Cracking the Code: Decoding Your HECS-HELP Debt

Understanding HECS-HELP: A Loan and a Discount

  1. HECS-HELP is both a loan and a student discount.
  2. If eligible, the Australian Government will pay your course fees for you.
  3. Loan repayments are made through the Australian taxation system once income reaches a certain threshold.
  4. Voluntary repayments can be made at any time regardless of income.
  5. HECS-HELP debt is incurred immediately following the elected 'census' date for any University course receiving HELP assistance.
  6. To be eligible for HECS-HELP, you must be studying in a Commonwealth supported place, be an Australian citizen or meet residency requirements, and submit a valid request form by the census date.
  7. Repayments commence once your income reaches the minimum repayment threshold for compulsory repayment, which is adjusted each year.
  8. The percentage of income required for repayment increases as income increases.

How to Repay Your HECS-HELP Debt

What is Repayment Income (RI)?

- Repayment income is different from taxable income.

- It includes taxable income, net investment losses, reportable fringe benefits, reportable super contributions, and foreign employment income.

How to Check Your HECS-HELP Debt Balance

- Contact the ATO on 13 28 61 or view your balance online via the myGov site.

- To view your balance online, link your account to the ATO.

How to Repay Your HECS-HELP Debt Through the Taxation System

Compulsory Repayments:

- Indicate that you have a HELP debt when starting a new job.

- Your employer will withhold additional tax from each pay based on your estimated HECS-HELP debt liability.

Voluntary Repayments:

- Make voluntary repayments at any time to the ATO by BPAY and credit card.

Tax Tips for Repaying Your HELP Debt:

- Keep receipts and claim deductions to reduce RI and minimize compulsory repayments.

- If working more than one job, each employer will only withhold tax based on the income that they pay you.

- Visit the ATO or an H&R Block office for more information.

Repayment Rates

- 6.5% for income from ,213 to $103,045

- 7.0% for income from $103,046 to $109,227

- 7.5% for income from $109,228 to $115,781

- 8.0% for income from $115,782 to $122,728

- 8.5% for income from $122,729 to $130,092

- 9.0% for income from $130,093 to $137,897

- 9.5% for income of $137,898 and above

- 10.0% for those earning above the minimum repayment threshold.

I. Introduction

- Purpose of the information sheet

- Disclaimer

II. Keeping Receipts and Documents

- Use Taxsaver envelopes

- Importance of keeping receipts

- H&R Block's role in claiming allowable deductions and rebates

III. H&R Block Services

- Overview of H&R Block

- Australia's largest network of tax accountants

- Thousands of Australians helped every year

- Contact information for nearest office

IV. Conclusion

- Encouragement to utilize H&R Block's services

- Reminder to consult with a tax consultant for individual circumstances.


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