NCOSS: A Source for Flood Relief

Last updated on the 24th of January, 2023

This page provides information about key supports and services for individuals and communities that have been impacted by the flooding that occurred in NSW in 2022.

It is important to note that NCOSS is a peak body, and as such, it is unable to provide people with direct assistance for flood relief. Call the New South Wales State Emergency Service at 132 500 if you need assistance during a flood.


Help with money - given to individuals

  • People whose lives have been disrupted by the recent flooding in New South Wales are eligible for a variety of grants and payments from the state government. To obtain directions, please click here.
  • Service NSW provides a summary of the financial assistance that is available to people who have been affected by the floods, as well as a Disaster Assistance Finder, which assists individuals in locating the assistance programs for which they are eligible. Dial 13 77 88 to reach Service NSW between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., Monday through Friday, and between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on weekends and public holidays.
  • Service NSW's Storm and Flood Customer Care Service is the landing page that provides information on various forms of assistance that are available to people and businesses that have been impacted by severe storms and floods.
  • Direct one-on-one assistance is made available to residents of New South Wales who have been impacted by natural disasters at community recovery centres. The current centers and their opening times are listed by Service NSW.
  • Those who are already receiving payments from Centrelink are eligible to receive a one-off Crisis Payment from Services Australia. It is equal to one-half of your payment every two weeks. In addition to that, there is something known as the Crisis Payment for Other Extreme Circumstances.
  • People who have been directly affected by bushfires, floods, or any other natural disasters are eligible for payments and assistance from Services Australia.
  • Residents of New South Wales who are unable to live in their home as a result of the storms and floods that occurred in February and March or June and July 2022 are eligible for a one-time payment known as the flood recovery rental support payment from the government of New South Wales.
  • The Back Home grant is available to homeowners whose homes were damaged by storms or floods in February, March, June, or July of 2022. The one-time payment will cover the expenses incurred in bringing your home back to a habitable condition or replacing items that are necessary for daily living.
  • Individuals and families that are eligible and whose homes and essential household contents have been damaged or destroyed by a natural disaster and who do not have homeowner's insurance may apply for a grant from the NSW Government's Disaster Relief Program. You can inquire about the Disaster Relief Grant that is managed by Resilience NSW by calling Service NSW at the number 13 77 88.
  • Families who are already receiving a Child Care Subsidy may be eligible for an Additional Child Care Subsidy in the event that they are experiencing temporary financial difficulties.
  • People whose lives have been disrupted by flooding will receive assistance from the Australian Taxation Office. This assistance may take the form of postponing the filing of tax returns or the payment of tax debts, providing assistance to those who have lost their tax file numbers or records, or reimbursing any penalties or interest that has accrued during the period in which you have been impacted by flooding. Help is available by calling the ATO Emergency Support Infoline at the number 1800 806 218.
  • The Australian Banking Association maintains a list of member banks that are able to offer their customers emergency assistance in the event of floods.
  • Those who are having trouble making ends meet as a direct result of the flood crisis are eligible for free assistance from the National Debt Helpline. Call 1800 007 007, 9 30am to 4 Monday through Friday at 7:30 p.m.
  • Flood victims in New South Wales are receiving assistance from the New South Wales Department of Revenue, which has put a hold on all outstanding fines, debt, and Work and Development Orders, as well as extended payment deadlines and lifted driving sanctions. Call 1300 138 118

Help with finances -- for various organizations

  • Find a government initiative, grant, or funding program that can assist in the support of your company, project, or community. here  
  • Businesses in New South Wales that have been impacted by flooding are eligible for grants, loans, and other forms of financial assistance from the state government. To obtain directions, please click here.
  • The New South Wales Government provides a summary of the grants and other forms of assistance that are open to for-profit and charitable organizations in the state. Support in the form of grants, loans, and legal assistance Alternately, you can reach Service NSW by calling 13 77 88.
  • The Anchor Business Support Grant Program is open for applications from large businesses in the Northern Rivers region that have been negatively impacted by flooding.
  • In local government areas that have been declared to be affected by a natural disaster, the NSW Rural Assistance Authority is offering low-interest loans to primary producers, non-profit organizations, small businesses, and sporting and recreation clubs. Apply online through this link before the application period ends in your region.
  • Farmers who are eligible and have been impacted by natural disasters will be eligible for transport subsidies from the NSW Rural Assistance Authority. These subsidies will assist with the costs of transporting livestock, fodder, and water. Apply online through this link before the application period ends in your region.
  • In areas that have been impacted by flooding, daycare centers that are in danger of shutting their doors could be eligible for a Community Child Care Fund Special Circumstances Grant Opportunity to assist them in remaining open.
  • Grants to support community programs and initiatives in regional communities are regularly made available by the Foundation for Rural Regional Renewal.


