Transform your tax experience by creating a myGov account and linking it to the ATO

Learn how to establish a personal or sole trader myGov account and connect it to the ATO with the following steps:

  • Creating a myGov Account

  • A myGov account is a unified government service platform that allows individuals to access a variety of services online.
  • To make a myGov account, you must:
  • - Create an exclusive email account to use only for registration.

- Provide an Australian phone number to get security codes by SMS, failing to do so requires an alternative sign in option.

- Avoid using secret answers as your sign-in option when using our online services.

For more detailed instructions, refer to our Easy Read tutorial on creating a myGov account and linking it to taxes and superannuation.

If you have a Standard Identity Strength myGov ID app, you can also create an account by clicking "Continue with Digital Identity."

Create a myGov account

If you have already registered but cannot sign-in, please check our guidelines on troubleshooting myGov accounts.

Connecting your myGov Account to the ATO

To commence linking to the ATO, refer to the following checklist:

  • - Log in to your myGov account.
  • - At myGov homepage, under "View and link services," select "Australian Taxation Office."
  • - Agree to terms and conditions.
  • - Enter or confirm your personal details.
  • - Answer two questions regarding your tax record.
  • - Verify and link your record by selecting "I agree."

- A unique linking code is available by calling the ATO contact centre if the necessary information is inaccessible. We will ask you questions to prove your identity to guarantee your privacy.

myGov Sign In Options

To link a myGov account to the ATO, we provide three sign-in options:

    - Use the myGovID app or myGov Code Generator app. These options support individuals who do not have an Australian phone number or who are overseas and have poor mobile reception. Access to ATO online services becomes available once you link your account.

    - Use the ATO app or the myGov app if you have already linked your account.

    Manage Your Sign-in Options

    Take control of your myGov sign-in options by following these simple steps:

      Firstly, sign in to your myGov accountExternal Link.

      Next, visit the My Account section, where you can access your Account Settings. From there, select Sign-in Options and follow the prompts to update your sign-in method.

      For added security, you can enable an additional sign-in option that can act as a backup in case of login issues. You can also connect your myGovID app to allow for seamless access to your account.

      Please note that changing your sign-in option to answering a secret question will unlink your myGov account from the ATO, as this is a less secure option.

      Sign Out Without Unlinking

      When finished using ATO online services, simply sign out of your myGov account. There is no need to unlink.

      If you choose to unlink, you will lose access to ATO online services and will no longer receive messages from us in your myGov Inbox. If you want to regain access, you will need to relink your myGov and ATO account.

      Troubleshooting Linking Issues

      If you are having trouble linking your accounts, be sure to check out our guide on how to create a myGov account and link it to the ATO as an individual or sole trader.

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