Dialing Australia: Connecting with Landline and Mobile from the Philippines

Australia is one of the top destinations for conducting or expanding a business. Meanwhile, the Philippines is the ideal place for tourism. Additionally, there is a significant number of Australians currently in the Philippines.

How to Call Australia from the Philippines

Therefore, it is common to have calls between these two countries on a daily basis. These calls can be personal, business-related, or for conferences.

That's why!

This article will guide you on how to make calls from the Philippines to Australia using different dialing formats and cost-effective methods.

You will learn all the necessary details step-by-step when it comes to calling Australia from the Philippines.

Let's get started!

International calls to Australia: What is it and How does it matter?

The term "international call to Australia" refers to making a call to Australia from another country.

For instance, let's assume you are calling Australia from the Philippines.

Due to the substantial number of Australians residing in various countries worldwide, it is crucial to have international calls to Australia as many of them wish to stay in touch with friends and family on a daily basis.

Moreover, there might be business-related conversations as individuals and companies strive to establish communication with Australia for commercial purposes.

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Types of Phone Numbers in Australia

To directly call Australia from the Philippines, use the international dialing method mentioned below. Calling a mobile or landline number in Australia from the Philippines follows the same dialing procedure.

Australia offers various types of phone numbers, including:

  • Landline Number - The area code consists of 2 digits followed by an 8-digit telephone number. For example, (61 2 1234 4321)
  • Mobile Number - A 10-digit number without an area code. For example, (61 400 000 000)
  • Toll-free Number - Starting with "1800" followed by a 6-digit number.
  • Emergency Number - For instance, 000 for Police, ambulance, and fire brigade.
  • Vanity Phone Number - Phone numbers containing keywords.

Phone Number Structure in Australia: Analyzing Australian Telephone Codes

Below are some of the codes used in Australia:

Philippines Exit Code

The Philippines exit code is 00. This code must be dialed first when making international calls from the Philippines.

Australia Country Code

The Australian nation code is 61. This code must be dialed whenever you want to make a call to Australia from other countries.

All consumers in Australia have an 8-digit local mobile number with a 2-digit STD telephone number (dialing codes).

The ACA (Australian Communications Authority) webpage provides instructions for converting outdated six or seven-digit numbers into the eight-digit format.

Australian Country Code (for international calls)     61

Outgoing IDD access code (from within Australia)     0011

When making a call from outside Australia, always omit the preceding "0" from the area code or the mobile phone number.

Australian Area Code List

Area CodeRegion State or Territory
02 Central EastNew South Wales & Australian Capital Territory
03 South East  Victoria & Tasmania
04 Mobile Telephones  Australia-wide
07North East  Queensland
08Central & West Western Australia, South Australia & Northern Territory

Australian Emergency Number

FieldsEmergency Number
Police, Fire, Ambulance000

How to Call Australia from the Philippines?

To contact Australia from the Philippines, dial:

  • 00 – 61 – Area Code – Landline Phone Number (for Australian Landline/Local number)
  • 00 – 61 – 9 Digit Mobile Number (for Australian Mobile number)

Example, Dial: 00 61 02 5301 4390


  • 00 – Philippines Exit code
  • 61 – Australia Country or ISD code
  • (02) Area Code – Sydney area code.
  • 5301 4390 Australian Landline/Local Number

Conventional methods of calling Australia from the Philippines might be challenging and costly for you.

1. How to call landline in Australia from Philippines? The following is the format for dialing an Australian telephone number from the Philippines:

Dial: Philippines departure signal – Australia country code – Australia Area Code – Australia fixed-line number

Example: 00-61 – 2 – 1234 – 5678


  • 00 (Philippines Departure Signal): The Philippines's departure signal is necessary for any international call made.
  • 61 (Australia Country Code): It is Australia's country code or ISD code that you must dial if you make international calls to Australia.
  • 07 (Australia Area Code): As an example, this is Queensland's area code. Area codes in Australia are 2 to 3 digits long, whereas phone numbers are 7 to 8 digits long. The fixed-line phone numbers in Australia have a total of 11 digits.
  • 1234 4321 (Local / Fixed-line Number): 2 digits for the area code followed by eight digits for the rest of the telephone number.

2. How to Call Australian Mobile Number from the Philippines? To call Australia's mobile number from the Philippines, dial: 00– 61-XXXXXXXXXX.

Example: 00 61-0481606127

3. How to call 1300 or 1800 Australian Toll-Free Number from the Philippines? To call the Australian 1300 or 1800 toll-free number from the Philippines, Dial: 00 – 61 – Ten Digit Toll-Free Number

Example: Dial 00 – 61 – 1300 371882


  • 00: Philippines Departure Signal
  • 61: Australia Country/ISD Code
  • 1300 371882: Australian Toll-Free number

Finest and Inexpensive methods to call Australia from the Philippines

Consider the scenario when you have Australian clients. It would be challenging to manage all of them on a typical phone line, particularly considering their high international call fees.

