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The National Disability Insurance Scheme is now available in every region of Australia. Over 530,000 people are currently receiving funds as a part of their NDIS plans, which they can then spend on various disability-related supports and services. Because of this, there are now a lot of opportunities for new and existing companies to grow their presence in the disability industry. Every day, new providers inquire with us about how to launch their own NDIS businesses, so here is our rundown of the process.

Ways to get your own NDIS company off the ground

Is there a need for the services or products you provide among those who take part in the NDIS?

To get this information, you should begin by looking through the NDIS price list, also known as the NDIS Support Catalogue. This document contains a list of everything that can be purchased with NDIS funds. You should now have a good idea of how your service or product might be included as a result of reading this.

During the registration process, you will be required to select the NDIS Registration Groups that are relevant to your company.  

In addition, the NDIS Price list details the registration groups that are applicable to every line item. Locate the line item that you intend to bill, and then you will be able to determine which registration group you are required to register for.

  • View the NDIS Support Catalog for more information.

Our NDIS Provider Registration Guide contains a list of all the NDIS registration groups, along with some examples and the different types of providers (the qualifications that are required) that can register for each group.

These resources will assist you in determining which registration groups you are eligible to join and whether or not they are considered "low-risk" (need only a desktop verification audit) or "high-risk" (attract a more complex certification audit):


How do I start my own NDIS provider business?

STEP 1 Complete the application form that can be found online.

Providers who are interested in becoming NDIS Service Providers can submit their registration requests through an online form that is made available by the NDIS Commission. In order to properly submit this application, you will be required to:

1. Please provide the following information:

  • your organisation's contact details
  • your corporate structure,
  • your retail locations and points of operation, and
  • your key personnel

2. Choose the different types of registration groups that your organization offers  

Based on this, the NDIS Practice Standards that apply to your organization will be determined.

Registration groups are comprised of subcategories of support items. There are varying degrees of danger associated with the delivery of various types of supports.

The support of grouping helps to streamline the registration process for providers, so that they need only register for the registration groups that are relevant to their company.

The quality standards and precautionary measures that apply to support items in each registration group are comparable.

Before you begin the application process, you might want to take a look at the list of all registration groups that is included in the Provider Registration Guide to Suitability.

Please refer to the following resource for more information: "Registering as an NDIS Provider - can I deliver that service?"

3. Conduct an honest evaluation of yourself

Each provider is required to carry out an NDIS Self Assessment in accordance with the NDIS Practice Standards that are applicable to the supports and services that your organization provides. It's possible that you'll need to upload proof of the services you provide.

  • You are not required to send in your application all at once. You can save the application form, including the responses to the self-assessment questions, and come back to it at any time within the next 60 days to finish filling it out.

Download this list of items to check off.
This Checklist for Registration was published by the NDIS to assist in guiding service providers.



STEP 2 Find a quality auditor who has been approved.

Following the successful completion and submission of your online application, the NDIS Commission will send you a document titled "initial scope of audit."

This document outlines all of the prerequisites for registration that are necessary for your organization.

It specifies:

  1. whether you need a "verification" or "certification" audit, and whether or not you need an audit at all.
  2. the evidence that your organization must present in order to be in compliance with the applicable NDIS Practice Standards

You are now required to hire a quality auditor who has been granted approval in order to carry out the audit.  

  • You are only permitted to choose an auditor who has been approved by the NDIS.
    List of Approved Auditors for the NDIS

  • Compare Different Auditors' Estimates In order to help you make a decision, you can request an estimate from more than one auditor.  
  • After I've sent in my application, is it possible for me to make changes to it?
    Once your application has been sent in, you will no longer have the ability to make any changes to the information that you have provided. The quote (or quotes) that will be provided by a quality auditor who has been approved will be based on the information that you provide.



STEP 3 Participate in an Audit.

As part of the NDIS Commission's registration requirements, any provider that wishes to become registered will be required to submit to an audit to determine whether or not they comply with the relevant NDIS Practice Standards.

The new NDIS Commission will allow for two different approaches, which are as follows:

  • Verification audit
    Providers whose services are considered to be lower risk or less complex are eligible for a Verification. NDIS Providers are required to submit documentation in support of all four outcomes outlined in the Verification Module of the NDIS Practice Standards in order to register through the verification process.   
  • Certification audit
    An Audit for Certification is Certification is for Services and Supports that Involve Higher Risk and Are More Complex.

In the event that you offer a variety of services, but only one of them belongs to a high-risk registration group, you will be required to go through a certification audit.  

Although there is no fee associated with submitting an application to become an NDIS provider, you will be responsible for the cost of the Audit.

This cost increases dramatically depending on the kinds of services that you provide (i.e., e If you provide "high risk" services like behavior support, you will be required to go through a Certification Audit, which is a more expensive process than the Verification audit (desktop audit) that would apply to a gardening service. If you provide "low risk" services, however, you will only need to go through a Verification Audit. )


STEP 4 Your application will be evaluated, and a decision will be made, by the NDIS Commission.

The following is what the NDIS Commission will do after reviewing your application:

  • Think about the results of the audit, and
  • a suitability evaluation of your company and its key personnel should be carried out.  

People who hold key executive, management, or operational positions in your organization, such as Directors, Managers, Board Members, Chief Executive Officers, or Chairpersons, are considered to be your organization's "key personnel." On your application, you are required to list all of the key personnel.  

The NDIS will then make a determination and get in touch with you to let you know whether or not your application was approved, as well as the reasons for the approval or denial.


STEP 5 Find out the results of your application.

If your application is approved, you will be given a certificate of registration that outlines the types of services or supports you are authorized to provide, the length of time for which you are authorized to provide them, and any requirements you must fulfill in order to maintain your authorization.

Within three months of the decision, unsuccessful applicants have the option of contacting the NDIS Commission to ask for a review of their application. If your application is denied after being reviewed, you have the option of appealing the decision to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal for a second look at the case.

  • You could be required to wait anywhere from three months to a year before you are granted approval (the average wait time is six months).
    It takes a long time for the NDIS Quality and Safeguards to be approved: (

  • While you wait, you are still able to provide service to NDIS customers.
    While you wait for your approval, you are able to provide services to NDIS customers who are either Plan Managed or Self Managed.

How to Get Assistance if You Want to Register to Become an NDIS Service Provider

PQplus is one of our collaborators in assisting NDIS-registered service providers.

They are able to assist you in determining the qualifications and expertise required of staff in order to provide the services you require, explain the process of worker screening, and supply you with risk assessment tools.

Policies are only one component of a Quality Management System. They provide you with the necessary forms and tools and will walk you through how to use them in order to maintain compliance with audits.

Make immediate contact with PQplus.


How do I go about obtaining the Insurance that I require for my NDIS Audit?

Bizcover is one of the organizations that we work with as a partner to ensure that NDIS-registered providers have all of the necessary insurances.

The NDIS Audit outlines the requirements that must be met for a service provider to be registered with the NDIS.

  • Responsibility to the Public,
  • Indemnity for Personal Harm and
  • They should get insurance against accidents to protect them from the dangers they face.

Get an instant quote online1

NDIS Insurance requirements

What should I expect after registering with the NDIS? How do I go about advertising my services?

Here is where MyCareSpace can be of assistance. We help NDIS providers get their names and information in front of people who are interested in the services they offer through the marketing services that we provide.

Learn more about the marketing services offered by MyCareSpace.

Without prior written authorization, no portion of the MyCareSpace resources may be copied, distributed, or reproduced in any way.
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