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Foxtel has launched a streaming service called Binge with the intention of competing with other popular services like Netflix and Stan. Here is everything you need to know about Binge if you're interested in seeing what a more affordable alternative to Foxtel might look like.

What exactly is "Binge TV"?

Binge is a streaming service that places a significant emphasis on entertaining its users. Its extensive content library includes a wide variety of movies and television shows, including prestige dramas, sitcoms, reality shows, crime shows, documentaries, and animated programming.

Since Binge, Kayo, and Flash News were all produced by Foxtel, they can all be grouped together under the moniker of Streamotion. Customers are able to link multiple subscriptions under a single account; however, more on this topic will be discussed later.

How much does it cost to use Binge?

Foxtel's Binge streaming service is the company's most cost-effective offering to date, with plans beginning at just $10 per month. You have access to the entire Binge library regardless of which plan you choose, but upgrading your subscription will improve the quality of your streams as well as the number of devices on which you can watch them simultaneously.

The following is a comparison of the prices offered by Binge to those offered by other streaming services in Australia:

When deciding which Binge TV plan is best for you, the two most important factors to take into account are your spending limit and the number of people who will use the service all at once.

If you and some of your friends share login information for a streaming service, then you will need to make room for at least two screens at the same time. This will cost you an additional $16 per month for the Standard plan.  

On the other hand, if you have a large family and you and your loved ones prefer to watch television in separate rooms rather than huddled together on the couch, we suggest going with either the Standard or the Premium plan. Not only will you have the ability to watch content in High Definition (HD), but you will also receive multiple simultaneous streams (up to four if you subscribe to the Premium tier). It's not the 1990s anymore. We should all receive that.

On the other hand, you always have the option to go with its Basic Subscription if you are either trying to save money or aren't bothered by streaming of a lower quality for whatever reason. You will continue to receive the same content; however, it will be delivered to you in Standard Definition (SD) and cost $10 per month.

What can you watch on Binge right now?

Binge has an extensive content library that includes over 10,000 hours of television shows and movies. These shows and movies come from a variety of partners, including HBO, BBC, FX, DreamWorks, DCs, Warner Media, NBC Universal, Warner Bros, Sony Pictures Television, Studio Canal, ITV, Paramount, and many more.  

Because of this, Binge is the most convenient option for streaming HBO shows like The Last of Us, House of the Dragon, and The White Lotus, in addition to other prestige dramas like Euphoria, Succession, and The Walking Dead.

The Office, Parks and Recreation, The Big Bang Theory, Friends, Seinfeld, and What We Do in the Shadows are some of the comedies that can be found on Binge, along with a whole host of others. You'll also find a wealth of content relating to real-life occurrences, lifestyles, documentaries, and true crimes.

Binge's primary focus is on television series, but the platform also offers more than 800 movies covering all of the major genres, including the complete Harry Potter film canon.

Does Binge have live channels

You can watch a variety of live TV channels streaming directly through Binge in addition to streaming on demand content. Binge gives you access to a wide range of channels. These include some of the channels that you would normally see on traditional Foxtel, but they do not come with the hefty price tag or the fees associated with the installation of the hardware.

The variety is weighted more heavily toward drama, reality, children's programming, and documentaries. Bear in mind that you won't be able to select the specific shows that you want to watch on any of these channels. When you click on a channel, the content will immediately begin playing from the current point in real time that it is at. The following live channels were available at the time this article was written:

  • WWE
  • The Showcase on Fox
  • Fox Arena
  • Fox Docs
  • Fox One
  • Fox Sleuth
  • Fox Crime
  • MTV
  • History
  • Investigation of Criminal Activity
  • A&E
  • LifeStyle
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Home Sweet Lifestyle
  • BBC Earth
  • Nickelodeon
  • Nick JR
  • CBeebies
  • Cartoon Network in full HD
  • Boomerang
  • It's on Universal TV.
  • DreamWorks

The very best of Binge, as chosen by our editorial staff

If you're having trouble deciding what to watch, don't worry; we've got you covered. Our editors spend far too much time glued to the television, and as a result, they have compiled a list of their top recommendations for movies and television shows that can be streamed on Binge:

  • The best movies available on Binge
  • The best shows currently available on Binge Watching

If you have never used Binge before, you are eligible for a free trial that lasts for 14 days and does not require a commitment to continue using the service. You can sign up for Binge through their website at any time. Simply select the option that provides the best value for your money while meeting your requirements for viewing content, and we will get you there:

Where can I find Binge to watch it?

