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Experience the allure of this remarkable destination. With recent global events prompting a shift in lifestyles, countless individuals have embraced a new way of living. Whether it be the captivating water views or the proximity to vibrant aquatic environments, people from all corners of the world are discovering why Russell Island is no longer a hidden gem. The commencement of the new Ferry terminal and the emergence of various residential and commercial constructions has further enhanced the island's appeal. Escape the pollution and congestion of the M1, along with the burdensome tolls, by embarking on a delightful 20-minute express ferry ride to Redlands or the scenic 30-minute all island ferry ride. Indulge in a thought-provoking question: Why continue enduring such trials? The island offers a welcoming community atmosphere and an abundance of opportunities right at your doorstep. Isn't it high time you made your move?


Nestled between the mainland and North Stradbroke Island in Queensland, Australia, Russell Island proudly stands as the largest among the Southern Moreton Bay Islands. Covering a vast expanse of eight kilometers from north to south and nearly three kilometers in width, this captivating retreat awaits your exploration. For more information, kindly visit:

Russell Island, positioned in Redland City, takes its place as the biggest among the Southern Moreton Bay Islands in the state of Queensland, Australia. The island stretches eight kilometers in length, extending from the north to the south, and encompasses an impressive width of nearly three kilometers.


The most convenient method of reaching the island is through the Bay Islands Passenger Ferry, which operates tirelessly for seven days each week, with departures approximately every half hour. Passengers have the option of using their TransLink go card or paying in cash. Parking facilities can be found at Meissner Street. Kindly adhere to the signage to avoid parking fines.

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In order to facilitate the transportation of vehicles, SeaLink Bay Islands offers regular ferry services departing from 1 Weinam Street, Redland Bay. These services are available seven days a week, 365 days a year, providing a convenient commute lasting approximately 40 to 60 minutes. Feel free to refer to the website for specific costs.


Russell Island State School is the sole educational facility on the island. High school students generally commute to inland locations for their studies.


An array of diverse services and facilities is available on the island, including:

  • Russell Island Bowls Club
  • Bay Island Aquatic Centre
  • Russell Island Sport & Recreation Park
  • Russell Island Public Library
  • Various Medical Facilities
  • Community Gardens
  • Dog Parks


Originally known as Canaipa Island, Russell Island was renamed in the 1840s after Lord John Russell, the esteemed Secretary of State for the Colonies. In the 1870s, numerous agricultural lots were sold on the island, enticing buyers with its rich soil quality. The cultivation of sugar cane, pineapple, as well as the raising of cattle and pigs became prevalent. As the 20th century dawned, fruit-growing became the leading industry, accompanied by oystering. In present times, Russell Island continues to forge its reputation as an attractive destination for tourism ventures.

Demographic Profile

The serene rhythm of life, the ease of access, and the harmonious sense of community that prevail on the Islands have garnered considerable appeal among those individuals in their golden years. As revealed by the comprehensive data of the 2016 Census, approximately 42% of the island's inhabitants at that time had surpassed the noteworthy milestone of 60 years in age, while the age group ranging from 45 to 59 represented a significant proportion of 30%.

For a more comprehensive understanding, kindly direct your attention to the following informational resource: here

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