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According to Jake Tyson, even the most basic home improvement skills are essential for every homeowner. "It's a way to spread those hard-earned dollars, allowing small renovations to go further than expected." - "It's a way to spread those hard-earned dollars." ’

Together, Jake and Shannon were able to finish the construction project in a single day. Jake, who plays a handyman on the television show The Circle on Network Ten, assisted his friend Shannan Ponton in building a deck in their yard on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

Shannan was a builder and carpenter before he became one of Australia's most well-known personal trainers. However, he freely admits to being a bit out of practice in those fields.

He says, "I like the satisfaction of taking a step back and enjoying something that has been built with my own hands." [Case in point] ’

Putting together the deck

Shannan and Jake worked together at Jake's place to construct a low deck measuring 2400 millimeters by 1500 millimeters, which was positioned in front of the water tank and adjacent to the paved area for the purpose of barbecuing and entertaining. When it rained, the ground would quickly become muddy, making it difficult to walk on.

After the framework of the deck has been assembled, you should take a plane to any high spots on the joists or bearers to ensure that the deck will end up perfectly flat and level.

Components used for decking

The posts for this modest decking platform are made out of H3 treated pine that measures 90 mm x 90 mm and have an H3 rating. This rating indicates that the posts can be concreted directly into the ground.

For the footings, we used a total of eight bags of quick-setting concrete.

The framework is constructed out of H4-treated pine and consists of two bearers and seven joists, all of which are cut from timber measuring 140 by 45 millimeters.

Merbau decking measuring 90 x 19 millimeters is used to clad the frame. On a deck as small as this one, it is possible to use uncut lengths of timber. Decking oil was used to finish the boards, which helped to weatherproof them.


For the frame, galvanized fasteners are used, and 75 x 3 lumber is used for attaching the joists. Following the installation of 75mm nails and framing anchors, reinforcement was provided by screwing 100mm x 14g bugle head screws into the posts.

Bearers are bolted to the posts with cuphead bolts measuring M12 x 150mm. Decking boards are fastened together using decking screws measuring 65 millimeters in diameter and 8 grams in weight.

DIY decking guide

When constructing a deck, keep these simple do-it-yourself tips in mind.

Pour concrete into the ground around the posts to give them a solid base, or use stirrups that are bolted onto the concrete. After the bases have been sealed and a layer of gravel measuring 100 millimeters has been added, the posts will be checked for plumb.

Anchor parallel bearers to the posts using framing anchors, or fasten them to the housings using bolts with a diameter of 12 millimeters.

Place the joists in a direction that is perpendicular to the bearers, on top of the bearers, or in line with them, and secure them with framing anchors that are no more than 450 millimeters apart.

Decking boards should be fastened to the joists in a manner that is parallel to the bearers. Hardwood boards should be spaced 3 millimeters apart, and the joints should be staggered so that adjacent boards do not finish on the same joist.

Galvanized or stainless steel should be used for any and all fasteners to prevent rusting.

Step 1 Dig up the ground there.

To demarcate the location of the deck, place pegs in each of the four corners, and ensure that the diagonals are square. Remove the grass and topsoil to a depth of 75 millimeters with a shovel, and then use a mattock to chip away at any areas that have become hardened.

Step 2 Put up the scaffolding.

On a level surface, position the end joists between the bearers and the joists at 780mm and 1580mm, securing them in place with galvanized flathead nails temporarily through the outside of the bearers and skewed through the top of the joist into the bearer.

Step 3 Adjust the frame's position.

After bracing the frame against any preexisting features of the landscape and securing it in place with packing blocks, use a spirit level to ensure that it is indeed level. NOTE The bottom of this frame is flush with the top of the tank slab and twenty millimeters below the surface of the paved area.

Step 4 Hold fast to the pillars.

Create post holes that are 200 mm x 200 mm x 400 mm deep, and then set a 600 mm post so that it is pressed firmly against each joist and bearer 20 mm from the top. Drill 3 5.25 millimeter pilot holes, fastening galvanized cuphead bolts to the bearers, and securing the joists with bugle head screws

Step 5 Cast the posts in concrete.

After ensuring that the frame is perfectly level, pour one 20-kilogram bag of dry quick-setting concrete into each hole, then add water, give it a thorough mix, and allow it to set. A helpful hint is to angle the concrete away from the post using a steel float so that water can run off.

Step 6 Frame should be leveled.

Place the remaining three joists so that they are centered between the others, and then use framing anchors to secure all of the joists. Utilize a straightedge to mark high and low points along the bearers and across the joists. Then, use a power planer to remove high points from the surface in order to create a level surface.

Step 7 Put the boards in place.

Decking boards should be positioned so that they overhang the front and sides of the frame by a total of 25 millimeters all the way around. To align the boards, run a stringline between the nails at the ends, and then use a screw as a spacer for even gaps of 3 millimeters, drilling 2 millimeter pilot holes, and securing with decking screws.

Step 8 Complete the decking work.

Place five boards at a time, using a straightedge to mark the center of each joist for the purpose of drilling pilot holes, and then securing them with decking screws. Decking screws should be used to attach the fascia boards to the front bearer as well as the outside joists.

To view the diagram, click here.

To construct the freestanding deck, refer to the diagram with the labels. It includes the names of all the components as well as the measurements that will assist you in cutting the components and putting together the deck.

To view the cutting list, click here.

Building the freestanding deck requires adhering to the cutting list. It includes the names of all the components as well as the measurements that will assist you in slicing the components and putting the deck together.

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