You will require both an internet connection and a device that is compatible with Binge in order to stream television shows and motion pictures.

The encouraging news is that Binge is compatible with a wide variety of devices. These include Apple's iPhone and iPad, as well as tablets and smartphones powered by Android. Binge is compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari when it comes to internet browsers. Binge is compatible with PlayStation 4 and later iterations, as well as Xbox One, Series S, and Series X, when it comes to video game consoles.

In addition, Binge is compatible with Apple TVs of the fourth generation and later, Google Chromecast, Telstra TV, and Android-based smart TVs. Beginning in 2017, Samsung Smart TVs have also included the ability to download a Binge app.

Binge is currently unavailable on any devices powered by Amazon Fire, including Fetch TV. Check out the helpful table that follows for a more in-depth look at the kinds of devices that are compatible with streaming apps like Binge and others:

Compatibility with streaming media players

* In order to access Foxtel Now, you will need to use Airplay; the service is not available as a standalone app.

Kayo no longer offers support for Chromecast devices of the first generation. Kayo recommends using Chromecast Ultra and the most recent third-generation model for the best possible streaming experience.

*** The Foxtel GO app is required to stream content from Foxtel Now.

  • Netflix


  • Stan


  • Amazon Prime Video

    Amazon Prime Video

  • Disney


  • Binge


  • Paramount


  • Apple TV

    Apple TV

  • Kayo Sports

    Kayo Sports

  • BritBox


  • Hayu


  • Foxtel Now

    Foxtel Now

  • Netflix


  • Stan


  • Amazon Prime Video

    Amazon Prime Video

  • Disney


How do I become a member of Binge?

When you have all of the necessary components, registering for Binge through its website is the simplest and most convenient method. If you do not already have a membership, you can sign up by clicking the "New to Binge" button. A button labeled "Try Us Free" can be found on the homepage.

Simply following these steps will allow you to sign up for Binge:

  1. You will be required to provide a valid email address, a mobile phone number, a password, and a few other standard personal details in order to sign up for Binge.
    Please take note that Binge utilizes the same accounts as its sister services Flash and Kayo. If you already have a Kayo account, you'll need to use that to register for Binge; otherwise, you won't be able to link your phone number. If you don't have a Kayo account, you can create one here.
  2. You will then be sent a verification code via text message, and once you have received that, you can move on to the next step of creating your account.
  3. Choose which of its three plans you want to go with based on the amount of money you have available and the number of screens you will require.
  4. Please supply information regarding billing. American Express, MasterCard, and Visa are all accepted forms of payment here. You won't be charged for anything until the end of your free trial period of fourteen days, and if you decide to cancel your trial before then, you won't be billed at all.

Also, keep in mind that if you already have a Kayo or Flash account and you link your Binge account to it, any existing credit card information across any other Streamotion subscription you have will automatically be updated whenever you enter new credit card details. If you are using a new card that is about to expire on any of your other Streammotion accounts, this is a useful feature that you can take advantage of.

When you are finished, you can start watching Binge by logging into your new account on any device that is compatible with the service. well, bingeing

What percentage of data does Binge use?

The amount of data that is required to use Binge varies depending on whether you are viewing in standard definition or high definition. Content viewed in standard definition on one screen consumes between 300 and 500 megabytes of data per hour.

Viewing content via HD on one screen per hour uses between 1 5GB and 3 25GB  

A download speed of between 2 and 5 megabits per second is recommended as the standard for an internet connection. Both 5 Mbps and 5 Mbps are required for the best possible streaming performance.

