Ways to market a vehicle.

Selling a car might seem like a daunting task, especially if it's your first time doing so. Although CarsGuide.com.au can be a great platform for private car sales, here are some valuable tips that can help make the process easier.

The Art of Private Car Sales

If you'd like to promote the sale of your car for free, Autotrader.com.au can offer phenomenal publicity. Take advantage of this opportunity to make your car available to potential buyers.

Preparing Your Car for a Sale

Prior to listing your car for sale, it's crucial to prepare it for optimal appeal. Several steps can help you achieve this goal:

    • If budget permits, consider hiring a professional detailer to clean your car. This can save you time and energy while ensuring a meticulous cleaning job.

    • Alternatively, if you choose to do-it-yourself, be sure to clean every nook and cranny of the vehicle, including the engine bay, door openings, and boot openings.

    • Remove all loose items from the interior and boot of your car before taking photographs or allowing potential buyers to test drive the vehicle.

    • If you're a smoker, deodorize your car and remove any ashtrays or lighters to avoid the impression of a tobacco-infused vehicle.

    • Pay special attention when washing and polishing the exterior of your car. Be sure to wipe away any traces of polishing residue and avoid leaving buyers with a false impression that you only cleaned the car to improve its resale value.

    • Aim to sell your vehicle just after it's been serviced to demonstrate that it's well-maintained. Waiting to sell when a service is required may raise questions about the vehicle's condition.

    • Keep the windscreen washer reservoir and radiator topped up to signify conscientious car maintenance.

    • Check your car tyres and ensure they're inflated to the right pressure for a smoother test drive.

    • Keep the car's paperwork, including proof of service history and current registration papers, readily available for potential buyers.

    • Disclose any financing information to buyers in an upfront and transparent way, and research the best approach based on your type of loan.

    • Invest in a vehicle history report to provide reassurance to potential buyers.

    Taking the Best Photos for Your Ad

    While your car is spick and span, it's also the ideal time to take photos for your ad. Here are some tips for taking great photos:

    • • Modern smartphones often produce high-quality photos, so don't feel compelled to borrow or purchase a camera.

    • Shoot pictures in the early morning or late afternoon to avoid challenging shadows that could obscure details. Overcast weather can also make for great lighting.

    • Never take photos of your car in rainy weather as the wet surface can give a false impression of excellent condition.

    • Ensure your camera lens is clean to prevent blurring or lens flare. Avoid using flash.

    • Take only horizontally oriented landscape images, not vertical portrait ones.

    • To make it easier, try to replicate the camera angles used in our car reviews. This generally includes a front ¾ view, rear ¾ view, side view, and interior shots.

    • Take as many shots as your ad will allow, adding extra details like the other side view, front view, rear view, each wheel, a boot shot, and close-ups of any damage or specific details of your car.

    • While uploading images, place them in a logical order and ensure none are upside down. Mirror one of our car review galleries for the best results.

    Writing your ad

    • Sell your car faster by making your advertisement clear, concise, and correct.

    • Be precise in describing your car, detailing its make, model, variant, year of manufacture, engine and transmission details, options, and general condition.

    • Avoid abbreviations and jargon that make it hard to understand. Proof-read your words and run a spell-check.

    • Keep the words to a minimum and include a brief history for the car.

    • Be honest with any imperfections, ensuring you include photos.

    How much should I ask?

    • Avoid putting an unrealistically high price in your ad. Research current industry values for your car from CarsGuide.

    • Check current listings for cars like yours. If your car is genuinely better than the competing vehicles, articulate this clearly in your photos and the wording of your ad.

    • If your car is in similar condition, set your price slightly beneath their price to make your ad more appealing.

    • Set your price slightly above the minimum you are willing to accept, as most buyers will haggle.

    How to protect against scams and fraud

    • Beware of dodgy buyers and digital fraudsters that prey on car sellers.

    • Be careful who you hand the keys over to for a test drive, even after your ad is published. CarsGuide does its best to eliminate the risk of scams and fraud, but it pays to be cautious.

    • Only access your car ad through a Carsguide.com.au URL like: www.carsguide.com.au/sell-my-car/edit-or-renew-an-ad.

    • Don't click on any links included in an email, even if it appears to be from CarsGuide.com.au, as it may be a phishing email.

    • If you receive an email requesting you to click on a CarsGuide.com.au link, contact us via our Contact Us page.

    • If an unauthorized person accesses your ad and alters its details, get in touch with us immediately.

    • Be wary of people who insist on keeping all communication online (email or text) and refuse to speak on the phone as they might be attempting a fraudulent transaction.

    • If you get an email inquiry regarding your car, call and speak to the person instead of replying via email. If their number is disconnected or they are unreachable, be cautious. Always ask for their contact number.

    • Never send money to a potential buyer as it may be a scam. Check out our Help and Security Centre link for more information on scams.

    • If the offer seems too good to be true, it probably is.

    • When you come across the CarsGuide.com.au logo on a website, check if they are a trusted partnership by getting in touch with us.

    • If you're uncertain, contact our customer service team via the details available on our website. We are always happy to offer additional tips for selling your car.

    When arranging a vehicle inspection with a potential buyer

    • Collect their contact information like name, phone number, and address or driver's license number, if possible.

    • Verify that the number belongs to the person by calling it.

    • Check with your insurer to confirm that your car insurance covers the person test driving your vehicle.

    • Always take down the driver's license details when agreeing to a test drive. A photo on your smartphone is useful.

    • Retain something valuable from the test driver such as their car key.

    • Accompany the test driver yourself if you want.

    • If you have doubts about the person trying to buy your car, take your time and don't rush into the test drive or sale.

    • Before finalizing the exchange, request a second identification document, preferably from a government agency such as a passport, Medicare card, or original utilities bill.

    Safe payment methods

    • The most secure payment methods are Bank Cheque or Cash.

    • Don't transfer money through PayPal or Western Union.

    • Don't use an escrow company.

    Remember, if you're unsure about the authenticity of the person attempting to buy your vehicle, don't feel pressured into the sale. You own the car and it's your asset until you're satisfied with the terms of the sale.

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