The Proper Way to Fill Out a Registration Form

In Queensland, transferring ownership of vehicles and registering newly purchased vehicles both require a significant amount of paperwork. See our how to list below for information on everything from submitting invoices to transferring vehicles and registering them with the Transport Department.

A Vehicle Registration Application form must be submitted to the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads whenever a vehicle's previous registration has lapsed or whenever registration for the vehicle is being transferred to Queensland from another state.

You can  download the form can be found on the website for M1 Safety Certificates as well as the website for Queensland Transport and Main Roads. This is the case Form F3518

It is possible to become lost while filling out the application for vehicle registration.

The following is a rundown of each section, along with additional explanations of what is required to correctly fill it out.

Section 1:

CRN number, also known as your Customer Registration Number, is the number on your Queensland driver's license. If you are moving your vehicle and license over from another state, it is recommended that you leave this section blank until you move your license and then fill in the new number.

Section 2:

It is possible to register a vehicle in two different names. For example, the husband and wife, the company name, and the proprietor

Section 3:

In this section, you will have the opportunity to list the details of the second registered operators.

Section 4:

Cost reductions are available upon registration. There is a list of the concessional types and the documentation that is required to apply for these when you submit your form. This information can be found on the white page that is attached to the New Registration Application.

  • Concessions for pensioners, ex-service personnel, seniors with valid cards, and special interest vehicles require completion of form F3937.
  • Concessions for Primary Producers, Farm Plates, and Restricted Areas must be started from Form F4517.
  • Concessions for charities and communities—Form 4508—these vehicles must be used exclusively for charitable or community-related activities in order to qualify.
  • Concession granted to local governments; however, these vehicles may be used for no other purpose than those of local governments.
  • To apply for a Special Purpose Concession, please fill out form F3630.

Section 5:

If you don't have the time to change the registration on your vehicle yourself, you can ask a family member or friend to do it for you if you don't have the luxury of multitasking. They will need to bring with them proof of their own identity in addition to the proof of identity that is required of you as the registered owner of the vehicle.

Section 6:

In order to register a vehicle in the state of Queensland, the vehicle must be garaged within the state.

Section 7:

Does the vehicle fall under the management of a leasing company? You will need to get in touch with them in order to request the customer reference number that they have on file with the Transport Department.

Section 8:

There are a variety of reasons for which each person puts their vehicle to use. Some people might only use it for their own pleasure, while others might only drive their car for business. You are given the opportunity to choose the category of function that is most suitable for your needs by Queensland Transport. There are a few things to take into consideration here.

  • Companies and other commercial enterprises may be subject to higher fines.
  • Tolls are more expensive for vehicles that are registered for commercial use.
  • Get in touch with your tax advisor to determine which category it should be registered under for purposes of taxation.

Section 9:

Insurance for CTP – Compulsory Third Party Insurance is handled differently in Queensland compared to other states. The cost of your CTP Insurance is included in the registration fee, which you pay when you renew your vehicle's registration. This is not the same as the Third Party Liability Insurance that can be purchased through an insurance company. It is against the law in the state of Queensland to operate a motor vehicle on public roads without having CTP insurance. Within this section, you will be able to suggest an insurance provider.

This is Section 10:

The total amount, including GST, that the vehicle is valued at determines the Vehicle Registration Duty. You are required to enter the price that is listed on your invoice as the dutiable value of the vehicle if you brought the vehicle into the country as an unregistered vehicle. Carsales is a resource worth consulting if you already own the vehicle in question and are moving it from one state to another. com to the value of the year, make, and model of the vehicle in order to fill out this section.

There are some exceptions to having to pay the duty. Carefully read through all of these to ensure that none of them are relevant to your situation in any way.

