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HBO Max combines the entirety of HBO's original programming, such as Game of Thrones and The Sopranos, with content from WarnerMedia. This content includes original programming from WarnerMedia (referred to as "Max Originals") along with popular television shows and movies, such as Friends, South Park, The Big Bang Theory, and the Studio Ghibli collection.

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What are the reasons for Australia's lack of access to HBO Max?

These services are unable to be accessed outside of their respective regions due to the fact that the companies behind them only have the legal right to broadcast the associated movies and television shows in certain nations.

Even though following the steps outlined below will result in you legally paying for a service, there is a good chance that doing so will violate the terms of use for HBO Max because you will be accessing content from a country other than your own. Because of this, there is always the possibility that your account will be terminated, which will result in the loss of any associated funds.

When it comes to accessing content that is restricted to a specific region in Australia, users have the choice between using a virtual private network (VPN) or a smart DNS service. Unlocking content that is restricted to a specific geographic region is a priority for digital entertainment services, and both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video offer this capability. After looking into a number of different services, I've determined that Express VPN and Getflix offer the best smart DNS and VPN capabilities, respectively.

It is also a good idea to consider alternating between the two because each one serves a specific purpose, and in the event that one fails, the other can serve as a backup.

Smart DNS services are typically less expensive than VPNs, but they do not offer the same level of flexibility. A smart DNS service does not encrypt your data, nor does it alter your IP address, which is the distinctive identifier for your internet connection. Even though virtual private networks (VPNs) offer a higher level of security, smart DNS services are faster, making VPNs less desirable for users who primarily stream video online (especially when using slower or shared internet connections).

Accessing different Netflix and Amazon Prime Video libraries, which are locked to a specific region, as well as other non-Australian services such as Showtime, BBC, and Hotstar, can also be accomplished with the assistance of a dependable smart DNS or VPN service.

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The price of HBO Max is always the same: $14 USD. Cost of per month That is the same price as HBO Now, and if you are still using it, you may be eligible for a free upgrade to HBO Max if you keep your subscription active. It makes more sense to purchase the US$30 or US to equally measure out your months – two and four, respectively – so that you don't have to do the math on leftover gift card credit if you plan on subscribing using gift cards. If you do not plan on subscribing using gift cards, however, it makes more sense to purchase the US$30 or US.

After you have resolved any issues with your VPN and/or smart DNS, the next step is to actually pay for HBO Max. You will not be charged for the first month of service, as is customary with streaming services; however, you will need to provide some form of payment before you can begin.

When in doubt, use the 90210 area code for Beverly Hills as your fictitious US address during sign-up; if you're not sure what number to use, use 90210. This will ensure that your credit card will be accepted for payment. However, not all cards will be accepted, and the process of purchasing a dedicated virtual credit card just to pay for HBO Max can be expensive, so it is less convenient but relatively straightforward to opt for plan B rather than plan A.

The next option is to purchase HBO gift cards from a reputable online retailer such as MyGiftCardSupply, which is Plan B. You are going to have to spend American dollars unless you can find a retailer that accepts Australian dollars as a form of payment. Gift cards for Hulu can be purchased in denominations of either US$25 or US$50, while gift cards for HBO can be purchased in denominations of US$25, US$30, US, or US$100.

Oddly, during the launch of HBO Max, there is not a single step-by-step guide that explains how to renew a gift card. Entering the gift card code at and then following the prompts to login in order to associate the amount with your account is the backdoor method that is recommended by the HBO Max customer support team.

Since you have already registered and paid for everything, the remaining question is how you are going to access these services. This is the final decision.

Both virtual private networks (VPNs) and smart DNS services will provide you with information to modify in your internet preferences, specifically either your IP address or your DNS addresses.

You can change these settings on your router or modem-router; however, keep in mind that doing so will have an effect on all of the other devices that are connected to your network. This may cause your internet connection to slow down when you are doing other things online, such as gaming or video conferencing, and it may also prevent you from using online services that are available in Australia.

There is additional work that needs to be done on each device if you don't have or don't want to input VPN or smart DNS details directly into your router or modem-router. While this is, to a large extent, a matter of personal preference, there is additional work that needs to be done. When it comes to exams, the most straightforward platforms are personal computers, Android devices, and the Xbox One.

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HBO Max on a personal computer

You can watch in a browser on a personal computer by turning on or turning off your preferred virtual private network (VPN), and then selecting a server located in the United States.

Right-click the network icon in the system tray and select "Open Network & Internet Settings" if you are utilizing a smart DNS service. Choose 'Change adapter options' from the drop-down menu that says 'Change your network settings.'

There could be several icons in this area, but you need to select the one that corresponds to the network connection you use for accessing the internet, which is most likely a WiFi connection. Simply right-click on it, then go to the 'Properties' menu item.

Double click on "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)," then select the radial option that says "Use the following DNS server addresses" at the bottom of the pop-up window.

This is the section where you will enter the settings for your smart DNS. To cancel, you must select "OK" on both of the pop-up windows. You should check that your IP address is correctly associated with the smart DNS servers of the service you are using, which some smart DNS services, like Getflix, give you the option to do. This is something you should do to test your connection or troubleshoot problems. In the event that everything has been set up appropriately, you should now be able to watch HBO Max in a web browser.

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HBO Max is available on Android.

The great thing about Android is that it makes it relatively easy to install applications that aren't readily available in your area. Downloading the app for your smartphone or tablet that is compatible with HBO Max can be done by entering the phrase "HBO Max APK" into a search engine. Once the app is downloaded, it should update itself automatically.

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HBO Max on Xbox

It is possible to access Hulu and HBO Max on other gaming consoles, but the Xbox (One, Series S, and Series X) is by far the most user-friendly option when combined with a smart DNS service. Hulu and HBO Max are streaming video services.

Turn on your Xbox, then press the Xbox button, and navigate to the settings cog using the arrow keys. From this screen, navigate to the 'System' menu, then to the 'Language & location' menu, and finally, change the location to 'United States'

There is a good chance that you will be prompted to restart your Xbox. After the device has been restarted, navigate back to the settings menu and select 'General' followed by 'Network settings.'

To manually update your Xbox One's DNS settings to match those offered by your smart DNS service, navigate to the 'Advanced settings' menu, and then select the 'DNS settings' option.

Return to the screen before this one, and on the new screen, select the option to "Test network connection" to ensure that everything is functioning properly. If this is the case, you can now go to the App Store and download applications like HBO Max, which should update automatically as new versions become available.

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