Learn the 10 Best Ways to Fix a Clogged Sink.

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Blocked Sink and Plunger

An obstruction in the drain of either the kitchen or bathroom sink is an occurrence that everyone fears and is never a pleasant experience. Strange odors, unusual gurgling sounds, or water that takes a long time to drain are all signs that the clog in your sink needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. Before calling for assistance from a professional, you should make an effort to unclog the sink on your own first, if at all possible, using one of several different techniques.

How to Use a Plunger to Clear Out a Clogged Sink

Step #1 Obtain rid of any lingering water.

The first thing that you need to do is clear away any garbage, such as shards of food, strands of hair, and any water that has pooled. You want a sink that collects very little water. In order to remove the water, obtain a pair of rubber gloves, a cup, and a bucket, and then scoop it out.

Step #2 Remove any obstructions from the plughole.

Turn the screw to remove the plug, and then give it a thorough cleaning. You should try to get rid of as much soap scum and debris as you can because it's possible that these are the things that are preventing water from draining properly from your sink. If you have eliminated the obstruction, you can test to see if the water can flow freely by opening the faucets.

Step #3 Put a stop to the overflow.

To prevent the liquid from spilling out, an old towel or dishcloth can be used. Put some sturdy tape over that area if you want to make sure the seal is good and tight.  

Step #4 Get a hold of the plunger.

To create a watertight seal, position the plunger's bottom so that it surrounds the plughole, then fill the sink to within five centimeters of its brim with warm water. Now, pump the plunger up and down firmly, but not vigorously, in order to create suction and dislodge the water as well as any solids that are stuck in the pipe. We can only hope that this will put an end to the issue, and that you have now learned how to clear the clog in your kitchen sink. Apply the same method when you are attempting to clear a clog from the drain of your bathtub.

What to Do If You Don't Have a Plunger to Unclog Your Sink

Method #1 How to Use Bicarbonate of Soda to Remove Clogs from Sinks

The use of bicarbonate of soda is a straightforward and inexpensive method that can be utilized to unclog your sink. This is an excellent routine maintenance method that can help prevent a serious clog from occurring, and it is also useful when you need to unclog your toilet.

Step #1 Pour some water that has been brought to a boil down the drain.

Turn on the stovetop and bring some water to a boil. Simply pour it down the drain, and it will immediately get to work dissolving any organic matter that may have been present.  

Step #2 A cup of baking soda should be poured.

Directly into the drain plug, pour one cup's worth of baking soda. You can always use a small funnel to ensure that it gets down to where it needs to be. Just give it a few minutes to settle.

Step #3 Put in one and a half cups of vinegar.

Now, you will pour one cup of white vinegar into the mixture, and you will wait for it to fizz and sizzle. This is the chemical reaction that must take place in order to remove the grime that is causing the obstruction.  

Step #4 After some time, flush the system with boiling water.

Place the plug back in its original location, and give the baking soda and vinegar about five to ten minutes to work their magic. Bring the kettle back up to a boil, and then pour the contents of the kettle down the sink.  

Method #2 Use Washing Powder or Soda Crystals as the Cleaning Agent.

Soda crystals are a multi-purpose cleaner That can do wonders for unclogging a drain that is clogged. To begin, pour some water that has been brought to a boil down the drain. After that, pour one mug of soda crystals followed by one mug of hot water into the plughole, and then wait for five minutes. Pour in one more kettle's worth of boiling water to ensure that the drain is completely rinsed out and cleaned. In a pinch, washing powder can also do the trick to clear a clogged sink. Simply pour two tablespoons of biological washing powder down the plughole, and then flush everything through with boiling water. Depending on how severe the clog is, you might have to perform either treatment multiple times.

Method #3 Use Alka-Seltzer to Get Rid of Clogs in Your Drain

If you are wondering how to unclog your bathroom sink and you believe that there is only a slight obstruction causing the problem, read on. You could try dropping a few Alka-Seltzer tablets down the drain, followed by a cup of vinegar, to see if that helps. Wait a few minutes before adding some water that has been brought to a boil.

Method #4 How to Use a Snake to Clear a Clogged Drain

You could try using a drain snake if none of the methods described above have been successful for you. It is the secret weapon that homeowners and plumbers use to clear obstructions from pipes that are resistant to other methods.  

Step #1 Place the snake down the drain of your sink.

Move the snake so that it can enter the drain. Don't ever try to cram it down. The head of the snake is constructed in such a way that it does all of the difficult work for you.  

Step #2 Continue to exert force until you reach a roadblock.

Put some light pressure on the snake and move it forward until you can't feed it any more down the pipe.