  • Register to have a building condition assessment carried out by certified inspectors, Property Assessment and Demolition (PAD), if your residential or commercial property was damaged by the floods that occurred in February and March or June and July 2022. If your property was affected by the floods, you should do this regardless of whether the flooding occurred in February and March or June and July 2022.
  • After the floods of 2022, homeowners and renters of homes that were damaged or are in need of rebuilding can find guidance through Service NSW for repairing or rebuilding their damaged or destroyed property.
  • Inquiries regarding housing are being prioritized by the Housing Contact Centre, which can be reached at 1800 422 322; alternatively, you can register with Service NSW to receive information regarding mobile homes, rental assistance, and emergency housing. Inquire at the Recovery Center in your neighborhood or call the Housing Contact Centre at 1800 422 322 or Link2Home at 1800 152 152 for more information. Look here to locate a Recovery Service Center in your area.
  • Tenants have legal protections in the event that a disaster causes damage to their home. The Tenants Union offers guidance to renters regarding the aftermath of natural disasters. Please enter your postcode in order to locate the Tenants' Advice and Advocacy Service that serves your area. Alternately, you can call the Tenants Advice Line at 1800 251 101 on Mondays between the hours of 10 am and 1 pm and Thursdays between 2 pm and 5 pm.
  • Information on tenancy rights during flood conditions has been compiled by NSW Fair Trading.

Information pertaining to health and safety during floods

Pets and livestock

  • Landholders and communities in New South Wales can receive assistance with animal welfare-related issues from the Department of Primary Industries and Local Land Services of the state. This assistance includes veterinary assistance, emergency fodder and stock water, stock euthanasia and burial, and care for animals in evacuation centers. Get in touch with the Agriculture and Animal Services Hotline by dialing 1800 814 647 (the line is open on weekdays between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm).
  • Call the RSPCA at 1300 278 358 if you need assistance with your animal companions, livestock (including horses), or wildlife.

Replacing damaged documents (licences, permits, certificates)

Things to eat and wear

  • As a response to the flooding in Queensland and New South Wales, GIVIT is managing offers of donated goods, services, and funds, as well as volunteer opportunities and offers from corporations. GIVIT allows organizations to register so they can distribute donations in their local community.
  • Good360 acts as a matchmaker, directing brand-new items that have been generously donated by businesses to individuals and communities that have the greatest requirement for them. Good360 allows organizations to register in order to distribute donations in their local community.

Mobiles and utilities


  • Customers of NRMA, CGU, and WFI are receiving immediate support from the Insurance Australia Group (IAG), which includes on-the-ground claims teams, emergency housing, and financial assistance. This support is being provided to customers located within communities that have been impacted. In addition to that, IAG has compiled a number of factsheets regarding severe weather. For assistance, please contact the IAG insurers:
  • Information and a helpline regarding natural disasters are both available from the Insurance Council of Australia. Dial 1800 734 621, but keep in mind that this is not a claims-filing service.
  • The Insurance Law Service is a support hotline for customers of insurance companies. You can reach the Insurance Helpline at 1300 663 464 from Monday to Friday, between the hours of 10 am and 1 pm.

Legal assistance

  • Legal Aid NSW's Disaster Response Legal Service (DRLS) offers a disaster response service that can assist people whose lives have been disrupted by floods with legal issues such as insurance claims and disputes, financial hardship, tenancy, and Centrelink issues. Simply dial 1800 801 529 between 9 am and 5 pm, Monday through Friday.
  • People whose lives have been upended by floods can seek assistance from community legal centers for issues relating to insurance claims, tenancy, Centrelink, missing documents, and financial strain.
  • Small businesses, farms, and primary producers that qualify for Justice Connect's services will receive free legal advice and ongoing representation in the event that they are impacted by natural disasters such as floods or bushfires.

Assistance with mental health issues

Contribution to the Community

  • Community-based services and organizations on the local level are at the forefront of the response and recovery efforts following the flooding. In order to find out what local services are available in your region, you can inquire at your neighborhood's Recovery Center or community hub, perform a search using the Infoxchange Service Seeker, or consult with Izzy.
  • My Community Directory is an online resource that provides community and health related information for locations all over NSW.
  • Volunteering for Disaster Relief and Recovery Your interest in volunteering for organizations that assist with disaster recovery should be registered in advance with The Centre for Volunteering.

Helping Out Organizations When Necessary

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