The Coles Corporation

To our previous employers

The first Coles store was established in Collingwood, Melbourne, in 1914, and since then, the company has expanded to become one of the most successful retailers in all of Australia and a household name.

Coles Supermarkets, Coles Express, Liquor Land, Vintage Cellars, First Choice Liquor, Liquor Market, Coles Financial Services, and Coles Online are some of the brands that make up our company as it exists today. We also have Coles Financial Services and Coles Online. Every one of them provides an outstanding level of service to clients and communities all over Australia.

Becoming the most trusted retailer in Australia requires us to be dependable and responsible while fulfilling our mission to "sustainably feed all Australians to help them lead healthier, happier lives." This will allow us to achieve our goal of becoming Australia's most trusted retailer. ‘

We have a common goal, purpose, and strategy, and these things define us. One that is the driving force behind every single business decision, no matter how big or how small. At the heart of every discussion, as well as ingrained in the culture that we have developed for both our clientele and the members of our staff who provide service to them.

Coles is committed to simplifying the lives of its 20 million customers on a weekly basis by providing unmatched quality, value, and service through a variety of distribution channels, including Coles Online, Financial Services, and Flybuys, which is one of the most well-liked customer loyalty programs in Australia.


Coles is pleased to be able to assist working families in building successful careers by providing 12 weeks of paid Parental Leave to primary caregivers and 2 weeks of paid leave to secondary caregivers. Our permanent full-time and part-time team members who have maintained service for a minimum of a year are eligible for paid parental leave.


There is no ceiling on the potential destinations that a career with Coles Group can take you across Australia, as the company has almost 2,500 stores, sites, and Store Support Offices. You'll have access to a wide range of career development programs as well as training that's tailored to your specific job thanks to the resources we provide for your individual learning journey.


We have many inclusion initiatives that are led by the business as well as our Team Member Networks, such as talent development programs for team member network leaders and many more.


You'll receive discounts across Coles, Coles Express, Coles Liquor and Coles Online We also provide discounts on products and services, courtesy of our various business associates.


We have networks that support all of the focus areas that we have established for Better Together, such as Gender Equity, Pride, Accessibility, and Indigenous Engagement.

We are well aware of the significance of properly recognizing the efforts and successes of our team members. Because of this, we have a variety of ways to express our gratitude, and anyone, including our customers, can participate in the activities.


Thank-you cards named "Appreciate a Mate" that can be presented to any Coles employee and prompt immediate feedback are available for distribution.


When we win as a team, we get to celebrate all of the members who uphold the core values that Coles stands for. Weekly recognition is given to team members by the manager, and it consists of a personalized thank-you card as well as a gift card.


Experience matters That is why we make a big deal out of our team's anniversaries and milestones. When a member of the team has been with the organization for five years, and every five years after that, they are honored with a unique name badge and a special celebration of their time spent with the organization.


Members of the team receive recognition on a monthly basis, and there is a chance that they will win fantastic prizes on a quarterly and annual basis as well. Team Members and Leaders from Across All of Our Brands May Also Be Recognized At One Of Our Epic 'Of The Year' Events At these events, We Present Prizes Such As Vacations, Memorabilia, International Study Tours, and More

What it is that we are searching for

To be eligible for employment with Coles, you must be at least 15 years old when you submit your application. For certain brands, including Liquor and Coles Express, you need to be at least 18 years old in order to purchase their products.

What is the youngest age that my kid can legally start working?

Regarding the minimum age of employment and the conditions that must be met, the requirements that are imposed by each state and territory in Australia are uniquely their own. For our supermarkets and our online business, Coles will only accept applications from prospective team members who are at least 15 years old, as we are a national employer.

Please visit this link for information regarding the minimum age requirements imposed by each state and territory.

In certain circumstances, in order to begin working with your child, we will require either your written permission or some other form of supporting documentation. If this is the case, the shop where you submitted your application will make the process simple and walk you through each step.

  • For Coles Services, we will only consider applications from potential team members who are at least 16 years old when deciding whether or not to accept them.
  • Applicants must be at least 18 years old in order to be considered for jobs in the Liquor, Coles Express, and Distribution departments.

