Decode the Junk: Unveiling Preference Deals, Voting Down the Line, and Amplifying Your Voice!

Your Guide to Voting in Australia's Federal Election on May 18:

  • Introduction:
  • - Voting in a democracy can be difficult, especially if you are disengaged from the political process
  • - Getting your vote wrong by accident is easy in Australia, and this guide is here to help
  • How Do Preferences Work?
  • - Anthony Green describes preferencing as the method of electing “the most preferred candidate”
  • - Australia has a different system than most countries with a first-past-the-post system
  • - To win a seat in the House of Representatives, a party needs an absolute majority of all votes counted
  • - If no party gets the majority, preferences are used to determine the winner
  • - Government preferencing cards suggest how you should order your preferences, but you are under no obligation to follow them
  • Preferences in the Lower House:
  • - A hypothetical example is used, with five candidates running for the seat of Votington
  • - The party with the least chance of getting the absolute majority has their votes redistributed
  • - Voters must give a preference to all candidates, and the votes flow from the first preference to the second preference
  • - Parties with similar ideologies may have preference deals, but voters can make their own choices
  • Outline:

I. Introduction

- Preference deal between One Nation and Shooters and Fishers in Votington

II. First count

- No party has 50% of the vote

III. Second count

- Shooters and Fishers has the least chance of getting to 50% and their votes are recounted

- One Nation votes that were recounted for Shooters and Fishers flow to the third preference (Liberals)

- All Shooters and Fishers first preference votes flow to their second preference (Liberals)

IV. Third count

- Liberals have 50% of the vote and have won the seat

V. Importance of preference deals

- They can help win elections

- Sometimes, they can push the second or third candidate on the primary count into the winning position

VI. Senate

- Six Senate seats will be up for grabs in every state

- A party wins a Senate seat when it gets enough votes to fill a quota

- Last few seats in each state will be a fight between minor parties and come down to preferences

- Above-the-line or below-the-line voting

- 2016 reforms to abolish group voting and prevent Senators with only a handful of votes from having a powerful position


  • - Introduction
  • - Voting below the line
  • - Importance of numbering preferences
  • - How to ensure least preferred party does not get the vote
  • - Explanation of preference recounting
  • - Conclusion
  • Introduction

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