Importing MP4s into iMovie

Apple's iMovie is an easy-to-use video editing program, but it doesn't get a lot of five-star ratings on the App Store. IMovie, much like other Mac applications that have been around for many years, will not always get timely updates and is not as flexible with file formats and editing features as the majority of modern video software. For instance, iMovie exports videos as MOV by default, and it does not support native playback of MP4 files, despite the fact that iMovie can be exported to MP4 format.  

In this tutorial, we walk you through the process of exporting iMovie videos as MP4, as well as providing you with a few pointers on how to convert any video format to MP4 and recommendations for which media players offer the widest variety of video file formats. Let's dive in  

On a Mac, is it possible to export iMovie to MP4?  

The first item on the agenda is to find out whether or not iMovie can export to MP4 on a Mac. Luckily, yes In the event that your videos find their way into iMovie, whether because it serves as the repository for your video library or because you use it to make adjustments to your videos, you will always have the option to export them to MP4 format. How to do it:

  1. Find the video in the library of your iMovie application.
  2. Simply select the Share option located in the top right corner of the page.
  3. Select "Export File" from the menu.
  4. Select the format, then proceed by clicking Next.
  5. Pick a name for the file, as well as the location where it should be saved. Prepared to be shipped out  

export iMovie to MP4 on Mac

Be aware that if you need to import your MP4 video into iMovie first, you won't be able to play the video in the app until after the video has been imported. On the other hand, you have the ability to make fundamental edits like cropping, resizing, color correction, and more. The process of importing video into iMovie can be broken down as follows:

  1. Open your iMovie Projects
  2. Choose "Create New" > "Movie"
  3. Importing your video can be done by dragging and dropping it or by clicking the Upload button.  

You are now prepared to work your video editing wizardry on your movies, screen recordings, or any other videos you have been working on, and then export them as MP4 files.  

IMovie's support for opening MP4 video files

When it comes to playing MP4 files, iMovie makes things more complicated than they need to be. You should probably be able to watch a preview of the video you're editing as you work on it. Due to the fact that iMovie is unable to play MP4 files, it is impossible to preview them. Permute, however, provides a workaround that enables you to convert your video to MOV format.  

  1. Install Permute via Setapp
  2. Simply add your video by clicking the plus button.
  3. After the video has been imported, select MOV from the format drop-down menu.
  4. To convert your video to MOV format, click the button labeled "Start."  

convert your video to MOV

Permute is a universal converter that should be installed on your Mac because it is capable of working with almost every media format, including audio and image files. It is a trusted and secure tool, and since it is included in Setapp, you can be confident that no one will steal your data, and you won't put your Mac's security at risk by inadvertently downloading malware from some random online converter site.  

After converting your video to MOV or another format that is compatible with iMovie, you will be able to import it into iMovie so that you can edit it. You are now able to play the video and preview it on a second-by-second basis while making adjustments to it in iMovie. Once you're finished making edits, you don't need to worry because you can use Permute to convert iMovie to MP4 in an equally simple manner.  

Learn more about the most straightforward methods for converting MOV files to MP4 on a Mac.  

The steps necessary to convert an iMovie project to MP4 using QuickTime

Is exporting an iMovie project to MP4 using QuickTime a viable alternative solution? It is reasonable to inquire about this topic given that QuickTime, in addition to iMovie, is native software that can be found on Macs. It's possible that QuickTime will come in handy for you, but only if you're working with an outdated version of the program.  

You can rely on QuickTime export if the Share option in your iMovie app's menu reads "Export using QuickTime." This indicates that QuickTime export is supported. Found it Awesome If you select this menu item, a fresh dialogue box will appear. Next to the word "Export," look for the word "Options," and then select "Movie to MP4." ' Right now, you should export your video.  

There is no requirement for QuickTime export because modern versions of iMovie have the capability to export MP4 and MOV by default. However, users of older versions might find this information to be helpful.  

What to do in the event that your iMovie export is malfunctioning  

We already know that iMovie does not support the MP4 file format; this is not a defect, but rather an inconvenience that we will have to live with. Unfortunately, there are also glitches. You might, for instance, come to the conclusion that iMovie is unable to import your MP4 file. It is highly likely that this is due to the fact that your MP4 was encoded using a codec that is not supported by iMovie. In this instance, you might want to try converting your video with the help of Permute. IMovie is compatible with MP4s that have been permute-converted, we promise.  

Permute-converted MP4s work with iMovie

If you have successfully imported your MP4 but then run into another problem, such as the error "export failed," there is no need for you to feel discouraged. You can try some do-it-yourself solutions, such as the following:

  • Check the available storage space. It's possible that you won't be able to export your iMovie project to MP4 format if your storage is completely full due to the weight of the movies you're trying to convert. You can check how much storage your Mac has by going to the Apple menu and selecting About This Mac. You can also use CleanMyMac X to free up some gigabytes in just one scan.  
  • Check your video for any black frames, and if you find any, you should get rid of them.
  • Make sure the audio in your video is compatible with iMovie, as this could be the cause of an unsuccessful export.  
  • Check to see that there aren't any distorted images. Always follow the instructions for exporting and importing in iMovie to ensure that your video is loaded correctly and to prevent image distortion. Distortions may cause export issues  

There is most likely a reason why you want to save an iMovie project as an MP4 file, and if there is a reason, there is a workaround for it. If you are forced to convert your video to MP4 in order to play it on your media player, this is a red flag that indicates you need a more robust player that is compatible with a wider variety of file formats. Your best bet is Elmedia Player, a sophisticated media player for Macs that is compatible with all forms of media and can even play YouTube videos without the accompanying advertisements.  

advanced Mac player that works with all media

If you enjoy watching local videos on your Mac, or if this describes you especially, If you are a professional videographer or content creator, you should use Elmedia Player because it has many features that other media players do not. You get features such as mirroring, flipping, playback control, instant screenshots, bookmarking, and many more in addition to our favorite version of YouTube that is ad-free.  

How to convert an iMovie project to MP4 on an iOS device (iPhone or iPad)

Since iMovie is compatible with iOS, you should probably familiarize yourself with the process of exporting movies from iMovie to MP4 on your mobile device. Thankfully, the procedure is very easy to understand and does not deviate significantly from the workflow you would use on a Mac.  

To import your video into iMovie:

  1. Launch iMovie on your iOS device, then tap the Add Project button.
  2. Add your video
  3. When you are finished making changes, select Done from the menu located in the upper left corner.  

Follow these steps in iMovie to export your video:

  1. To share a video, tap the one you want to share.
  2. Just hit the Share button.
  3. Select "Save Video" or "Save to Files" from the menu.
  4. Export in MP4 format.  

Setapp is a video editing and converting toolkit that can be used with iMovie and MP4.

When it comes to video editing on a Mac, an iPhone, or an iPad, iMovie is an excellent program that is user-friendly for novices. However, at some point in time, you will invariably discover that its color correction toolkit is too limited, and that its export flow is too cumbersome.  

Grab a universal converter like Permute, a media player like Elmedia, and some professional video editors like Capto and CameraBag Pro to take your skills to the next level and start cutting down on the amount of time you spend editing videos. Every one of them is included in Setapp, and if you don't already have a Setapp account, creating one is completely free of charge. Give it a shot and see if any of these tools can make your workflow more efficient.  

How to edit video on Mac - video editing package

By the way, the desktop app that Setapp offers contains a plethora of instructive guides and tutorials that can be used for video editing.  

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