What Kinds of Questions Will Be Asked During the Recruitment Process at Coles

  1. Put in a request for an expression of interest.
    Either send us a general expression of interest or apply to a specific position if you want to be considered for our Talent Pool.
  2. Suitable for the Job
    You will be given the opportunity to apply for jobs that match your profile whenever those jobs are posted.
  3. Evaluation of Characteristics
    This brief analysis won't take more than a minute and a half to complete.
  4. Interview
    You will either have a face-to-face group interview, a video interview, or both, depending on the role that you are applying for.
  5. Verification of Working Rights
    For CSA roles, we will check your driving record and conduct a police check in addition to verifying your working rights documents.
  6. Outcome
    You will either receive an offer to take on a role, or we will return your information to our talent pool for consideration at a later date.

What to anticipate when your child is working with us and what to look forward to.

The Coles Group is an excellent employer for entry-level workers. We provide accommodating working conditions, and there are no late shifts. Working with us won't interfere with your school schedule, and we'll do our best to make room for any activities that take place after school.

Students in attendance at a school are scheduled for afternoon, evening, weekend, and holiday shifts using a roster system. They will receive their roster in advance, which will make it much simpler for them to organize their schedule around their other commitments.

We will provide your child with in-depth training, support, and ongoing guidance to ensure that they fully comprehend their job responsibilities, including all of the necessary precautions and procedures for safety. When they come to work with us, your child should experience feelings of safety and comfort at all times.

We are working toward gender parity and have set a target of having forty percent (40%) of women in positions of leadership by the year 2023.

In order to aid in the accomplishment of our goals, we have incorporated gender equity principles into all of our procedures. This includes modernizing our recruitment processes and ensuring that we have gender balance representation throughout the shortlisting and interview stages, examining how we develop talent and succession planning, and creating role structures that are challenging in order to create a working environment that encourages members of the team to flourish.

We are continuing to put in a lot of effort to make flexible working the norm throughout our organization.

We have a Gender Equity Steering Committee that is led by senior management and is equipped with solid plans to continue to work toward achieving our commitments.

We re-launched our Gender Equity team member network in 2021, and since then, we've been providing our team members with regular updates on how our plans are going and sharing stories, resources, and other information with them. Additionally, we place a high priority on developing our capabilities and educating our leaders about inclusive leadership and unconscious bias.

Important information that you must have...

Dedicated to maintaining an equitable gender split throughout the entire hiring process

Building gender equitable recruitment practices, removing gender bias throughout our recruitment process, and updating our recruitment and appointment processes are some of the primary focuses of our efforts at this time. We will track gender balance at each stage of the recruitment process in order to stimulate ongoing reflection and review of these steps. In addition to this, we are questioning the established hierarchies of roles and how we can best cultivate our talent. You are welcome to get in touch with our Inclusive Recruitment team at com au if you would like any assistance with the hiring process or the potential environment in which you will be working.

Not only in our physical locations, but also in all of our workplaces and across all of our digital platforms, accessibility is a priority for us.

We are committed to ensuring that people with disabilities are welcomed and supported in our products and services, as well as in our workplace and culture.

In order to better serve our customers, we are committed to the ongoing distribution of disability confidence training to the members of our team who interact directly with them.

In 2021, we signed on as a member of the Valuable 500, an international initiative that promotes the inclusion of people with disabilities.

We are also very proud to be a part of the 'Stepping Into' Internship Program that is run by the Australian Network on Disability. This program gives students the opportunity to gain valuable business experience in order to prepare them for successful careers.

In 2019, we were ranked eighth on the Access and Inclusion Index, and we are committed to making further advancements in this area in the years to come. We hold a gold membership with the Australian Network on Disability, and we regularly benchmark our progress against that index.

To view our most recent action plan, please click here.

Plan of Action for Accessibility

Our Accessibility Action Plan highlights our commitment to providing a great place to work for our team members with disabilities and a leading customer experience for customers with disabilities. Our goal is to make our company an employer of choice for people with disabilities. We are pleased to announce that just recently, in collaboration with our team member network, we launched our brand new action plan to champion accessibility at Coles.

