Keeping Brush Turkeys Out of Your Garden

If you reside in close proximity to a woodland area, it is conceivable that these pesky forest fowl known as scrub turkeys may infiltrate your beloved garden as they forage for sustenance. This unwelcome intrusion can primarily be attributed to the obliteration of their natural habitat.

Nevertheless, if you desire to thwart these misguided creatures from wreaking havoc among your precious plants, there exist a variety of measures you can employ to deter them.

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It is of utmost importance to bear in mind that the Australian bush turkey is a safeguarded species, and grave harm should never befall them.

Scrub turkeys have an affinity for indulging in insects, as well as feasting on the seeds and fruits of indigenous flora.

Several strategies can be implemented to impede the entry of scrub turkeys into your flourishing garden:

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- Abstain from feeding them.

- Ensure that any remnants of food within your premises are properly disposed of.

- Pets should be fed indoors, and their sustenance should not be left outdoors, since scrub turkeys possess an inclination for pet food.

- Take the precaution of covering your open compost pile, as well as sealing the lids of compost bins.

- Do not leave any standing water in your garden.

- Should a turkey commence the construction of a mound in your vicinity, carefully trim any overhanging vegetation to reduce shade and discourage its endeavors.

- In the event that vacant mounds are present in your yard, cover them with a tarpaulin or opaquely colored plastic material.

- Consider placing a sizable mirror within your property, thereby creating the illusion that the space has already been occupied.

Whilst it may be lamentable that no repellent specific to preventing brush turkeys is readily accessible in Australia, through diligent research, I came across a thought-provoking video showcasing a solution proposed by a woman from Maleny. She successfully resolved her brush turkey predicament by strategically placing stuffed toys known as teddy bears around her abode.

Why not embark upon this endeavor and ascertain its efficacy for yourself?

The nest of the Australian bush turkey, colloquially referred to as a mound, is often substantial in size. These mounds are typically constructed by male brush turkeys, always situated in a shaded area of the garden, predominantly fashioned from decaying foliage.

As the litter gradually decomposes, an insulating warmth accumulates within the mound, rendering it an idyllic environment for the incubation of eggs and maintaining the comfort of the fledglings.

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Notably, the male brush turkey diligently monitors the temperature within the mound by periodically dipping its head and testing the leaves with its beak. Brush turkeys possess thermal receptors within their beaks.

Upon discovering that the mound is becoming excessively hot, the turkey will remove some layers of leaf litter from the summit. Conversely, if the mound is too frigid, additional leaf litter will be painstakingly added.

To prevent unwelcome visits from scrub turkeys that disrupt your garden beds, the following actions can be taken:

Brush turkeys derive delight from rooting around in mulch. Therefore, it would be prudent to overlay your garden beds with low-growing indigenous ground covers. This will serve as a deterrent, dissuading these erratic turkeys from scratching around your treasured plants and vigorously dispersing the mulch.

Alternatively, other types of ground cover materials such as river gravel or stones may be employed, as these are deliberately avoided by the turkeys.

For the protection of delicate, nascent plants, encompass them with tree guards. This will effectively ward off any potential harm inflicted by the turkeys, allowing the plants an opportunity to thrive.

Scrub turkeys possess an aversion to foraging through chicken wire, hence it can be employed as a cover for your mulch piles. This dissuades the turkeys from attempting to construct a nest within the piles.

Redundantly, placing chicken wire beneath the surface of your mulch on garden beds poses a challenge to the turkeys, making it arduous for them to scavenge through the mulch.

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In their tireless mission to safeguard the precious eggs nestled in the mound, male brush turkeys will go to great lengths, even fiercely pursuing snakes.

Indeed, Australian bush turkeys enjoy the privilege of being a safeguarded species. Hence, it is imperative to refrain from causing any harm to these remarkable creatures under any circumstances.

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