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Discover essential guidelines on voting in the forthcoming state election by following this instructional video. Remember, voting is mandatory.

For more in-depth information, download the State Election Guide for 2022 (PDF, 1.3MB), which is also available in multiple languages on our state election guide page.

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How to Vote Accurately (Including Mock Ballot Papers)

In the state election, voters will receive two ballot papers: a green one for the House of Assembly and a white one for the Legislative Council.

House of Assembly

The green House of Assembly ballot paper mandates numbering all candidates in order of preference.

Mark the number 1 in the square adjacent to your preferred candidate and number 2 beside your second choice. Continue marking 3, 4 and so on until every square has a number.Unsure? Reach out to an electoral officer for assistance.

To facilitate a formal vote, use our interactive ballot paper provided below:

    House of Assembly practice ballot paper >>

    Legislative Council

    Download the 2022 State Election Sample LC ballot paper with candidates (PDF, 90KB) to view the Legislative Council ballot paper.

    You are permitted to vote in two manners- above the red line and below the line- but not both.

    Voting Above The Red Line

    If voting above the red line:

      Enter the number 1 in the square beside your first choice party or candidates' group. You can mark the number 2 next to your second choice and continue the same pattern until satisfied but not required to fill in every square. Leave the remaining part of the ballot paper blank and do not fill below the red line. By voting above the red line, your vote will be for the nominated group or parties' candidates.

      Voting Below The Red Line

      If you prefer to vote below the red line:

        When marking your ballot, start by placing a "1" in the box next to your top choice candidate. Follow this by continuing to mark candidates of your choosing with numbers 2 through 6 until you have selected at least 12 individuals that align with your preferences. Of course, you may select more than 12, if you so desire. The votes placed below the red line will determine the order of candidates selected according to your personal preferences.

        Legislative Council ballot paper

        Should you make an error while marking your ballot, there's no need to panic. Simply strike through the mistake and write the correct information beside it. Alternatively, if you're unsure, you can request a replacement ballot paper from an electoral officer.

        Experience what this process looks like in a practice scenario by utilizing our interactive ballot paper found below:

        • Interactive Ballot Paper:

        • Legislative Council Practice Ballot

        Legislative Council ballot paper

        >> Access Here <<

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