Important information that you must have...

Adapting certain aspects to better serve your needs

We encourage and support the hiring of people with disabilities, and we are dedicated to building a team that is reflective of the local communities of which we are a part. In order to get to know you in the best way possible, we are aware that we may need to make some adjustments during the process of recruitment. Specifically, we are aware that we may need to use alternative formats during the recruitment process. Please let us know what we can do to accommodate you during the process, and we will do our best to do so. Once you become a member of the Coles team, if there are adjustments to your workplace or workstation that need to be made so that you can perform at your highest level, we will work with you to develop an appropriate solution and discuss it with you.

If you require any assistance with the selection process or the potential work environment, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Inclusive Recruitment team by sending an email to [email protected].

When you work for Coles, you can be who you truly are, regardless of your sexual orientation or how you identify, because we allow you to be yourself.

You can come to Coles Group with the confidence that you will grow your career, thrive, and reach your full potential thanks to our executive-sponsored team member network and our commitment to continually striving for best practice in the Australian Workplace Equality Index (AWEI).

Putting an emphasis on inclusiveness

Pride at Coles is a national network that promotes LGBTQI inclusion in the workplace and beyond by connecting queer team members and their allies in every state and territory of Australia.

Our Pride network participates in the IDAHOBIT and Wear it Purple celebrations, which help raise both awareness and funds for community organizations.

All of our team members participate in LGBTQI awareness and ally training, and our Pride network leaders have access to specialized leadership development programs.

Our policies regarding people and the benefits we provide team members are not discriminatory based on gender and are inclusive of all team members.

Our commitments

We are ecstatic to have been honored with the title of Gold Tiered Employer in the 2021 Australian Workplace Equality Awards and to have been recognized as an active partner in the community.

Coles is very pleased to be a part of the Welcome Here Project run by ACON. As a member, we acknowledge that we are obligated to support the following three project commitments:

  • People who identify as LGBTQI should not be excluded.
  • Make a difference for the better in your neighborhood and community.
  • Honor the many identities held by LGBTQI people.

We are here to be of assistance.

We encourage members of the LGBTQI community to submit applications, and we are aware that transgender and gender nonconforming applicants may have particular questions at various points in the hiring process. You are under no obligation to discuss your gender identity with anyone; however, if you do decide to do so, we are here to offer guidance and support.

You are welcome to get in touch with our Inclusive Recruitment team by sending an email to [email protected], where you will be supported by our Inclusive Recruitment LGBTQI lead.

With over 4,800 Indigenous team members across the country, Coles is proud to be Australia's largest private sector employer of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people (3 8% of our total workforce), and our expansion will not end there.

Our vision

Coles has a proud history of taking action and forming strong relationships with the Indigenous community, and this commitment extends to working better together to ensure that we continue to grow our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander team member representation. Coles is committed to ensuring that we continue to grow our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander team member representation in order to reflect the diversity of our customers and communities.

We are dedicated to increasing the percentage of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander team members to five percent of our total workforce and three percent of trade and leadership roles by the year 2023. In addition to this, one of our primary goals is to ensure that the percentage of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander team members who remain with Coles is higher than the group average.

Plan for Aboriginal People and People of Torres Strait

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Plan of the Coles Group outlined our commitment to engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, organizations, communities, and customers and to better reflect the communities in which we live and work. This commitment was made in order to fulfill our mission to better reflect the communities in which we live and work. The Plan includes high-level commitments that will result in an increase in the number of opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, organizations, communities, and customers to engage with our company. On our website, you'll be able to find more information about the plan.

Find out more about the employment of Indigenous people.

We strongly encourage you to submit an Expression of Interest in order to be considered for a rewarding career with Coles Group across any of our brands or functions.

Please contact the Indigenous Affairs Team via email at [email protected] if you require any further assistance or information regarding your application.

Browse available positions, or use the filters on this page to narrow your search for employment opportunities.

Send in your Expression of Interest if you're interested in applying, and you'll be considered for opportunities and contacted if a position that's a match for your qualifications becomes available.

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