Institutions for incarceration in Victoria

The penal institutions of Victoria

There are over 50 community correctional facilities, 13 prisons, and one transition center spread out across the state that make up the adult corrections system in Victoria. Each facility caters to the particular needs and requirements of its inmates.

There are a total of 13 prisons and one transition center located throughout the state of Victoria. Two of these facilities, namely Fulham Correctional Centre and Port Phillip Prison, are privately operated, while the remaining 11 prisons and the transition center are run by the public sector. These correctional facilities offer a wide variety of services, ranging from detention at the highest possible security level to programs of rehabilitation and treatment. This section provides profiles of all 13 Victorian prisons and one transition center, including brief histories and an overview of prison facilities and services. This overview includes information about the operator, as well as the level of security, the capacity, a description of the accommodations, and the location details.

Prisoner of the Ararat

The HM Ararat Prison can be found approximately 200 kilometers west of Melbourne. It offers housing for inmates who have protection needs ranging from low to medium levels, with a high proportion of sex offenders (50%) and protection or special needs prisoners (50%) among its inmate population. Warrak Road Ararat VIC 3377 Tel: 03 5352 0500

The Barwon Institution

HM Barwon Prison is a maximum security facility that also houses mainstream inmates and offers a range of services to them. There is a high-security section of the prison known as the Acacia Unit, protection units known as Banksia and Hoya, and mainstream sections known as Cassia, Diosma, and Eucalypt. The term "unit management" was used for the first time in the construction of Barwon, which was Victoria's first brand-new prison. 1986 marked the beginning of construction on the incarceration facility. It was finished in October of 1989, and the first inmates were brought in January of 1990. Barwon Prison is the only maximum security prison located outside the metropolitan area It is located 70 kilometers to the south-west of Melbourne and 6 kilometers away from the township of Lara. 1140 Bacchus Marsh Road, Lara, Victoria 3212, Australia Telephone: 03 5220 8222

The Beechworth Correctional Center can be found here.

The Beechworth Correctional Centre places an emphasis on reparation and pre-release activities, which are aimed at assisting incarcerated individuals in their transition back into society once they are released. The architecture of the prison was designed to go well with its rural location, and its environment was made to look as much as possible like that of the surrounding neighborhood. This allowed the facility to provide inmates with structures, options, and responsibilities that were comparable to those they would find in the outside world. After the historic Beechworth Prison, which had been in operation for 144 years, was shut down in December 2004, the Beechworth Correctional Centre was opened for business in January 2005. Beechworth is situated 270 kilometers north-east of Melbourne, and the Beechworth Correctional Centre can be found five kilometers to the south of the township of Beechworth. Beechworth is the most remote prison in Victoria, in terms of distance from Melbourne. Beechworth, Victoria, 3747, Australia Telephone: 03 5728 0055 494 Flat Rock Road

Center in Honor of Dame Phyllis Frost

The Dame Phyllis Frost Centre (DPFC) offers remanded and sentenced female inmates a variety of housing options, including maximum security, medium security, and specialized housing. The correctional institution, which at the time was known as the Deer Park Metropolitan Women's Correctional Centre (MWCC), first opened its doors on August 15, 1996, and it began housing its first inmates the following month. It was the first prison in Victoria to be designed, financed, constructed, and operated by a private company. The facility was taken over by the government on October 3, 2000, and an administrator was selected to run the prison in accordance with Section 8F of the Corrections Act and Section 27B of the prison contract. On November 2, 2000, the Minister for Corrections made the announcement that MWCC would be taken over and managed by the public sector. This transfer included both ownership and management. Corrections Victoria is now in charge of running and managing the facility, which was formerly known as the Dame Phyllis Frost Centre and was named after a prominent advocate for the rights of female inmates. She worked tirelessly with governments, prison administrators, and non-government agencies for improved conditions, rehabilitation, and education for women in prisons until her death in 2004. In the 1950s, Dame Phyllis was successful in convincing the State Government of the day to establish a Consultative Council for Female Prison Reform. Riding Boundary Road Deer Park Victoria 3023 Australia Telephone: 03 9217 8400 Address:

Prison at Dhurringile

Inmates at HM Dhurringile Prison, which is a pre-release facility, are required to participate in on-site employment as well as meaningful community reparation through the use of community assistance programs. Dhurringile Prison was first built in 1877 as the 68-room homestead for a large farm and was operational at that time. During the conflict, it served as a detention center for so-called "alien civilians" and, later, as a camp for prisoners of war. After the war, it was used by the Presbyterian Church as a training camp for orphans from England and Scotland until the Victorian government bought it in 1965 to turn it into a prison with minimum security. Over the course of time, the grounds have shrunk to a little more than 100 hectares, which is equivalent to one square mile. The location of the prison is 160 kilometers north of Melbourne. Murchison-Tatura Road The number to call is 03 5824 8800

