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Postal ballots will be mailed out to voters who are registered as general postal voters as soon as it is practically possible after the nominations have been announced for a federal election or the writs have been issued for a federal referendum. or in accordance with the legislative calendar for an election to a state or local government (for further information, get in touch with the Electoral Commission in your state).

After you have completed the steps necessary to become registered as a general postal voter, you can expect to receive your ballot papers in the mail as soon as an election has been called. You are exempt from submitting a new application for any upcoming elections.

You also have the option, if you meet the requirements, to submit an application for a postal vote, but this option is limited to a single election. Once that electoral event has been announced, the instructions for submitting these requests will be available on the website.


If you are already on the electoral roll but are unable to vote in person due to one of the following reasons, you may be eligible to register as a general postal voter instead of going to the polling place.

  • registered at a location that is more than 20 kilometers away from the polling location
  • a patient who is unable to travel to a polling place because they are staying at a hospital or nursing home
  • being unable to travel due to an illness or disability sustained at home
  • providing care for a person who is seriously ill or infirm
  • serving a sentence of less than three years in incarceration
  • registered as an absentee voter with no vote to cast
  • because of their religious convictions, they were unable to vote in the election.
  • because of a physical incapacity, you are unable to sign your name.
  • registered as a voter from a foreign country
  • a member of the Australian armed forces or a civilian employee of the defense department who is serving overseas
  • an officer or staff member of the Australian Federal Police who is currently serving outside of Australia

You are going to need

  • either the number on your Australian driver's license or the number on your Australian passport, and
  • to be registered at your current place of residence

Please use the paper form that is provided below if you do not possess a driver's license or passport. Before you can apply, you will need to first enroll online if you are not already a member.

Put in an application to vote by mail in general.

Who has access to the information regarding my enrollment?

The Australian nation known as the Commonwealth.

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) is authorized under the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 (CEA) to collect and verify the information that you have been asked to complete on this form. This authorization allows the AEC to collect and verify the information. The ACC will be able to better maintain electoral rolls with the assistance of the provided information.

In accordance with the requirements of the CEA, the AEC may disclose electoral information to individuals or organizations. Examples of this could be:

  • access to the publicly available electoral roll, which can be inspected at electoral offices and contains names and addresses of registered voters.
  • electoral authorities at the state and territorial levels
  • Candidates for the House of Representatives, members of Parliament, and Senators, as well as registered political parties, are included here.
  • research in medicine that has been approved and screening programs for the public health
  • whichever agencies, persons, or organizations are specified in the Electoral and Referendum Regulation 2016

Visit the website of the Australian Information Commissioner's office to learn more about protecting your personal information.

Territories and state governments

The jurisdiction of New South Wales in Australia

According to the New South Wales Parliamentary Electorates and Elections Act 1912, the New South Wales Electoral Commission is authorized to collect and provide electoral information such as title, name and postal address, date of birth, gender, and electoral area to:

  • Members of state legislatures and political parties that are officially registered
  • The dates of birth of the groups and candidates who are taking part in the electoral process are not provided.
  • certain health screening programs, so long as they adhere to the guidelines set forth by the National Health and Medical Research Council
  • State agencies, such as the New South Wales Police, the Sheriff's Office, the Independent Commission Against Corruption, the Department of Fair Trading, the New South Wales Crime Commission, and the Office of State Revenue

The jurisdiction known as Victoria

Enrollment information is made available to the following parties in accordance with the Victorian Electoral Act 2002:

  • Members of Parliament, Political Parties That Are Registered, And Candidates Running For Election This data includes your name and address, as well as your date of birth and gender.
  • In accordance with a joint roll arrangement, the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) and the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) will update the electoral roll by exchanging electoral information. As part of the activities related to the roll update, the VEC may disclose your name to other people residing at the address on which you are registered.
  • At the office of the VEC, the electoral roll is available for public inspection. Only names and addresses are provided, with the exception that the addresses of voters who chose not to speak do not appear on the version of the roll that is made public.
  • The Juries Commission, which was established by the Juries Act 2000, and local governments, which were established by the Local Government Act 1989
  • Other organizations, though only under specific conditions However, prior to disclosing any enrollment information, the Victorian Electoral Commission is required to first consult with the Privacy Commissioner and conduct a thorough assessment of the competing claims of public interest and privacy concerns. Both the VEC website and the VEC itself make a comprehensive list of the organizations that receive enrollment information available to users.

The Australian state known as Queensland

In accordance with the Queensland Electoral Act 1992, the Electoral Commission of Queensland is responsible for disseminating electoral information to organizations that have been granted permission to do so.

The Australian region known as Western Australia

Information that is comparable to that which is provided to agencies of the Commonwealth is distributed by the Western Australian Electoral Commission to agencies of the state for the purposes of law enforcement and medical research, as well as to local governments for electoral purposes.

South Australia as a state of Australia

The Electoral Commission of South Australia is authorized by the State Electoral Act of 1985 to provide information that is comparable to what is being discussed here.

Tasmania, a state in Australia

Members of Parliament, registered political parties, candidates, and organizations approved by the Tasmanian Electoral Commission are all eligible to receive roll information from the Commission.

The Commission has the authority to authorize the supply of roll information for medical research that has been granted ethical approval, to assist in the investigation and prevention of legal infractions or the protection of public revenue, or for any other purpose that is deemed to be for the benefit of the individual or the community as a whole.

The Electoral Act 2004 includes provisions for penalties for the use of electoral rolls for purposes that are not permitted by the Act or that have not been approved by the Commission.

The Commonwealth of Australia's Federal Capital Territory

In accordance with the Electoral Act 1992 (ACT), information from the public roll may be provided to members of the Legislative Assembly, candidates for election, registered political parties, and other organizations, but only for the purposes specified in that act.

In accordance with the provisions of the Juries Act 1967 (ACT), the ACT Supreme Court is provided with electoral information by the ACT Electoral Commission. This information may include a person's name and postal address, as well as their date of birth and gender. the Chief Executive of the Treasury is responsible for contacting former workers of Totalcare Industries Ltd regarding superannuation, and the Chief Health Officer is responsible for maintaining the cancer register in accordance with the Public Health Regulation 2000 (ACT).

The Territories of the North

Information regarding elections, such as titles, names, and postal addresses, as well as birthdates, occupations, and genders, is provided here:

  • to the Sheriff for the purpose of preparing the rolls for the jury
  • addressing Members of the Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory
  • upon request, to political parties that are registered

It is also made available upon request for the purposes of medical research and health screening programs in cases where the Electoral Commissioner is of the opinion that the interests of the public outweigh concerns regarding privacy. This information may include your title, name and address, age range, occupation, and gender. It may also include your postal address.

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