Binge data usage The Quality of the Stream Data Usage Per Hour Use of Data for a Period of 30 Hours 360p 0.3GB 9GB 540p 0.5GB 15GB 720p 1.5GB 45GB 1080p 3.25GB 97.5GB

Binge can still stream at speeds as slow as one Mbps on mobile devices. 5 Mbps is the maximum speed that many unlimited data plans will allow you to reach if you go over your primary data allocation.

Binge does not have any current plans to implement 4K streaming at this time.

Binge TV is available on Telstra.

At this time, customers of Telstra personal post-paid are eligible to receive a free two-month subscription to Binge's Standard plan, which is normally valued at $16 per month. If you would rather use Binge Premium, you can still take advantage of a significant discount on a monthly subscription through Telstra by paying just $2 for two months of service. Customers must sign up through Telstra by the 30th of June in 2023 to be eligible to redeem this offer.

You are still able to benefit from this offer if you are a current Binge subscriber. Prior to being able to redeem the offer, Binge Basic subscribers will simply need to upgrade to either the Standard or Premium tier.

There are also discounts available for Binge for existing Gold and Silver Telstra Plus members, which are as follows:

  • Members of Gold Telstra Plus can enjoy BINGE Standard for a reduced price of $5 per month for a period of 12 months.
  • BINGE Standard is available to Silver Telstra Plus members at a discounted rate of $10 per month for a period of 12 months.

When the promotional period is over, you will have the option to either cancel your subscription or continue using it at the regular monthly rate.

Additionally, if you simply want to combine your Binge and Telstra accounts, Telstra enables customers to easily manage their Binge streaming subscription from within their Telstra account. This feature is available to customers who have combined their Binge and Telstra accounts.

These days, streaming services are plentiful, which means that if you don't like Binge, you have plenty of other options to choose from, including the following:

Netflix, the streaming service that started it all, remains one of the most popular destinations for content found online. It is simple to operate, there is a large variety of content, and it has a useful function called "Play Something" that stops the user from continuously scrolling. Netflix has put a lot of thought into their platform, and they truly do have something for everyone.

It is the home of well-known works of science fiction, such as "Stranger Things," as well as reality shows, such as "Glow Up" and "Is It Cake?" as well as suspenseful dramas with elements of mystery, such as "The Pale Blue Eye" and "Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery."

Netflix is not only one of the platforms that is the most widely compatible among streaming devices, game consoles, and televisions, but it also provides the option to watch videos offline.


Due to the extensive selection of content categories, Disney is quickly becoming one of the most popular online streaming destinations in Australia. It is not only the home of content produced by Disney and Pixar, but also that produced by Star Wars, Marvel, and National Geographic. That's a pretty impressive list of categories.

But Disney also has Star, a section dedicated to reality, comedy, and drama with titles like Grey's Anatomy, This Is Us, and The Kardashians, for those who aren't into fantasy, documentaries, or animated films. In addition, Disney has original and exclusive content such as "How I Met Your Father" and "Willow."

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is a streaming service that features many critically acclaimed TV shows and movies, such as Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan, The Boys, Carnival Row, Reacher, and many more. The service comes with a generous 30-day free trial period, bonus discounts on Amazon products, and free delivery on selected items.

In addition, subscribers to Amazon Prime Video can watch premium and specialty channels such as AcornTV, Hayu, AMC, Paramount, BritBox, Shudder, Lionsgate, DocPlay, and MGM.


While Paramount is a relatively new streaming service in Australia, it already boasts some of the country's most popular shows and movies, such as Top Gun Maverick, RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars, South Park, and Star Trek: Discovery.

The original and exclusive Paramount content, such as "Infinite" and "Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies," is available to subscribers of the service. Oh, and have we mentioned that it also has the rights to broadcast every live match of the A-leagues, Socceroos, and Matildas, as well as the FA Cup?