Fulham Correctional Centre

The majority of prisoners at Fulham Correctional Centre are classified as mainstream, and the facility features both a drug and alcohol treatment unit as well as a protection unit. On March 20, 1997, the Fulham Correctional Centre officially opened its doors, and on April 7, 1997, the facility's first inmates were moved in. It was Victoria's second private prison, and first privately operated men's prison In September of 2003, Nalu first opened its doors. Hopkins Road Fulham, West Sale VIC 3850 Tel: 03 5142 3800

Langi Kal Kal Prison

Inmates requiring low to medium levels of protection are housed at HM Prison Langi Kal Kal, which has a minimum security level. It is a large working farm and a pathway for protection prisoners coming from Ararat Prison. The pathway has minimum security. The Langi Kal Kal Prison can be found at Trawalla, which is located 140 kilometers west of Melbourne on the Western Highway. In 1838, the land comprised 70,000 acres and was used for farming. Around the year 1900, a sizable farmhouse was constructed on the property. After the end of World War II, the land was divided, and the central portion, which included the farmhouse, was designated for use as a correctional facility. The institution began receiving its first inmates in September 1950, and it was formally opened to the public in February 1951. After being converted into a Youth Training Centre in 1965, the facility reverted back to its original use as an adult prison in June 1993. Western Highway Trawalla, Victoria 3373 Telephone: 03 5349 4900 Location:

Loddon Prison

HM Loddon Prison is a general population facility with a strong emphasis on drug treatment and preparation for release. Additionally, it provides placement and support for inmates who are HIV positive and assists intellectually disabled inmates in preparing for release. The first Victorian prison to be designed specifically for unit management was Barwon Prison; the second Victorian prison designed specifically for unit management was HM Prison Loddon. The construction work started in February of 1988 and cost a total of 29 million dollars. Following Castlemaine Prison's closure in August of 1990, the first inmates arrived at the new facility. The Loddon Prison can be found 4 kilometers away from Castlemaine and 128 kilometers to the north-west of Melbourne. Matheson Street The number to call is 03 5471 1211

The Marngoneet Correctional Center is the local jail.

The Marngoneet Correctional Centre is a medium-security facility with 300 beds that offers intensive treatment and offender management programs for male inmates who are considered to be at a moderate to high risk of committing additional crimes and who still have at least six months left to serve on their sentence. The center was formally inaugurated on March 3, 2006, and it can be found in the neighborhood of Lara, which is approximately 70 kilometers west of Melbourne. The name "Marngoneet" originates from the native Wathaurong community and translates to "to make new" in that language. The Wathaurong Aboriginal Cooperative in the area provided funding and support for the construction of the facility. 1170 Bacchus Marsh Road, Lara, Victoria 3212, Australia Telephone: 03 5282 0600

Melbourne Assessment Prison

HM Melbourne Assessment Prison (MAP) is a facility that offers statewide assessment and orientation services for all male inmates who are accepted into the state's correctional system. 1974 was the year that planning for the Melbourne Assessment Prison got underway, and construction didn't start until December 1983. It was finished in 1989 at a cost of eighty million dollars. On April 6, 1989, the facility was formally opened to the public, and on May 29, 1989, it housed its first inmates. The facility, which was formerly known as the Melbourne Remand Centre and was constructed in the beginning so as to house remand prisoners, In 1997, the facility was designated as Victoria's male reception prison, meaning that it housed all male inmates. 317 Spencer Street West Melbourne, Victoria 3003 Telephone: 03 9321 4111 Address: 317 Spencer Street

The Metropolitan Reception and Booking Center

The Metropolitan Remand Centre is the most important remand facility in Victoria. It is a purpose-built maximum security facility with 600 beds for male offenders who have not yet been sentenced. The facility makes it possible to separate prisoners who have been sentenced from those who have not yet been sentenced, as far as is practicable. This is in accordance with the standards set forth by the United Nations and other international organizations regarding the treatment of detainees who have not yet been found guilty by the legal system. This is one of three brand-new prisons that have been constructed as part of the expansion of Victoria's correctional system as part of the Corrections Long Term Management Strategy. April of 2006 marked the official opening of the Remand Centre. Within the framework of a Partnerships Victoria project, the project was conceived of and carried out. The partnership between the Department and the private sector partner(s) responsible for the construction and maintenance of the accommodations, security systems, buildings, and grounds is administered by the Major Project Delivery Services team of the Department. Middle Road Ravenhall, VIC 3023 Tel: 03 9217 7777

The Prison at Port Phillip

The facility provides remand, sentenced, mainstream, protection, and specialist accommodation for high, maximum, and medium security inmates.
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