Tobacco, alcohol, and other common household items are frequently used by adolescents as sources of intoxication.

A substance use disorder, or what the majority of people refer to as an addiction, can develop in teenagers who experiment with illegal drugs or who use prescription drugs for recreational purposes. The use of heroin, opioid pain relievers, benzodiazepines, marijuana, hallucinogens, and a wide variety of other drugs can lead to addiction in adolescents. When addiction becomes more severe, young people have a greater propensity to become resourceful, creative, and irresponsible in their pursuit of highs. They can spend all of the money in their savings account to buy illegal drugs. They might rob their parents, other members of their families, their friends, or even complete strangers.

Or, they may try to get high off of things that they find around the house, such as in the bathroom cabinet or the storage closet for cleaning supplies.

Is Your Child Getting High From Products That Are Found in Your Home?

"Unfortunately, parents are not even aware that something like this exists in teens," says Lisa Faguet, LCSW, Clinical Program Director at Evolve Treatment Centers in Agoura Hills. "This sort of thing exists in teens," Lisa Faguet says. "They're worried about drugs on the street and in school, but they have no idea that their teens can get high in their own home," said the researcher. ”

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a variety of treatment programs for adolescents

Because they are so easily accessible in the home, younger adolescents are frequently the ones to experiment with these substances. They are also inexpensive and simple to locate in a wide variety of retail establishments. These products are available everywhere, from convenience stores to grocery stores to big-box retailers, and anyone can buy them without having to answer any qualifying questions.

In an effort to raise awareness about this problem, we have compiled the list that can be found below. It includes a number of everyday items that can be used by adolescents to achieve an intoxicated state.

Items Found in Your Home That Have the Potential to Get You High

1. cough drops and syrups

Some adolescents abuse cough suppressants like Robitussin or Nyquil by consuming the entire contents of the syrup bottle. Robotripping is what the youth refer to it as. These medicines contain an ingredient known as dextromethorphan, also known as DXM, which is a hallucinogen and is responsible for the intoxication they cause. DXM has the potential to cause extreme euphoria as well as psychosis if it is consumed in large doses. DXM is a safe cough suppressant when taken exactly as directed. DXM, on the other hand, has the potential to produce a high that, in the wrong hands, can be hazardous or even fatal. There are over one hundred different over-the-counter cough and cold medicines that contain DXM as the active ingredient.

2. Hair sprays, deodorants, and air freshening sprays

Inhalants are the collective name for the category of drugs that include aerosol sprays. Directly spraying these inhalants into one's mouth is one way for adolescents to achieve a high. Alternately, some adolescents will inhale the substance by repeatedly spraying it onto a towel and then breathing in the fumes that result from this process. This behavior is known as huffing. The chemical gases have a mind-altering effect, but they also have the potential to cause severe damage to the brain and any other vital organs they come into contact with. Inhaling substances through the mouth or nose can lead to sudden cardiac arrest and even death. Nota bene: the act of breathing in air fresheners, in particular, is referred to as glading, named after the widely used Glade brand of air fresheners.

3. Whipped cream and balloons filled with helium

Nitrous oxide is present in the whipped cream found in a can. Tanks for helium balloons typically also contain nitrous oxide. Laughing gas is another name for nitrous oxide, and dentists frequently administer it to patients in low doses to ease their discomfort during painful procedures such as root canals or extractions. Nitrous oxide can cause a variety of unpleasant side effects if it is inhaled in large quantities for recreational purposes, including lightheadedness, hallucinations, nausea, and vomiting. It may cause harm to the brain and nervous system, as well as complications with the respiratory system and other problems. The gas blocks the flow of oxygen to the brain and the heart. Even after a teen quits using nitrous oxide, the organ damage it caused is frequently irreversible because of the nitrous oxide's toxic effects.