  1. Vehicle had been previously registered in Queensland or in another state or territory, and the application is made by the same registered operator or a relative of that person.
  2. The vehicle can either be a trailer or a caravan, or it can be a motorized wheelchair.
  3. A beneficiary of an estate from a deceased person is having a vehicle registered in their name.
  4. A prescribed service person (ex-service person) is going to register a vehicle, and that vehicle will be eligible for the concession that applies to that person.
  5. A person who has lost the use of one or both legs and who uses the vehicle for transportation to and from their place of employment or education because they are unable to use public transport due to their disability is eligible to bring a vehicle into the country and register it under their name.
  6. A car dealer will use the vehicle as trading stock once it has been purchased.
  7. The payment of vehicle duty must be made through a dutiable transaction, such as an agreement for the purchase and sale of a business or farm. It is required that you provide verification from the Office of State Revenue.
  8. The vehicle is being registered to a new owner who has taken possession of it either as a result of the completion of a hire purchase agreement or the expiration of a hiring agreement.
  9. Primary Producer will be listed as the owner of the vehicle when it is finally registered. The gross vehicle weight capacity of the vehicle must be greater than six tons, and it must be used exclusively in connection with the primary producer's business for a period of five years.
  10. If the applicant is the only owner of the business or if the applicant owns another business that is also owned solely by the same owner or owners as the previous registration, they are eligible to apply.
  11. A local government will be the recipient of the vehicle's registration.
  12. The vehicle will be registered under the ownership of a government agency.
  13. The vehicle is a citizen of the nation that is being represented by the consulate, and it is being registered to either a consul or an officer of the consulate.

The 11th Section:

In the event that you are moving the registration from one state to another, you will be required to provide the information that was provided for the previous state registration in this section. In spite of the fact that the Queensland Transport and Main Roads department offers forms for submitting applications to transfer vehicle registrations, you will be required to fill out this form in order to register your vehicle for the first time in Queensland.

This is Section 12:

It is necessary to provide proof of origin.

If you have purchased a vehicle that has not yet been registered, this is the invoice for the vehicle. The following information is included in this invoice:

  • Previous owner's name and address
  • Previous owner's mailing address
  • Purchase date and time
  • If the vehicle is being driven across state lines, provide its registration number.
  • Year, make and model
  • The acronym "VIN" stands for "Vehicle Identification Number."
  • Information about the party to whom the sale is being made, including their name and address
  • The total amount that was paid to acquire the vehicle.

If the vehicle is currently registered in another state, you will need the registration papers from that state with your details on it to show that you are the owner who is authorized to transfer the vehicle's registration to Queensland registration. If the vehicle is currently registered in Queensland, you do not need to provide these documents.

This is Section 13:

When registering a vehicle in Queensland, the majority of automobiles are required to present a current and valid safety certificate. An Approved Inspection Station that has been granted permission to issue Safety Certificates by the Transport Department is the only place from which one can acquire a Safety Certificate. Previously, these documents were referred to as Roadworthy Certificates. Mobile Approved Units are authorized vehicles that are able to come to you in the state of Queensland. These units can be found in Queensland.

The validity of a Safety Certificate is determined by which comes first: two months or 2,000 kilometers.

You will need to get in touch with an Approved Inspection Station so that you can make a reservation in order to organize an inspection for a Safety Certificate.

The inspection of the vehicle will be carried out by a qualified examiner, and an on-the-spot completion of a Safety Certificate will be given to the vehicle owner if it is determined that the vehicle has attained the minimum level of safety required by Queensland Transport and Main Roads.

There are three different copies of the document. Certificate of Fitness for Duty Please review the following:


Original copy When it comes to registering a vehicle in the state of Queensland, only this one copy will be accepted by Queensland Transport. This copy cannot be duplicated, and if you lose it, you will need to have a new Safety Certificate Inspection completed, which will result in an additional charge for the inspection fee.


Please keep this copy for your records.


This copy is for use in the event that the vehicle fails the initial inspection due to the presence of defects and requires a subsequent inspection before a completed certificate can be issued.  

Blue card/label This label is required to be displayed in the vehicle's window if it is to be sold in Queensland after it has been registered in order to demonstrate that the vehicle possesses a current and valid Safety Certificate.

