Six Easy Methods to Maintain and Clean Your Contemporary Leather Lounge Suite - Modern Furniture

Purchasing a new set of lounge furniture is a decision that requires careful consideration. It involves a significant amount of research, measuring, and examination of materials and suppliers. Those who opt for leather lounge suites usually harbour the intention of retaining their purchase for a considerable amount of time, if not indefinitely. This makes quality a crucial factor to consider.

Your lounge is typically the room where you and your loved ones gather to spend quality time. Therefore, to maintain your new suite of lounges in excellent condition, you need to ensure consistent maintenance. Whether you have standard lounge furniture, an electric recliner chair, or a recliner lounge, proper care and cleaning are crucial to prolonging their lifespan. Here are several tips to keep in mind when cleaning and maintaining your leather furniture.

Water Instead of Soap

When dealing with leather suites, remember the golden rule: "NO SOAP." Do not use any form of detergent on your leather suite. Although leather is quite durable, it is not impervious to the harsh chemicals contained in detergents and other household products.

Basic cleaning of your leather lounges requires warm water, but avoid hot water, and use a fluff-free white cloth when cleaning. A white cloth is effective in preventing any dyes from getting absorbed by the leather by preventing any potential dye transfer.

Vacuuming is also essential to remove dust which can cause abrasions on the leather.

Blotting Over Rubbing

If a spill occurs on your suite, do not wipe or rub it. This will cause the spill to spread further and stain the leather. Instead, use a clean, dry white cloth to blot the spill. To achieve optimal results, use a porous cloth as it will absorb the spill instead of spreading it further into the leather.

Avoid Pets on Furniture

If you have pets such as cats and dogs, try as much as possible to keep them off your leather lounge furniture as their claws can cause irreparable damage.

Avoid Heavily Dyed Products

If you have opted for a light-coloured leather lounge suite, be wary of it coming into contact with heavily dyed items of clothing like denim jeans. Lounge on your leather suite in other types of clothing to avoid dye transfer, which might start having visible effects after several years.

Avoid Heat and Sunlight

Leather dries out and cracks when subjected to heat and sunlight. Thus, avoid placing your suite too close to windows with direct sunlight or fireplaces. To test if the leather is getting too hot, run your hand over the sofa. If it feels hot, then it is at risk of getting damaged.

To prevent permanent damage, place a light non-dyed throw over the couch or rotate your furniture regularly. If your suite is continuously exposed to sunlight through a window, ensure to condition it with leather conditioner regularly to keep the material moist.

Use Leather Protection and Conditioners

The easiest way to prolong the life of your leather suite is by using specialized leather product care kits. However, avoid buying these leather care kits from just any store or dealer. Whenever possible, buy the leather care products offered by the suppliers of your specific suite. Different suppliers provide different products tailored to the types of leather they use for their lounge suites.

IMG recommends that you condition your leather suite at least once every twelve months. Leather conditioner contains specialized compounds that nourish and soften the leather, preventing drying out and cracking.

A leather lounge suite is an investment, and proper care will add years to its life.

IMG Comfort offers premium leather care kits guaranteed to nourish your leather suite and keep it conditioned and looking fresh!

Contact IMG Comfort today to order yours!

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