Apple TV

Why isn't Apple participating in the streaming game when every other major corporation is trying its hand at it? Starting at just Viewers of Apple TV can stream the company's popular original content such as Ted Lasso, For All Mankind, and M for a monthly fee of $0.99. The Instrument of Night Shyamalan

It also features a number of exciting and exclusive titles starring well-known actors, such as Jason Momoa's See, Tom Hanks' Greyhound, and Taron Egerton's Black Bird (don't pretend like you haven't seen the advertisements for these films).


BritBox is a digital media platform that features a wide variety of programming with a British focus. BritBox has exactly what you're looking for, regardless of whether you prefer drama, mysteries, or crime shows.

Blackadder, Midsomer Murders, A Confession, and Life After Life are just some of the rare shows that can be found here, and you can watch them all for only . 99 USD per month, or USD total 99 dollars for the entire year, which will give you a discount equivalent to almost two full months. In addition, BritBox provides a free trial that lasts for seven days.

Fetch TV

The entertainment system known as Fetch TV can be housed in either a Mighty or a Mini box. You will have access to a variety of Freeview content, pay-to-play movies, and specialty channel packs within this mystery box. Additionally, you will be able to use the built-in applications for the streaming services of your choice.

Whereas streaming services in general only provide the option to watch on-demand content, Fetch TV offers a variety of channels that can be flipped through in the same way that they were in the good old days. It also functions solely through your internet connection, which means you won't have to worry about plugging into the antenna at any point.  

Fetch is a service that can be purchased on its own, but a number of NBN providers also offer the option to bundle it with certain service plans. In addition to their NBN plans, iiNet, Dodo, iPrimus, Aussie Broadband, and Internode all provide this service to their customers. You will likely incur additional fees as a result of this.

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At least for the foreseeable future, both Binge and Foxtel Now will continue to co-exist. Foxtel Now is more of a digital alternative to traditional Foxtel, whereas Binge is marketed more as a traditional streaming service. Foxtel Now gives you access to everything Foxtel has to offer, but Binge has a library that is more narrowly focused.  

However, if you want access to more on-demand content such as sports that aren't available on the platform, you may want to consider Foxtel Now rather than Binge because the latter is significantly more expensive. Binge is also significantly less expensive.

In light of this, if you are interested in sports, you should check out Kayo rather than any other website.

The ideal NBN packages for binge watching television

Watching television and movies online at home via your internet connection, whether through Binge or another service, will consume a significant amount of data. Because of this, we strongly advise going with a plan that offers unlimited data on the NBN 50 speed tier at the very least. The following are some of the most affordable plans that we have in our database that meet those criteria:

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Sign in by going to the website www.binge.com.au in the web browser of your choice. Once you have successfully logged in, navigate to the "My Account" page by clicking the "Menu" icon located in the upper right corner of the screen. After selecting Update Payment Method from the drop-down menu that appears after clicking Details located next to Payment & Billing.  

Visit the website www.binge.com.au and navigate to the "My Account" page using the menu located in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Click the Change button located in the Subscription & Billing section. You will then be taken to a screen where you can view your various subscription options.  

You have the ability to modify your password at any time by signing in to Binge and navigating to the My Account page via the menu located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Here is where you'll find the button to change your password. Pressing the Send Reset Email button on the following page will cause an email containing instructions on how to create a new password to be sent to you.   

If you are unable to remember your password, you will be able to reset it by clicking the "Forgot password" button when you are attempting to log in. You will be required to enter the email address that is associated with your account before you can proceed. This will cause an email to be sent to you containing a link to reset your password.

You can access the My Account page by going to www.binge.com.au and clicking on the menu icon that is located in the top right corner of the screen. Click the Cancel Subscription button, then the I Agree button. Your account will remain active until the date of your next scheduled payment.

Binge does not currently support offline viewing as of the time of this writing.

Yes, subtitles are available for Binge.

Depending on the Binge plan that you have, the Premium package, which costs $18 per month, allows you to watch content simultaneously on up to four screens or devices. When you subscribe to the most basic Binge plan, you can only watch content on a single screen at once. If you upgrade to the next level, however, you can stream content on two screens at once.

There are currently no parental controls available on Binge.

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