The examiner will make a list of any items that need to be repaired before the completed Safety Certificate can be issued, and he or she will provide you with information regarding these items. You will be given a certificate that is only partially complete ( green copy) This copy includes the fourteen days that are stated on the certificate, which is the amount of time that has been allotted by the Transport Department to finish the repairs. In order to have a re-inspection performed, you will need to get in touch with the Approved Inspection Station that performed your initial inspection within the specified amount of time after the items have been finished. After the repairs, the items will be examined to determine whether or not they meet the criteria established by the Department of Transport and Main Roads of Queensland After that, the Safety Certificate will be approved, and the other copies (blue and yellow) will be given to you if they meet the requirements.

In the event that the allotted time of 14 days passes without the completion of the repairs, the process will need to begin all over again with the inspection, which will cost the same as the cost of the initial inspection.

There are some exceptions to the rule that states a safety certificate is required. They are:

  1. A brand-new motor vehicle that has never been licensed or registered in any state.
  2. Mobile cranes based on tractors, available in any size.
  3. A model that is on display at the dealership.
  4. Caravans and trailers of a lighter weight 75t ATM and under
  5. Wheelchairs
  6. An island in Queensland that does not have an AIS and therefore does not perform safety certificate inspections
  7. When it comes to a motorcycle, a caravan, and a trailer ( 75t starting from 3, and including it 5t ATM) with a garage address located outside of a radius of 50 kilometers from an AIS station that is able to perform inspections on vehicles of that type.
  8. Remote locations (for more information, please contact the Department of Transport and Main Roads).
  9. The vehicle has been stored in one of the following shires: Aurukun, Barcoo, Boulia, Bulloo, Burke, Caprentaria, Cook, Croydon, Diamantina, Doomadgee, Etheridge, Hope Vale, Injinoo, Jowanyama, Lockhart River, Mapoon, Mornington Napranum, New Mapoon, Pormpuraaw, Quilpie, Torres, Umagico, W

The 14th Section:

The application process is the same for each and every vehicle type. This section is reserved exclusively for motorbikes. Ignore the requirements of this section if you are registering a car.

Paragraph 15:

Any alteration made to a vehicle from the state in which it is sold by the manufacturer is referred to as a modification. One of the most common of these is a change in the seating configuration, which can involve either adding or removing seats. During the course of the examination for your Safety Certificate, the authorized examiner is going to check to see if any modification plates are currently affixed to the vehicle as well as whether or not any modification plates are currently required. If the modification codes are present on the vehicle, they will be listed in the text box located in the upper right-hand corner of the Safety Certificate. If it is necessary, the examiner will let you know which modification plate you need to have.

This is Section 16:

A Certificate that is very similar to the Safety Certificate is also required for LPG and Gas Appliances that are installed in vehicles. This certification is distinct from the one for Safety Certificate Examiner. The Gas Examiner is going to make sure that all of the gas cylinders and gas fittings are operating in a secure manner, and that none of the components are broken or have passed their expiration date.

It's possible that you'll need two separate gas certificates for a vehicle like a motorhome. One for the gas appliances like refrigerators and stove tops, and the other for the LPG dual fuel appliances that use both types of fuel.

Gas Certificate Exemptions

  1. A brand-new automobile that has never been registered in any jurisdiction and is adorned with a gas compliance plate.
  2. Putting a vehicle that is currently unregistered back on the road under the same name that it was previously registered under.
  3. Inaccessible Regions (for more information, please contact the Department of Transport and Main Roads)
  4. A dealer demonstrator model

According to Section 17:

You can nominate this date in this section to allow bulk payments if you have five or more vehicles that all have the same registration date.

This is Section 18:

In contrast to other states, which only provide the option of registering a vehicle for a period of 12 months, Queensland Transport provides registration periods of 3, 6, and 12 months for heavy vehicles in addition to 6 and 12 months for light vehicles.

As stated in Section 19,

Registration at the federal level is available for heavy vehicles. Those people who are eligible to fill out this section are the only ones who should do so.

This is Section 20:

This section is relevant to most of the following: Vehicles of a significant weight  (Over 4 5tonne GVM)

This is Section 21:

This section applies to primarily heavy vehicles, defined as those that are over 4 5tonne GVM)

This is Section 22:

Declaration – in order to complete your registration application form, please sign the form that is located at the bottom of the page.

If you have any questions about any of the sections and whether or not they apply to your application, you can call the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads at 132380 or visit their website.

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