Enrich Your Viewing Experience: Effortlessly Install and Watch Binge on Your Hisense Smart TV

Discover a world of films, TV shows, and more with Binge, the leading streaming app. With thousands of titles to choose from, Binge is your go-to destination for all your favourite entertainment. You can even download the Binge app to your Hisense smart TV, giving you unrivalled access to all your favourite content.

Binge is available to download on your smartphone or tablet, with apps available on iOS v13 and Android OS v7. Plus, Binge is available on selected Hisense Smart TV models issued from 2020 or later, operating on the VIDAA U4 & 5 software.

Want to check if your Hisense Smart TV is compatible with the Binge app? No problem. Simply follow these instructions to confirm your television's model number. Check the barcode on the back of your screen or reach out to the friendly support team at Hisense.

Compatible TV models include:

  • - Hisense TV 2020 models
  • - Hisense TV 2021 models
  • - Hisense TV 2022 models
  • - 43A4G
  • - 75U9G
  • - 65X9HAU
  • - 40A4G
  • - 85U8G
  • - 65X8HAU
  • - 32A4G
  • - 75U8G
  • - 55X8HAU
  • - 100S8
  • - 65U8G
  • - 48X8HAU
  • - 55Q8
  • - 55U8G
  • - 75U9HAU
  • - 65Q8
  • - 85U7G
  • - 65U9HAU
  • - 75Q8
  • - 75U7G
  • - 75U8HAU
  • - 85Q8
  • - 65U7G
  • - 65U8HAU
  • - 55U7G
  • - 55U8HAU
  • - 75Q7G
  • - 85U7HAU
  • - 85A7G
  • - 75U7HAU
  • - 75A7G
  • If you're interested in checking your smart TV's firmware, there are several models to look out for, including the 65U7HAU, 65A7G, 55U7HAU, 55A7G, 50A7G, 43A7G, 58A7G, 55U7G, 65U9G, 65SX, 43A7HAU, 50A7HAU, 55A7HAU, 65A7HAU, 75A7HAU, 85A7HAU, 43A4G, 40A4G, 32A4G, 43A4G, 43A4G, 32A4G, 50A6G, and 58A6G.

To check your smart TV's firmware, simply navigate to the Settings option using your remote control. From there, go to About TV / Support and select Software Upgrade. This will allow you to view your Hisense TV's software version and find any available firmware upgrades.

Want to download and install the BINGE app on your Hisense Smart TV? Look no further! Follow these simple steps:

    First, navigate to the app store on your TV and search for "BINGE." Once you've found the app, select Download to begin the installation process. Once the app is installed, simply open it and sign in to your account to start streaming your favorite shows and movies.

    Acquiring and setting up the BINGE application on your Hisense TV is a breeze. Simply abide by the uncomplicated steps below to access all your favourite shows in no time:

    • Installation Guide:

    • To initiate the installation process, locate and select the App Store icon on your Hisense smart TV's home screen.
    • Type 'BINGE' in the search bar to retrieve the related search results that match your query.
    • Select the application you need and click on the Install option to complete the procedure.
    • Once the installation process is completed, sign in to your account to start viewing all the latest content.

    Please note: At present, you cannot sign up directly on your Hisense smart TV. You must first subscribe to the BINGE app on a different device.

    How to view BINGE content:

    If you have successfully installed the BINGE app on your Hisense smart TV and have an active subscription pack to access the content, follow the below steps to stream your desired shows:

    • Visit the App section on your Hisense smart TV and select the BINGE app.
    • Key in your login credentials to sign in to your account.

    Scan the QR code that is displayed on your Hisense TV using your smartphone and tap the pop-up alert to take you to https://auth.streamotion.com.au/activate.

    Upon the completion of the above step, an 8-digit code will appear. Confirm this.

    When prompted, enter your login credentials to certify your Hisense TV login status.

    Click on the content of your choice to start streaming on your smart TV.

    How to manage your account:

    Unfortunately, account management isn't accessible on your smart TV. To manage your account or make any changes, go to https://binge.com.au/my-account via your web browser.

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