4. Paint, correction fluid, glue, and pens or markers

Merchandise such as long-lasting markers (e.g., g Markers (such as Sharpies or Expo pens), correction fluid (such as g White-Out, glues, and paint thinners all contain volatile solvents that some adolescents inhale for recreational purposes. Huffing is the name given to this potentially lethal behavior. Young adolescents are putting themselves in danger when they sniff solvents for the purpose of obtaining a high because they run the risk of sustaining damage to vital organs, damage to bone marrow, damage to the central nervous system, limb spasms, irreparable hearing loss, unconsciousness, heart failure, and suffocation. We cannot stress this enough: breathing in solvents is extremely risky

5. A dusting spray for electronic devices

Aerosol products that are designed to clean dust and debris from small electronics and computer keyboards are frequently inhaled by adolescents. These products include: One brand that is frequently abused is Dust-Off. Teenagers will "dust," which is slang for inhaling Dust-Off, in order to get a high that only lasts for a short period of time. On the other hand, inhaling compressed air can cause hallucinations, delusions, dizziness, slurred speech, paralysis, and a host of other symptoms, just like inhaling other common household products.

6. Hand sanitizer

Most hand sanitizers and other antiseptics contain relatively high concentrations of alcohol, typically between 50 and 60 percent in each individual container. This is a higher percentage of alcohol than that which is typically found in hard liquors such as vodka and bourbon. Regrettably, the presence of high levels of alcohol in hand sanitizers encourages some young people to consume them. In addition, students are frequently given access to free hand sanitizers that come in gel form and are kept in close proximity to hand-washing sinks in schools. The effects are comparable to those of being intoxicated by alcohol, but the rapid onset of these effects can make them more hazardous.

7. Nutmeg

Consuming excessive amounts of nutmeg can lead to hallucinations and psychosis, even though the spice can be consumed safely in small amounts (such as when it is used in baked goods). Myristicin is a naturally occurring chemical that, when consumed in large quantities, can cause drowsiness, dizziness, confusion, and pain in the gastrointestinal tract. Nutmeg contains this naturally occurring chemical.

If you find empty containers of these products around the house or see other physical evidence that your teen may be abusing these substances or using these products to get high, you need to talk to them as soon as possible about the problem. Stop anyone else from getting their hands on the products or substances, and get help as soon as possible. Make an appointment with a mental health professional, such as a psychiatrist or therapist, or a substance abuse treatment center that specializes in treating adolescents who are struggling with addiction.

8. Medication to Prevent Motion Sickness

One of the drugs that can be made at home that is abused by people for the psychedelic effects that can be experienced after ingesting large doses is dimenhydrinate, also known as Dramamine. Although there are other medications for motion sickness that can be used for the same purpose, the one that is utilized the most is called Dramamine. "Substance D" and "dime" are two slang terms that refer to motion sickness medication that is taken with the intention of achieving a high. ”

When large amounts of dramamine are ingested, the user may experience hallucinations and euphoria, in addition to a host of other serious adverse effects, including elevated heart rate, convulsions, coma, and seizures.

9. Medication for Allergic Reactions

One of the more typical items found in homes that can get you high is an antihistamine like diphenhydramine (Benadryl), which is sold under the brand name Benadryl. After ingesting large quantities of Benadryl, a person may experience feelings that are comparable to those caused by recreational drugs. This is because Benadryl causes extreme drowsiness. Abuse of Benadryl, despite the fact that it is readily accessible and widely distributed, can result in serious health consequences.

Benadryl overdose can cause a variety of serious side effects, including heart problems, seizures, hallucinations, and even death. In certain instances, a person can unintentionally take an excessive amount of Benadryl because they forget that they have already taken a dose of the medication.

10. Nitrates

Nitrates, also known as "poppers," are frequently abused for the purposes of sexual enhancement and recreational drug use. Inhaling the smoke from poppers produces a rush of euphoria almost immediately. One of the most common and widely used home treatments for getting high is the inhalation of nitrates.  

Users will experience a head rush that is short-lived (lasting only a few minutes) and quickly fades away. Because nitrates have the ability to relax your muscles, some people take them in order to improve their sexual performance.  

Inhaling nitrates is risky for people who already have heart conditions because it can cause the heart to beat too quickly or in an irregular pattern. An excessive amount of use can also cause damage to one's eyesight.  

11. a mouth rinse

Because it has such a high concentration of alcohol, mouthwash is sometimes used by those who are looking for illicit ways to get high in their own homes. It is possible for people to underestimate how high the concentration of alcohol is in mouthwash, which could result in alcohol poisoning if the mouthwash were ingested. Additionally, since mouthwash is not intended to be swallowed, it is possible that it contains additives that are unhealthy.  

Nausea, vomiting, dizziness, a drop in body temperature, and slurred speech are some of the symptoms of an overdose of mouthwash.

