When Will My Speeding Ticket Be Issued?

It used to be that a speeding ticket would generally be in your hands within minutes of a police officer pulling you over for the offence. However, today, they are often sent out by mail, which is, to put it mildly, inconvenient. Back before the wondrous invention of speed cameras - or "road-safety cameras", sorry - a speeding ticket would generally be in your hands within minutes. a science that lacks precision

There are plenty of anecdotal tales out there of people waiting for months to receive their speeding fines, despite the fact that in an ideal world, your speeding fine should arrive within 14 days of being detected by a camera, for example.

This can be particularly problematic because, generally speaking, you only have 21 days from the date a speeding fine is issued to pay said fine, or face extra financial penalties, and if some of that time is lost while you’re waiting for the fine to arrive - and in the case of hidden speed cameras You might not even be aware that it's on its way, but it's going to cause some problems for you.

Who, if anyone, really is aware of this?

How long does it take for the fines for speeding to arrive? The fact that some state authorities, like the New South Wales government, do not really have an answer for this question on their official websites is an interesting aspect of this question. This indicates that they are not making an official promise to deliver your fine to your address within a specific amount of time, and given the general slowdown in delivery times experienced by Australia Post, it may be difficult for them to fulfill this obligation.

It is crystal clear that if your fine takes a while to arrive, and you want to ask for additional time to pay it as a result of the delay, you are going to have to jump through some hoops in order to do so. And if you don't jump through them quickly enough, you could find yourself on the hook for late fees, also known as "enforcement costs."

On its website, VicRoads provides the helpful information that traffic infringement notices can be "mailed to you (normally within two weeks)" or "handed to you." This information is helpful.  

Let's take a look at things state by state to see how long it takes, on average, for them to arrive, whether or not you can find out where you have a fine before it arrives, and how you can check to see how many demerit points you have.

Find out more about the duration of demerit points here.

How much time passes before a person in Victoria receives a monetary penalty? As was previously stated, it "should normally" arrive within two weeks, but there is no guarantee of this and it could take even longer. Naturally, the system that is used to fine people in Victoria is one that is extremely effective.

If you have a notice and you want to check to see if you have any outstanding fines, you can do so here; however, if you are unsure about the specifics of any outstanding fines, you can contact Fines Victoria.

This is where Victorians can check their current point total.

Read more about the plan to assist residents of Victoria in avoiding speeding fines.

How long does it take for a speeding fine to arrive in New South Wales? It would appear that there is no official word on this matter; however, it would appear that within two weeks is a fair estimate, although some people wait longer.

You can get in touch with NSW Revenue here if you have any questions about the state of New South Wales.

You have the option to ask for a review of your fine if you believe that it was calculated incorrectly.

Here, licensed drivers in New South Wales can check their current point balance.

South Australia (Locality)

When you get caught speeding in South Australia, how long does it take to receive a fine? Our friends from down there have told us that the time it takes for your fine to arrive in the mail can be very quick — for example, less than a week — or very slow — for example, more than a month.  

You can call the Fines Enforcement and Recovery Unit at 1800 659 538 if you have any concerns about paying a fine on time, and you should call them as soon as you possibly can.  

South Australian motorists can check their points totals on this page.


It's interesting to note that there have been instances of people in Queensland receiving fake notices of infringement, which seems like a particularly cruel scam.  

Scammers will sometimes send out emails that appear to be fake infringement notices. According to the Department of Transport and Main Roads of the Queensland government, "If you have any doubts about whether an emailed infringement notices is real, do not open it, click any links in it, or open any attachments."

Continue reading for information on how to avoid having to pay a speeding fine.

"If you are unsure whether a fine is real, contact the agency that issued it, and delete the email once you have confirmed that it is fake." "If you are unsure whether a fine is real, contact the agency that issued it." If you have access to My TMR Account, you can also log in to check for any legitimate fines that you may have incurred. ”

You should get a real fine within 21 days, but "if it takes longer than 21 days for your fine to be entered into our system you may need to pay the fine in another way, either in person or by post" if it takes longer than 21 days for your fine to be entered into our system. ”

Here, residents of Queensland are able to view their current point balance.

Western Australia

According to conversations that have taken place on the internet, the amount of time it takes for a speeding ticket to arrive in Washington can vary. Some people are upset that they have had to wait weeks, and they point out that this means that people who have been caught by one of the state's sneaky, hidden cameras can continue to drive around, speeding and racking up more demerit points, for some time without knowing what hit them. Some people are also upset that they have had to wait so long.

There is no mention of how quickly or otherwise a fine will arrive, despite the fact that this page contains all of the information about traffic infractions in Western Australia (WA). There is, of course, a warning that a Final Demand Notice, "with added costs," will be sent to you in the event that you do not make payment within twenty-eight days of the date that the notice was issued.  

The point totals for drivers in the state of Washington can be viewed here.


The Tasmanian police force takes great pride in the fact that they hand out a total of 90,000 infringement notices each year using a mobile application known as the Police Infringement Notice System (PINS), which issues fines digitally through the use of tablet computers.  

According to the Tasmanian Police, "PINS processes the infringement electronically, and it is then sent to the recipient by post." [Citation needed]

Therefore, this is the manner in which the Tasmania Highway Patrol will send you the letter containing your speeding ticket.  

Their modern system also enables them to inform us precisely how long it will take for a speeding fine to arrive, telling us, for example, "Allow four days to receive the infringement notice in the mail," which seems to be an extremely effective use of their resources. In this regard, Tasmania is light years ahead of the competition.

The story isn't quite as interesting when it comes to checking your demerit points, however, because doing so in Tasmania requires you to resort to some less modern methods.

Drivers in Tasmania who want to check their demerit points can do so by calling Service Tasmania at 1300 13 55 13, or, if they are calling from outside of Tasmania or overseas, at 03 6169 9017.

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