events live for no cost.

The Kayo app is compatible with a wide variety of devices, including personal computers (Macs and PCs), mobile devices (iOS and Android), streaming media players (Chromecast, Apple TV, Android TV, Telstra TV), video game consoles (PlayStation 4 and 5), and certain models of Samsung, LG, and Hisense televisions. There are three different price points: $25, $27, and $30. Monthly fees of $50 and $35, respectively, are charged for 1, 2, and 3 simultaneous streams. There is a seven-day free trial available for new customers, regardless of which package you decide to go with. This means that if you sign up to watch the AFL grand final, you will be able to do so at no additional cost.

Kayo Sports stands out from the other streaming options on this list not only because of its significantly lower cost but also because of the special features that are geared specifically toward sporting events. This includes a picture-in-picture mode, SplitView (which enables the simultaneous viewing of four different sports), the ability to hide scores, quickly jump to important moments, and the match center.

Foxtel iQ, much like Kayo, airs live coverage of each and every AFL match throughout the season on Fox Footy, with the exception of the grand final. This means that the only way you'll be able to watch a replay of the grand final is on Foxtel iQ. To participate in the fun, you will need a subscription to Foxtel iQ that includes the Sports HD pack.

Access to the HD channels and sports channels requires a monthly fee of for Foxtel iQ. This is due to the fact that it comes with the set-top box, its installation, non-sports channels, and additional features such as recording and 4K support (when you watch it on your TV and not streamed). You will also require the Foxtel Plus package in addition to the Sports HD pack.

After that is finished, you will be able to watch the grand final on the iQ box when the replay airs on Saturday, September 24 at 6:00 p.m. AEST, or you can stream it on your laptop or mobile device using the Foxtel GO app, which is free to subscribers of Foxtel iQ and is available to those subscribers.

Watch the rebroadcast of the AFL Grand Final from 2022 on Foxtel Now.

You can still watch the AFL grand final through Foxtel Now even if you don't want to subscribe to pay TV in the traditional sense. You can watch Fox Footy if you purchase the Sport pack; however, because this is a Premium pack, you will also need to purchase the Essentials pack in order to watch it. This brings the total amount that you spend each month to $54 Because new customers are eligible for a free trial that lasts for 10 days, you won't have to pay to watch the replay of the AFL grand final.

Foxtel Now can be accessed on a variety of platforms, such as personal computers (PC), Apple computers (Mac), mobile devices (iOS, Android), streaming media players (such as Chromecast and AirPlay), gaming consoles (PS4, Telstra TV), and set-top boxes (Foxtel

Foxtel GO and Foxtel Now do not provide access to any of the more sophisticated options for viewing sports that are available on Kayo Sports. These are available to Kayo Sports customers only.

You won't be able to watch the grand final being played live on Foxtel Now, just like you can't watch it on Kayo or Foxtel iQ. Instead, you can only watch a replay of it not long after the match has ended on free-to-air TV.

Foxtel Now

10-day free trial of the Foxtel Now streaming service

There is neither an installation nor a long-term commitment required. Only new customers are allowed. Sign up right away!

Watch AFL will still allow you to stream the AFL grand final even if you are located outside of Australia. The platform is only available outside of the country and comes with three different subscription options, but the grand final pass, which costs $40, is probably the only one you'd be interested in purchasing in order to watch Geelong play Sydney. You also have the option of preparing yourself for the upcoming season by purchasing a 12-month subscription; however, this option will set you back $199.

You can watch on the go by downloading the Watch AFL app to your mobile device or watching on the Watch AFL website on your laptop. Additionally, Chromecast, AirPlay, and Apple TV support is available for Watch AFL.

Curious to learn about additional sports streaming options Check out our comprehensive guide right here! We've compared Foxtel and Kayo so you can decide which streaming service is better for your needs by letting you know the key differences between the two.

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