Taking care of them, on the other hand, is a simple task with a global phone connection.

When consumers call you using a virtual mobile number, they dial a mobile number relevant to their country, which is then redirected to your primary contact center.

Furthermore, calling using VOIP has several benefits, and it is both cheaper and simpler than dialing a phone number from a fixed-line. Here are some of your options for making a VoIP call.

With SIM-less cloud phone on the rise, virtual cloud phone is the new trend in the telephony industry. Compared to basic old telephony systems (POTS), telephony features on virtual cloud phones are abundantly high.

In addition to possessing regular telephony features, virtual phones are equipped with remarkable features. Therefore, these days, such phones are not only favored by businesses and enterprises but also for personal use.

KrispCall is one of these virtual phones that is making a significant impact in the telephony market nowadays. It embraces an advanced technology that renders communication more affordable, accessible, and efficient.

Obtain an economical phone number to dial Australia from the Philippines for your personal and business requirements.

KrispCall is a company that sells local, toll-free, web, and digital phone numbers to companies and individuals. It prides itself on having a simple user interface, outstanding customer service, intricate features, and reasonable pricing.

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What is the Ideal Time to Dial an Australian Number from the Philippines?

Prior to dialing Australia from the Philippines, it is crucial to be aware of the optimal time to call to avoid unnecessary calls.

There is a time difference of 3 hours between Australia and the Philippines. Australia is 3 hours ahead of the Philippines. This means that when it is 12 PM in the Philippines, the time in Australia would be 3 PM.

In the Philippines, you can make calls between 5 a.m. and 8 p.m. at the local time. In Australian time, this would be 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Obstacles when dialing from the Philippines to Australia

The challenges that may arise when connecting to Australia from the Philippines are as follows:

  • Privacy has been breached.
  • Call Quality is Unstable
  • Unexpected Calls
  • Calling Rates Are Expensive

Phone Call Etiquette for Business in Australia: Dos and Don’ts

Here are some guidelines and habits to follow when making financial phone calls to Australia:

1. DO – Wear a smile when conversing with others. Despite not being able to see you, your voice will have a cheerful tone, and the caller will feel more at ease in their interaction with you. People enjoy speaking with happy individuals.

2. DON’T – Keep the caller waiting for an extended period of time. Nobody likes to be placed on hold. If you keep the caller on hold for too long, they may think they have been forgotten and hang up. 3. DO – Speak clearly and audibly. You have important information to convey, and the person on the other end of the line is eager to hear it. During a conversation, no one likes to repeat themselves multiple times. To avoid this, speak as clearly as possible.

4. AVOID – Yell or murmur. Being excessively loud or soft during a telephone conversation can make it unpleasant and may result in you not receiving all the information by the recipients. Make an effort to speak in a calm tone that is easy to hear and understand.

5. DO – Welcome the caller warmly. Even in a telephone conversation, if your responses are short or you appear unengaged, the caller may feel unwelcome and that their inquiry or problem has not been addressed.

6. AVOID – Allow yourself to become distracted. Even though callers cannot see how you are doing, they can tell if you are not paying attention through your tone and replies.

Conclusion: And, the optimal approach to making a Call to Australia from the Philippines is…

Making calls to Australia from the Philippines used to be expensive on a daily basis, and in the past, there were no affordable options to call Australia from the Philippines. However, currently, there are several cost-effective options for calling Australia from the Philippines.

In that case, yes!

When looking for the best cloud phone & VoIP service, KrispCall should be your top choice as it provides a wide range of services that enable users to make affordable business calls to Australia from the Philippines.

You can simply utilize free VoIP applications like WhatsApp, Messenger, etc. to make calls to Australia from the Philippines. However, they are only suitable for personal calls and not for business calls and conferences. But KrispCall is suitable for both personal and business use.

KrispCall offers different pricing and packages based on the size of your business. You can schedule a free Demo to learn more about KrispCall and its features. Alternatively, you can sign up and explore the product yourself.


How do Australian telephone numbers function?

Australian telephone numbers consist of ten digits: Landlines - the area code comprises two digits, followed by eight digits for the rest of the phone number. Mobile phones - ten digits (no area code).

Is it mandatory to dial 011 when calling Australia?

To make a call from the United States to Australia, follow these steps: Begin by dialing 011, which is the US exit code. Then dial 61, which is Australia's country code. After that, dial the one-digit area code.

What numbers should I dial before a mobile number to contact Australia?

To contact a mobile phone in Australia, first dial the international dialing code, followed by 04, and then the phone number. When calling a cell phone from outside Australia, dial 61 4, followed by the eight-digit phone number.

How much does it cost to make a telephone call in Australia?

You can find excellent call rates to Australia, ranging from $0.01 per minute to $4.00 per minute on various carriers.

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