Fill out an application for a new license.

It is essential to be familiar with the technical aspects of any firearm you own or are interested in purchasing. The necessary license corresponds to the requirements outlined in this document.

Utilizing the firearm category chart can assist you in determining the type of license you will need to acquire as well as the purposes for which you can put that license to use.

Prior to submitting your application for a license, it is essential for you to double check that you meet all of the eligibility requirements.

  • When you turn in your application, you will be required to explain the reasons why you want to be able to use a firearm and to provide evidence that is appropriate and sufficient to support your request.

    The provisions of the Firearms Act of 1996 will need to be satisfied in order to grant you permission to possess an firearm. Evidence requirements vary depending on the category of license being applied for. You are strongly encouraged to become familiar with the evidence requirements that are specific to the license category for which you wish to be licensed.

    Examine the real factors behind it.

  • Before submitting an application for a firearm license in Victoria, you are required to first finish the Victorian Firearm Safety Course that is appropriate for that type of license.

    A completion certificate will be given to you if you are able to successfully complete this training program. Make sure you have a copy of this certificate on hand to submit with your application; you will be required to do so.

    Even if you have previously submitted an application, you are still required to finish the firearm safety course before you can submit a new one.

    • Formerly in possession of a valid license, either from the state of Victoria or from another state
    • Have had a license revoked from them
    • Your previous license's expiration date is more than a year in the past.
  • The process of applying for certain types of firearm licenses requires the taking of a complete set of fingerprints. This is a mandatory requirement.

    If the category of license for which you are applying requires fingerprints, you will be required to make arrangements to have a complete set of your fingerprints taken as part of the application process. You can look here for additional information regarding fingerprinting.

    When applying for a, you are required to have your fingerprints taken in their entirety.

    • Licensing for Longarms of Category D
    • Licensing for Longarms of Category E
    • License for Collectors of Items in Category 1
    • License to Carry a Handgun, General Category
    • License to Carry a Handgun, Category E
    • Licensed Firearm Dealer License (all staff members and close associates are required to have their fingerprints taken)
    • Corporate Licence in any category other than a Collector of Antique Handguns Licence (all responsible officers of the body corporate are required to have their fingerprints taken).

    When you call to make your appointment, please:

    • You are required to explain to the customer service officer that the reason you need a complete set of fingerprints is for the application you are submitting for a firearm license.
    • If you are applying for a general category handgun license for the purpose of being an armed guard or cash-in-transit officer, and you also wish to apply for a private security license either concurrently or in the near future, you must submit two separate applications. Please let the customer service officer know about this prerequisite so that two different fingerprint sets can be taken at the same time for the same price.

You are required to gain access to and finish an application for a firearm license online if you want to apply for any of the following categories of firearm licenses:

  • A Longarm Licence in one of the following categories: A, B, C, D, or E.
  • Permission to Carry a Handgun (General Category or Category E)
  • Provisional License to Carry a Firearm
  • Provisional License to Carry a Handgun in a General Category
  • License to Carry a Firearm Inheritance
  1. You can submit your application by logging into the eServices Portal and filling it out.
  2. After you have sent in your application, you will immediately be sent a confirmation email that will go over the specifics of your application. Along with your application, we will ask for a variety of identifying documents from you.
  3. In addition to submitting your application online, you will also need to print out your application as well as any identification documents and mail them to the Licensing and Regulation Division.
  4. After receiving your application, the Licensing and Regulation Division will process it and, if it is approved, will send you a payment notice in the mail. If your application is denied, the Division will not process it.
  5. After you have received this payment notice, you will be required to pay the fee for your license at any Westpac Bank branch by the date specified on your payment notice using either BPAY, cash, or a cheque.
  6. Following the completion of the transaction, you will be required to have your picture taken at a VicRoads-authorized photo point.

    Note: You are required to complete and submit this form to the Licensing and Regulation Division if you are unable to attend a VicRoads photo point that has been approved for use.

  7. Following that, your newly updated license ought to arrive in the mail. The timetable will be determined based on the standard delivery times of Australia Post.

After we have received your application, there is a statutory waiting period of twenty-eight days for all applications for new licenses.

You are unable to submit an application online for a new firearm license of a type that we have not described above if you wish to apply for one of these licenses. You will be required to fill out the appropriate form and send it in via regular mail to the Licensing and Regulation Division.

Identification and other certified documents, the length of the delays, and the patient's medical history

  • You are required to provide a total of one hundred points of certified identification, which includes the following:

    • a primary form of identification in at least one instance e g documents such as passports or birth certificates;
    • at least one additional document that displays your present residential address. e g drivers licence

    You will be required to provide an identification reference from a referee who meets the following criteria:

    • has known you for a period of at least one year and;
    • is not related to you in any way, not even by marriage or birth

    It is required that the same individual who certifies your identification on all 100 points also serves as the person who provides your identification reference.

    Persons such as the following are all examples of referees that are acceptable:

    • registered medical practitioner (for example, a physician) your GP), or dentist
    • a nurse who is both registered and employed
    • full-time teachers who are registered to teach in elementary, middle, or high schools
    • principal of an elementary or secondary school who works full-time.
    • religious leader who is also authorized to perform weddings and other ceremonial rites
    • Office of the Justice of the Peace
    • employee of the bank who is authorized to open customer accounts (e.g., bank branch manager)
    • an accountant who is a member of the National Institute of Accountants, the Australian Society of Certified Practising Accountants, or the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia

    More information regarding referees who are acceptable can be found here.

  • A copy of a document or record that has been signed and certified as a true copy of an original by a person who is authorized to do so is referred to as a certified document. The individual who is certifying a copy of a document is required to examine and sign a copy of the original document at the same time that they are certifying the copy.

    It is recommended that the certification be completed on the same side as the copy of the document that is being certified rather than on the reverse side of the copy.

  • When filling out an application for a firearm license, if the applicant or license holder responds "yes" to a question about a medical condition, these forms must be used. A Reporting Notice needs to be filled out by the treating Health Professional, and then the document needs to be sent back to LRD.

    The Quick Guide (Firearms): Information for the Role of the Health Professional provides the Health Professional with the information that LRD is looking for within the report.

    The Reporting Notice is a digitally signable and fillable form that the Health Professional is responsible for submitting. The completed Reporting Notice is to be sent to LRD by the Health Professional via email or regular mail.

  • Your application will not be finalized if it contains errors or information that is missing if it is not complete. Because of this, the decision regarding your application might be delayed.

    On occasion, the Licensing and Regulation Division will ask for additional information from you. Please be prepared to provide it. We are going to write to you and explain what it is that we require.

    If you fail to provide that information within the allotted amount of time, the Licensing and Regulation Division may refuse to make a decision on your application.

Reviewed 07 April 2022

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