The Ten Easiest Ways to Pop a Top Without a Can Opener

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You won't need a can opener after reading this post because I'll teach you how to open a can using just your hands. Sure, it's going to be rude, but when it's time to eat, it's fine to act like a caveman for a little while.

open can without a can opener

Now, let's take a look at the circumstances: you're starving. And you have a can of soup (or tuna, or sardines, or beans, or whatever else) in your possession.

But no can opener

Have you ever experienced something similar?  

This occurred to us shortly after we had moved to Ecuador for the first time. We had just finished stocking up on groceries and other necessities in preparation for moving into our new apartment. We were famished, but we did not have a can opener.

Obviously, something like this could also occur during a hike, a road trip, or even while vacationing in a "furnished" apartment in another country.

Are you a camping noob (Don't worry about it; nobody is perfect the first time. (This is a camping equipment list for those who are just starting out.

How to open can without a can opener

Warning: Each of these approaches comes with some degree of danger, because they require you to cut, tear, and file metal, which results in the creation of sharp edges and, in some instances, sharp shards of metal. If you choose to implement any of these strategies, please do so with extreme caution.

Here are ten different ways to open a can without using a can opener.

  1. Axe: Make a hole in the side of the can using the blade of the axe. The most effective method for doing this is to hold the can on its side while striking it quickly with the curved corner of the blade. After that, carefully move the edge of the blade around the can's rim in a slow circular motion.
  2. Large Knife or Machete: This method is very similar to the one involving the axe; however, it is somewhat more difficult and potentially hazardous to get started. Put the can on its side and rest the cutting edge of the blade on the can's exterior. Tap the end of the handle in a soft, even motion until the point of it pierces the can. After that, begin at one side of the can and work your way to the opposite side.
  3. Knife with a Blade That Extends Below the Handle: A Chef's Knife is Required You will need a knife with a blade that extends below the handle in order for this to work. When using this technique to open a can, you will need to press this edge against the can's top rim, which is located at the top of the can. Then, just like you would with a standard can opener, move the blade around the edge.
  4. Spoon: Using a spoon, make a hole in the top of the jar, and then use the spoon as if it were a can opener to remove the top. If you don't protect your hands with gloves, you're going to feel some pain from using this method. You can find further information down below the video.
  5. Place one of the prongs of the fork on the rim of the can. Maintain pressure until the prong breaks through the lid. Then, with the prongs pointing away from you (and with just one prong inside the lid), work the fork up and down to tear the metal while slowly turning the can in the opposite direction. As you advance in the game, you will be able to invert the fork and even use the handle, which may provide you with more leverage. Even though you'll probably break your fork and hurt your hand in the process, at least you'll be able to enjoy some delicious sustenance.
  6. Flat Stone or Concrete: Use the lid to rub against a piece of flat stone or concrete until the top rim of the lid is worn through. This one is a mess, and you'll need to watch out for shards of metal as well as dust from concrete and rock. You can find further information down below the video.
  7. Metal File: This is essentially the same as when working with concrete, with the exception that you can perform this one with the can standing upright. This means that when you open the can, food juices won't explode all over the place like they normally do. After you have filed down the top rim, the cap will come right off with a simple pull. Even so, you should be on the lookout for metal shavings, as they are not likely to be the healthiest thing for you to consume while camping...
  8. Flat-nose Pliers: Grab the can's rim with the pliers and give it a twist while you're holding it. Begin at one side of the can and work your way around to the other, breaking the seal of the can as you go. After the seal has been broken, you should use the pliers once more to pinch the edge of the lid and then pull the container up.
  9. Tin Snips: To remove the outer rim, cut it off using the tin snips. This is probably the most secure and simple method, and the only thing that could make it better is an actual can opener.
  10. Your Hands: This will require the most strength out of everything, and it will bring out the caveman in you. You should make a dent in the side wall of the can; there should be one significant dent on each side. After that, rock the can back and forth between your hands until it breaks in half. This method is applicable to cans of any size, despite the fact that the larger (taller) the can, the less difficult it will be to use.

The video that follows explains each of the 10 different techniques in detail.

This video will show you how to open canned food without using a can opener.

How to Open a Can on Concrete in 3 Easy Steps

It has been determined that the metal used in the cover is of a very thin gauge. Additionally, it has a rolled seam.

  1. Simply rubbing the can against a piece of flat concrete or a flat rock will allow you to get the lid off. Friction will quickly wear through the seam, allowing you to easily remove the lid and open the can. This will allow you to easily remove the lid and open the can.
  2. Keep an eye out for moisture to appear on the grinding surface as this will indicate that it has been worn through.
  3. You can pry it open with any kind of tool you have, so long as you have one. If not, you'll have to keep pulverizing until the top can be removed without much effort. It is less likely that you will get cut and lose some of your own blood, despite the fact that you will lose more liquid from the can.

Make sure that the edge of the can is wiped clean before you open it so that you don't end up eating any concrete dust or metal filings. It ought to remove the majority of the stray material.

How to Use a Spoon to Open a Can Here Are the Steps:

  1. Hold the spoon firmly in one hand while orienting the bowl of the spoon so that it is facing the middle of the can.
  2. Rub the edge of the lid with the back of the spoon while applying pressure to achieve the desired effect. Because of this, the metal will become thinner, and the spoon will quickly puncture it.
  3. Now, operate the spoon as though it were a can opener by working it around the edge of the lid.

How to Remove the Top of a Can Using Only a Spoon and Some Concrete (Video)

The following is some advice that can be used when picking out and packing food for outdoor activities like hiking and camping.

How would you go about doing this, besides the obvious solution of bringing a can opener with you (or just avoiding eating canned food)?

Caveman technique is how I will open the can.

  1. My first choice would be to utilize the tin snips; however, it is highly unlikely that I will bring a pair of these with me on my camping trip. These appear to be the cleanest and safest options among all the methods.
  2. A spoon is my second choice, if I had to choose. It appears to be much cleaner and a touch more civilized than the majority of the other techniques. However, if one's life depended on it, any and all of these strategies would be useful. On the other hand, I believe that, on an ordinary day, I would simply exercise some self-control and wait until a can opener became available.

If you came prepared with everything you required from the beginning, you would not have been in this predicament. The following are some of our suggestions for essential items of survival equipment:

Favor foods that are fresh. When you go camping, here are some tips for keeping food cold.

How to open a can without can opener

Your Turn

Where do you stand? Have you ever opened a can without using the appropriate tool? Would you be willing to open a can using a rock, a machete, or just your bare hands? Participate in the conversation by leaving a comment.

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