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Join us in celebrating the hottest songs of 2022 with the Countdown Voted For Donate To ACF event! Start off by checking out the top 200 songs from the Countdown, split into two categories: 1-100 and 101-200. And don't forget to tune in to DoubleJ to catch the 1-100 of 2002 Winning song!

Song artwork Camp DogSong artwork JungleSong artwork Pulling ThroughSong artwork CUFF IT

Taking the crown for Hottest song of 2022 is none other than Flume's 'Say Nothing', featuring the incredible vocals of MAY-A. Flume has now topped the Countdown twice, cementing himself as one of Australia's greatest producers, having come a long way since his early days of working with cereal box software at age 11. To read more about his winning journey, check out our in-depth article.

Song artwork The Brown SnakeSong artwork I Like You (A Happier Song)Song artwork N95Song artwork YetSong artwork DojaSong artwork sTraNgeRsSong artwork Miracle MakerSong artwork 2 Be Loved (Am I Ready)Song artwork Let's GoSong artwork ColinSong artwork Thousand MilesSong artwork TVSong artwork Wish You WellSong artwork Shooting StarsSong artwork ClaritySong artwork Big City Life

The rest of the list is filled with amazing tracks from talented artists such as Eliza Rose & Interplanetary Criminal, Spacey Jane, Ball Park Music, and Lime Cordiale, just to name a few. Whether you're into pop, rock, or electronic music, there's something for everyone on this list.

Song artwork STAR WALKIN' (League Of Legends Worlds Anthem)Song artwork It's A KillaSong artwork GROWING UP IS _____Song artwork RippleSong artwork This Is WhySong artwork Rich FlexSong artwork YellowSong artwork BREAK MY SOUL

And the best part? You can donate to the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) while you enjoy the Countdown Voted For Donate To ACF event, helping to support the protection of Australia's environment. So what are you waiting for? Start streaming the hottest songs of the year and make a difference!

The selection of this year's Hottest 100 reveals an undeniable urge to get down and boogie, with voters showing off their best moves, whether they honed them via TikTok routines from the coziness of their own bedrooms (greetings, Lizzo's 'About Damn Time' at #7 and Beyonce's 'CUFF IT' at #24), or opted for the communal experience provided by electrifying festival and club tracks (note Eliza Rose at #2 and Skin On Skin at #52, as well as Fred again.. at #14, #18, #26 and #100).

Colourful mushrooms on a white t-shirt, the official triple j Hottest 100 merchSong artwork messy in heavenSong artwork Country ClubSong artwork Double VisionSong artwork I'm In Love With YouSong artwork Leaving for LondonSong artwork Deepest DarknessSong artwork Girl SportsSong artwork A Whole Day's NightSong artwork 6L GTRSong artwork Burn Dem BridgesSong artwork Slugger 1.4

Naming a song after a person can be a delightful source of inspiration, and 'Delilah' was honored at #14 (with Fred again..'s 'Danielle' marking the beginning at #100), preceded by Lime Cordiale's 'Colin' and Central Cee's 'Doja' at #34 and #39. Local upstarts The Rions and Teenage Dads delivered a double-feature with their entries 'Anakin' and 'Teddy,' respectively, taking #64 and #63. Fans might also appreciate Drake's heartfelt shout-out to everyone's favorite Degrassi student with 'Jimmy Cooks' at #76.

Song artwork she's all i wanna beSong artwork No ChoiceSong artwork StaticSong artwork Show BusinessSong artwork Only Wanna Be With YouSong artwork maybeSong artwork Yeah The GirlsSong artwork Escapism.Song artwork Forever DrunkSong artwork AnakinSong artwork TeddySong artwork Home

We're boldly declaring 2022 the Year Of The Album, characterized by an abundance of artists making repeat appearances with singles from their albums, such as King Stingray (King Stingray), Flume (Palaces), Ocean Alley (Low Altitude Living), and Beyonce (RENAISSANCE). Spacey Jane secured six entries (#3, #5, #6, #25, #40, and #75) in this year's countdown with tracks from their triple j Album Poll-winning 'Here Comes Everybody'.

Song artwork HandfulSong artwork Is This What it Feels Like To Feel Like This?Song artwork Beach BoySong artwork WalkinSong artwork Body PaintSong artwork KamikazeSong artwork There'd Better Be A MirrorballSong artwork Jimmy CooksSong artwork Bothers Me

In addition to a number of fresh voices, the Hottest 100 also welcomed back some familiar favorites this year. After an eight-year absence, Parkway Drive made a dazzling comeback at #86, while Gorillaz resurfaced in the countdown with 'New Gold' at #13, their first appearance in over a decade. We can also celebrate Paramore, who finally made their Hottest 100 debut at #45 with 'This Is Why,' nearly two decades after releasing their first album in 2005.

Song artwork SidelinesSong artwork Bad MemoriesSong artwork Betty (Get Money)Song artwork Waste Of SpaceSong artwork Evergreen (You Didn’t Deserve Me At All)Song artwork LupaSong artwork Holy MoleySong artwork AlrightSong artwork FreeSong artwork I Don't Wanna Do Nothing ForeverSong artwork Show Me Your GodSong artwork Oh CarolineSong artwork GTFOSong artwork GlitchSong artwork Everybody's Saying Thursday's The WeekendSong artwork The 30th

Join ACF in their fight against climate change.

Collaborating with the Australian Conservation Foundation, triple j is taking action against the critical challenges that threaten our tomorrow.

Song artwork Danielle (smile on my face)

Contribute to this noble cause by either making a donation or purchasing the Hottest 100 t‑shirt, crafted meticulously from 100% recycled materials!

The Australian Conservation Foundation is the country's foremost environmental organization, committed to partnering with businesses, governments, and communities in the fight against the climate crisis.

triple j's Hottest 100 in numbers shows 2,436,565 votes submitted, 57 songs by Australian artists made the countdown, including 10 from First Nations artists, which is a new record. The Hilltop Hoods also set a record by registering their 23rd song in a Hottest 100 all-time, more than any other artist.

By purchasing a t‑shirt for $45, you can aid the Australian Conservation Foundation's mission to finance critical efforts to safeguard our environment and tackle the pressing issue of climate change.

Grab a t-shirt or donate now for the betterment of our environment!

Donate to the Australian Conservation Foundation, or you can buy a hottest 100 t-shirt featuring colourful mushrooms.

Revisit the Hottest 100

Like A Version. Each week an artist comes into the Like A Version studio to play an original and a cover.

Rankings 100 - 76Rankings 75 - 51Rankings 50 - 26Rankings 25 - 1"

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