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Looking to access government services without the hassle of long queues or inconvenient office hours? You need Service NSW - the website and app that puts all your needs just a click away.

Get started on the Service NSW website via your computer or mobile device. And if you’re always on the go, download the Service NSW app from your mobile phone’s official app store.

Service NSW website

Easy Registration

To access government services, you must provide proof of identity. For online registration on the website or app, prepare one form of photo ID, like your NSW driver's license or Australian passport, and a second form of ID like your Medicare card. After submitting, you’ll receive an account with a unique username and password for faster sign-ins in the future.

Use the app’s security features to sign-in via a passcode or fingerprint ID. More options are also available, like FaceID for select mobile phone models.

Both the website and app put at your fingertips a menu of government services, comprehensive guides, and current information.

Need more assistance? Call Service NSW on 13 77 88, and their friendly representatives will be glad to help.

Your MyServiceNSW Account

Once you've clicked the MyServiceNSW Account link on the website home page, you’ll have the option to create an account with the registration process that needs you to provide photo ID and a second form of identification.

Make a strong password to protect your account. Avoid using passwords on other accounts to ensure better protection.

Access your MyServiceNSW home page insights, where you can:

  • - Renew your car’s registration
  • - Check your NSW Driver Licence expiration date
  • - Add other licenses, like boating and fishing, to your home page
  • - Look for new rebate programs, such as the gas rebate
  • - Apply for discount vouchers, like the Dine & Discover NSW voucher

Check the Notifications link on top to get updates and read messages on public health rules, vouchers to apply for, and car registration reminders. Your PDF attachments of vouchers will be in your MyServiceNSW notifications.

Enjoy access to time-saving government services from the comfort of your device or computer, anytime, anywhere with Service NSW.

If you wish to handle your Land Tax payments, you can access the website. Always remember that Service NSW will notify you when you are about to be redirected to another site. If necessary, it will open in the same browser tab. To return to, click the Back button at the top of your browser or type the address in.

Start with Browse services at the top of the page to access a specific service. You can pick a category from the set of services displayed on the grid. Some of the services available include Births, Relationships and Deaths, Driving and Transport, Health and Care, Housing and Property, Legal and Police Services, and Concessions, Rebates and Assistance.

If you're uncertain where you are on the Service NSW platform, click the NSW Government Waratah Symbol situated at the top left section of the page. Alternatively, click the MyServiceNSW Account link if you wish to get back to your account homepage.

For savings and rebates, access the website. It's a resourceful platform with information pertaining to special offers, discounts, and travel rebates.

The Savings Finder on Service NSW houses an online calculator that can help you calculate how much money you can save. This feature comes with links to rebates, vouchers, and much more. Feel free to input your information since it's not uploaded to the internet.

Check for the best petrol prices by visiting FuelCheck at The site enables you to search for petrol prices in your vicinity in real-time.

Losing your wallet can be frustrating. Luckily, Service NSW provides a technique to avert such disasters. Search for Losing Your Wallet in the search bar located on the platform's home page. The page will reveal a list of instructions to adhere to if it occurs. The Concessions, Rebates, and Assistance page has a unique guide called Finding Lost Money located at the bottom part. This guide is a checklist to help you work on ways to find your lost superannuation.

Use the MoneySmart website maintained by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) to search for lost or unclaimed money. Access for this purpose. This site also provides instructions on how to claim lost superannuation using and the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

Use Guides as a resource if you're unsure which services to access. For instance, if you need help with retirement planning, access the Planning for Retirement Guide. It provides valuable information concerning the process.

If you are in search of a Guide, simply head over to the Service NSW home page and look out for the keenly sought-after Popular guides section. Alternatively, you may conveniently input Guides in the search bar that is positioned on the upper right side of the page.

As a helpful resource, the Service NSW website has an array of online calculators designed to simplify matters ranging from determining your tax obligations to measuring the daily intake of your calorie intake in kilojoules!

To easily locate all the calculators in one go, you can directly key in Calculators into the search box available at the topmost right-hand corner of the Service NSW home page.

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