Warning Indicators That Should Not Be Ignored

Teenagers may experiment with drugs for a variety of reasons, including simple curiosity or an existing addiction.  

It is possible to have a difficult time determining whether or not someone is getting high off of common household items. Changes in general behavior, changes in sleep patterns, or weight gain are all things to keep an eye out for.

It's possible that you'll find that household products run out more quickly, or that the user's hands or mouth become stained with product residue.  

Those who are battling addiction may try everything in their power to cover up their substance abuse. When it comes to the topic of substance abuse, it is essential for parents to encourage open communication with their children. Your children should be made aware of the risks associated with abusing substances found in the home, and you should encourage them to come to you for help if they are having problems with substance abuse.

Many people will not voluntarily admit that they have an addiction; however, if they have a supportive environment to which they can turn, they may be more likely to do so.

Is Your Young Person Struggling with Drug or Alcohol Dependence?

We'll say it again: if you find evidence that your teen is abusing any of these products or substances, you should immediately do the following three things:

  1. Have a conversation with them about the problem.
  2. Do not allow the products or substances to be accessed.
  3. Consult with a trained professional.

You might find out, following a comprehensive assessment by a mental health professional, that your adolescent requires treatment at a drug rehab facility for adolescents, a dual diagnosis treatment center for adolescents, and/or a drug detox facility.

Even if a teen only uses these substances once or twice, due to peer pressure at school or on dares from friends, experimenting with household products can lead to the abuse of illegal substances, such as recreational drugs, alcohol, or hard drugs like heroin or cocaine. Even if a teen only uses these substances once or twice, due to peer pressure at school or on dares from friends.

If you sniff or huff any of these common household products, you run the risk of developing Sudden Sniffing Death Syndrome, which can cause irreversible organ damage in addition to severe health complications. This is when the heart stops beating after beating irregularly for a while due to inappropriately sniffing, huffing, or bagging inhalants (which is when teens inhale the substance from a plastic or paper bag, which reduces oxygen flow even more). This occurs after the heart has been beating irregularly due to inappropriately sniffing, huffing, or bagging inhalants.

Why Would My Teenage Son or Daughter Use Inhalants?

When people try to get high, they do so for the same reasons that they drink alcohol or use other drugs: to escape reality. Some people are just trying things out, but because experimenting with inhalants is so dangerous, it should be stopped as soon as possible. That point can't be emphasized enough by us. Some adolescents turn to substance abuse, including the use of inhalants, as a means of alleviating the internal suffering that is brought on by mental health conditions or behavioral issues. At a drug rehab or dual diagnosis center, the staff will work with you and your teen to uncover the root cause of the behavior and begin treating it. This could be due to past trauma, emotion dysregulation, physical or sexual abuse, or a behavioral/mental health issue.

During treatment, adolescents learn coping strategies to manage the symptoms of any emotional or behavioral disorders they may have. These disorders may include conduct disorder, eating disorder, and anxiety disorder. If they have been diagnosed with a substance use disorder, they will also learn ways to avoid falling back into old habits.

What to Search for in Treatment for Teens

Make it a point to look for a treatment facility for substance abuse that has stringent safety standards in place to ensure the protection of its patients. When it comes to getting high, teenagers can be both motivated and resourceful, which is something that a good residential treatment center (RTC), partial hospitalization program (PHP), or intensive outpatient program (IOP) recognizes. Because of this, reputable facilities that provide treatment for adolescents do not leave supplies for the home, for cleaning, or for the office strewn about in plain view. They are kept under lock and key, along with other products such as toiletries and anything else that has the potential to be abused. The most effective drug treatment programs for adolescents use random body checks and drug checks to ensure that their patients are not getting high while they are receiving treatment.

Read our article titled "How to Choose a Teen Rehab Center" to gain a better understanding of the criteria that should guide your decision when selecting a treatment facility for an adolescent who is dealing with a substance use disorder. ”

Evolve provides treatment for adolescents suffering from mental health disorders and/or substance abuse that is accredited by CARF and the Joint Commission. In our warm and welcoming residential treatment centers, which are designed to feel just like home, we will provide your child with the best possible care. We provide a full continuum of care, which includes residential treatment, treatment in a partial hospitalization setting, and intensive outpatient therapy.

Yael, who was born and raised in the Golden State, currently works as a Content Writer for Evolve Treatment Centers, where she puts her education and experience in English and Psychology to good use.

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