Updating Your ABN Details

Jan 18, 2023

If you possess an Australian Business Number (ABN), you are likewise accountable for maintaining the ABN Business Register accurate. This is how you can revise your ABN information.

Once you obtain an ABN, it then becomes your duty to keep that information up to date on the Australian Business Register. It may be relatively simple to remember to update a modification of address when you relocate company offices. However, it is not always as effortless to recall that directors, shareholders, and partner information must all be kept up to date as well.

How to Verify Your ABN

As an initial step, you will want to verify your ABN to observe what information is currently registered (and what you may need to modify). You can verify this information through the Australian Business Register's ABN Lookup.

What information needs to be modified on the ABN register?

Once you determine what information is currently in place, you will be able to confirm what (if anything) needs to be revised.

If the ABN is no longer in use

If your circumstances have changed – for instance, you have sold the business or closed its operations, it is no longer functioning in Australia, or your company structure has changed (in some instances) – then you will need to update your ABN by canceling it. If you have transitioned to a new structure, then you will be required to obtain a new ABN for that new entity.

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Your primary business location

If your business place of operation alters or you relocate from your residence to an office, you will need to update that information. Once again, this must be the physical address (not a postal box or your agent's address).

Your mailing address

Perhaps you have hired a BAS agent to handle your business correspondence. If this is a new mailing address, you will need to provide the new information as well.

Shareholder, director, or partner information

If there is a change in a shareholder, director, or partner associated with your business, this information will also need to be modified. This includes their name and address. And if the individual is a non-Australian resident, you will also need to provide identification documents to the ATO via mail to authenticate their identity.

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Your name or business name

If you modify your name due to marriage or divorce or any other reason, you will need to update that information as well. If the name of the business changes, you may be able to register this new name and connect it to your current ABN.

Timeline for Updating Your ABN Details

You must refresh your particulars within twenty-eight days of the date of the relevant modification. Consequently, if, for instance, you encounter a departure of your partner from your partnership, you'll have to update that information within twenty-eight days of the partner's resignation.

How to Refresh Your ABN Details

Now that you are aware of the appropriate time to renew your ABN, we need to ascertain how to update your ABN particulars. To refresh your particulars, you can log in to the Australian Business Register using myGovID. Once you're on the registry, you can access your information to implement the necessary modifications.

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