Mastering the Art of Cleaning Your Dyson Vacuum: Tips and Tricks


    A Dyson vacuum cleaner is a significant investment, and it is vital to take care of it to ensure it lasts longer and performs optimally. To maintain and clean a Dyson vacuum cleaner properly, you need to follow a specific set of instructions.

    1. What You Need to Clean a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner:

    Keeping a Dyson vacuum cleaner clean involves using several different tools. Here are the basic items you will need:

    • - Microfiber cloth
    • - Flathead screwdriver (or a coin)
    • - Philips head screwdriver
    • - A bucket
    • - Compressed air device
    • - Cotton buds
    • - Warm water
    • - White vinegar
    • - Rubbish bin

    2. How Often Do You Need to Clean a Dyson Vacuum?

    Dyson vacuum

    Cleaning the filter and dust canister of your Dyson vacuum regularly is crucial to maintain its suction power and make it last longer. Dyson recommends cleaning the filter and dust canister at least once a month or more frequently if you use the vacuum regularly.

    3. How to Take Apart a Dyson Vacuum to Clean It:

    Before taking apart the Dyson vacuum, consult your instruction manual to learn how to disassemble it. If you no longer have the manual, here’s how to do it:

    • - Unplug the vacuum
    • - Detach all the parts, including the wand, hose, and brush head
    • - Remove the dustbin from the vacuum
    • - Refer to the user manual to locate and remove the filter
    • - Remove the end cap to access the brush bar

    4. How to Clean a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner:

    Here are the steps to follow to clean your Dyson vacuum cleaner:

    • Step 1: Disconnect all parts from your Dyson vacuum and turn it off and unplug it.
    • Step 2: Clean the vacuum hose
    • - Push the dirt inside the hose using a mop handle or something similar
    • - Fill up a bucket with one part white vinegar and nine parts warm water and submerge the hose in the mixture for at least ten minutes
    • - Flush the hose with clean warm tap water and let it dry before reconnecting it to your vacuum
    • Step 3: Remove and clean the vacuum filter
    • - Remove the pre and post-motor filter from the vacuum and rinse it with cold water until the water runs clear
    • - Let it air dry completely before putting it back in the vacuum
    • - Use cotton buds for an extra deep clean when dealing with hard-to-reach areas
    • Step 4: Clear the dust canister
    • - Press the release button on the dust canister and lift it out of the vacuum
    • - Hold the canister over a rubbish bin and shake it firmly to remove debris and excess dust
    • Step 5: Clean the inside of the dust canister
    • - Use a damp microfiber cloth to clean the inside of the Dyson dust canister carefully
    • Step 6: Clean the Cyclones
    • - Clean the cyclones by gently brushing the cover and wiping it down with a dry cloth
    • - Use a compressed air device to blast away all the hair, excess dust, and debris stuck in the cyclones
    • Step 7: Clean the brush bar
    • - Remove the end cap using a coin or a flathead screwdriver
    • - Remove the brush bar and clean the bristles by plucking off any hair or debris wrapped around them
    • - Wash them with cold water if they're too dirty and let them dry completely
    • - Replace the brush bars in the vacuum and the end cap
    • Step 8: Wipe down the Dyson vacuum and reconnect all parts
    • - Reattach the filters, brush bar, and hose
    Woman cleans the flooring in the room with a hand vacuum cleaner

    - Use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe down the exterior of the vacuum. Do not wet the vacuum again because it is now ready to use.

    5. FAQs About Cleaning a Dyson Vacuum:

    Clean Dyson vacuum propped against a wall

    - Where does the dust go in a Dyson Vacuum?

    Dyson vacuums are designed to be bagless, so any large debris and dust are collected in a dustbin located inside the vacuum’s main body. This is usually a clear bin, so you can see how much dirt has been collected.

    - How Do I Get My Dyson to Stop Smelling of Dog?

    Wash the detachable parts of your Dyson using warm water with mild detergent to get rid of a dog's smell. Also, use a pipe cleaner or an old toothbrush to remove excess pet hair or dirt from the grooves and spines.

    - When Do I Replace My Dyson Filter?

    Dyson vacuum cleaners use a washable HEPA filter, which must be replaced every twelve months for maximum efficiency.


      Cleaning a Dyson vacuum is essential for maintaining its suction power and prolonging its life. By following the steps outlined above, you can learn how to clean and maintain your Dyson vacuum cleaner correctly. However, if you find it challenging to maintain your Dyson, you can always call a cleaning expert to help you out.

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