Revitalize Your Tile: Unlock 5 Creative Solutions for Seamless Repair!

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The inescapable truth is that in the life of tile floors, baths, showers, and other tile-covered spaces, chips or cracks will occur.

Perhaps a heavy object fell on the tile floor and chipped a piece. It could be that the tile substrate behind the bathroom wall shifted, and hairline cracks opened in the tile. It could also be that the tile was not installed correctly in the first place. Or maybe you have vintage tile that is difficult to replace.

Replacing an entire area of tile can be incredibly daunting and expensive unless the damage is entirely pervasive. Instead, you can patch chipped or cracked tile, and the difference will be barely noticeable.

Here are a few ways to patch broken tile:

  • Five Ways to Repair Tile

Patience is key when it comes to fixing tile. Irrespective of the method, you choose; it’s a meticulous, multistep process that cannot be rushed. Begin by cleaning the area you want to repair tirelessly. Particularly if the break has been there for a while and there is dirt present. For chipped or cracked areas with sharp edges, you may have to gently sand first with fine-grit sandpaper.

Clean with a soft scrub brush and a mix of dish soap or powder cleanser.

Dry any standing water with paper towels.

Let the area dry entirely.

Once the area is both clean and dry, you can now start patching the tile. Depending on the kind of repair and material you’re working with, here are the top options for fixing cracked or chipped tile.


For multi-colored tile with a non-glossy surface, you could use grout to patch it for nearly seamless results. This is often an easy fix for travertine tile or other natural stone with an uneven pattern and texture.

Find grout that matches the tile color or, at the very least, looks close to it.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for mixing the grout.

Using a grout float, apply the grout to the damaged area.

Wipe off excess grout with the float.

Allow the grout to set (this usually takes 20-30 minutes), then sponge off any remaining residue with the grout sponge.


If you have an excellent eye for color matching and a steady hand, you can paint over shallow cracks and small surface chips. Your patch might not hold up under a microscope, but it'll be good enough to buy you time until your next bathroom or kitchen renovation.

Choose water-based paint that matches your tile color or buy ceramic tile touch-up paint.

Using a small hobby paintbrush, apply paint to the unglazed, damaged tile area.

Reapply as needed, taking care not to get any paint on the glazed surface.

Once the paint dries thoroughly, apply a coat of clear, water-based acrylic to seal the job. Be sure to choose a finish (matte, satin, or gloss) that matches the tile.

Repairing wider and deeper cracks or chips in your tile surface requires an epoxy fill followed by painting.

Begin by filling the affected area with liquid epoxy.

Lightly sand the epoxied surface.

Repeat the process of applying epoxy and sanding until the repair area is level with the tile surface.

Finally, paint and seal the repair area using the previous steps.

For small cracks or chips, nail polish can provide a cost-effective solution. With an almost unlimited color palette, this waterproof enamel option can be applied using a toothpick or an ultra-fine paintbrush.

Tile repair kits come equipped with all necessary tools and materials, ensuring that you never find yourself without what you need during a project. We recommend trying one of the following kits:

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