Step #3 Turn the snake so that it is facing clockwise.

Make use of the handle to undo the coil in order to facilitate the snake's passage through the obstacle. If you move the handle back and forth slowly, you should be able to feel the obstruction beginning to loosen. Continue in a cautious manner until you are unable to feel any additional resistance.  

Step #4 Perform tests, and if necessary, continue.

Remove the snake from the pipe by winding it back up the pipe and pulling it out. The water should be able to freely flow down the plug when the tap is turned on. If this hasn't solved the problem, you'll need to go through these steps once more.

Method #5 Use a Wire to Unclog Your Sink If It Is Blocked.

If you do not have a drain snake on hand, you can try a simple do-it-yourself alternative in the form of a straightened wire coat hanger or net curtain wire to unblock and clean it. Put some pressure on the wire as you feed it down the plughole until you locate the obstruction. To loosen the obstruction, give it a gentle shake and gradually increase the amount of pressure you are applying.  

Method #6 Have You Tried Using a Sink Unblocker Yet?

Uncloggers for sinks are designed to power through standing water and go straight to the obstruction. The entire contents of the bottle should be poured down the drain, and then you should wait the amount of time that is specified in the product instructions for it to take effect. To clear even the most stubborn blockages from your drain, you need only run hot water down it. Utilizing these products on a consistent basis is a fantastic way to maintain the cleanliness of your drains.  

Method #7 Your Obstacle Will Give Way If You Use Water as Pressure.

There are times when the simplest approaches are the most effective. Prepare a large plastic bottle of 2 liters capacity by filling it up with hot water. Then, insert the open end into the plughole, and quickly squeeze as hard as you can in order to force whatever is obstructing the pipes down and out of the opening.  

Method #8 How to Remove an Obstacle in a U-Bend

In the event that none of those things work, it's time to roll up your sleeves and get ready to do some grunt work. There are times when the only way to unclog the sink in your kitchen or bathroom is to take off the u-bend and clean it out by hand.  

Step #1 Get yourself prepared for the job.

I am crossing my fingers that you have a sturdy stomach and some old clothes for working. This is going to be an unpleasant task that is also going to be messy. Additionally required are rubber gloves. Put some old towels under the sink to catch any water that may drip out, and keep a bucket within easy reach of the towels.  

Step #2 Locate the U-bend, and cut it out.

The u-bend is the first bend in the pipe, and it is located directly beneath the plughole. Place the bucket in position underneath the u-bend, and using the wrench, unscrew each section of the pipe very slowly but just enough to allow the excess water to run out. As soon as the water stops dripping, you can continue unscrewing it completely and taking it off.

Step #3 Remove the filth and clean up the mess.

To thoroughly clean the u-bend, move it to a different sink or, if that is not an option, take it outside. To ensure that it smells and looks significantly better after being cleaned, you can use a wire coat hanger, some warm water, and disinfectant spray.

Step #4 Adjust the u-bend, then perform the test.

Using a wrench, reconnect the U-bend, and then test it by turning the tap on and off a few times. If you find that there is a leak, you must first detach the section and then reattach it.  

Method #9 Bleach should only be used as a last resort.

Bleach should never be used unless all other options have been exhausted. It can sanitize and deodorize sinks but most likely won't be able to cut through the grease, hair, or anything else that is clogging it. Always remember to keep your eyes and skin covered, and ensure that the room has adequate ventilation. After the bleach has been flushed down the drain, flush it with a full kettle of boiling water.

Bleach has the potential to corrode your sink as well as other fixtures. Be mindful of what you're doing, because if you don't, you might end up having to buy a new kitchen sink because the old one got clogged.

Also, in the Event That Your Sink Is Still Clogged

In the event that the obstruction is not removed using the techniques described above, it is most likely time to Make a call to an unclogging service provided by a professional. We have everything you require to quickly get things back in order and running smoothly so come on over.

How to Keep Sinks from Getting Clogged

If you want to avoid a clogged sink, the easiest and most effective way to do so is to avoid putting anything down it that does not belong there. This includes anything other than water or liquid.

  • Food
  • All three: fat, oil, and grease
  • Buds of cotton cotton wool
  • Plastic 
  • Tissues
  • Drinking straws
  • Paper

Key Takeaways

  • Because it is true that prevention is always preferable to treatment, you should think about incorporating a sink unblocker into your standard cleaning routine.  
  • You should never flush anything other than liquids down your toilet or sink in order to prevent future clogs.
  • Before turning to a professional for assistance, it's a good idea to give some of the at-home remedies using items that you probably already have a shot at.
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