Educating Kids on ANZAC Day

ANZAC Day, observed on the 25th of April, holds immense significance in Australia as a national event commemorating the first major military action of Australian and New Zealand armed forces during World War One. Exploring ANZAC Day aids young children in comprehending the history and heritage of Australia and its people. The rites and customs associated with this occasion are deeply embedded in our culture, providing an opportunity to enlighten children about the importance of ANZAC Day.

Teaching Children About ANZAC Day

ANZAC Day occupies a crucial place in the hearts of Australians, who collectively recognize the importance of honoring the soldiers while simultaneously advocating for peace. Young children, with their keen awareness of the world, grasp the significance of ANZAC Day, but many of us ponder how to effectively convey its importance. Hence, here are several approaches that can facilitate teaching children about ANZAC Day. The key lies in keeping it simple:

- Emphasize the sense of national pride shared by the country.

- Discuss the freedom and safety we enjoy due to their selfless sacrifice.

- Promote care and compassion for others and for the world as a whole.

- Prepare ANZAC treats together.

- Cultivate a Rosemary bush.

- Allow them to ask questions and be open to their interpretations, progressively guiding them towards the truth.

- Observe a moment of silence in honor of those who dedicated themselves to securing our freedom, uniting through joined hands.

- Visual aids play a vital role. Numerous books and visual resources are available that cater to children and explain concepts related to war.

- Engage in ANZAC-related crafts, such as painting poppies. Note that although the poppy is traditionally associated with Remembrance Day on November 11th, it is now also used as a symbol of sacrifice and remembrance on ANZAC Day. This symbol originates from the belief among soldiers that the red petals represented the blood of their fallen comrades (source: The Australian War Memorial).

- Bake damper, visually demonstrating to children how bread could have been prepared during times of war, both at home and in the field. Though a symbolic activity, simple endeavors are most effective in conveying information and concepts to children.

- Read books about ANZAC Day together. Select a book specifically aimed at children to facilitate conversations. After reading the story, engage in a discussion about its meaning. Encourage them to share their thoughts and queries. The recent Centenary commemorations have provided a multitude of books about the First World War for children. If unsure where to begin, consult your local library for suggestions.

- Touch upon the idea that disagreements may arise among people, highlighting the consequences that can follow. Avoid discussing wars as a result of such disputes, but rather explore scenarios that young children can relate to, such as feeling upset after an argument or experiencing loneliness. Furthermore, ask children how they feel when a loved one is far away, laying the groundwork for later discussions about soldiers being separated from their families and the emotions involved. It is essential to emphasize peace, harmony, and the role of rules within a close-knit society to ensure everyone gets along.

- Conduct your own commemorative ceremony if attending a public service may overwhelm your children. Include a minute of silence. This role-play activity will familiarize them with the expectations for future attendance.

- Children learn best through hands-on experiences. When teaching about ANZAC Day, provide them with tangible objects like medals, flags, and photographs to spark their interest and facilitate a connection with the information being conveyed.

- Offer children concrete information about ANZAC, explaining its significance and how soldiers and the military work tirelessly to ensure the safety of everyone in Australia. Emphasize the importance of gratitude and respect towards our brave soldiers. Discuss how Australia welcomes all who abide by our rules, promoting a harmonious and secure coexistence.

- Organize your own commemoration, including a minute of silence. This role-play activity will prepare your children for attending public services in the future, familiarizing them with expected behavior.

Conversations about ANZAC Day with children ensure that stories of Australia's heroes and history are passed down to the younger generations while they are actively interested and engaged. Exploring the historical background of ANZAC Day allows young children to develop a deeper understanding of the value and necessity of peace. It also increases their appreciation for concepts such as space (through discussions of other countries), culture, and identity. If children do not grasp everything immediately, that is perfectly fine - comprehending such a vast concept takes time. By upholding traditions and engaging in conversations each year, their understanding will gradually deepen.

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