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GetUp's impartial voting guides offer voters options on how to number their ballots for the best result on a particular issue, such as more First Nations Justice, addressing rising inequality, and effective climate action.

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Unbiased voting guidelines

Our guiding principle in all strategic choices was to enable GetUp members to have the greatest electoral impact on the issues that members care about the most. Because of this, our voting guides suggest the candidates and parties with the most robust policies who have also shown to have support from the community.

Our voting guides encourage parties and candidates to take more progressive policy positions going into the election on highlighted issues, in addition to our policy survey. Because it's important for our voices to matter and not just be heard.

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All parties and candidates who had registered were given the chance to participate in our policy survey. The inquiries are available here. A variety of parties and candidates responded to our survey; in cases where we did not receive a response, we rated parties and candidates using data that was readily available to the public.

We don't support candidates; instead, we evaluate them based on their policy positions. GetUp is running campaigns for issues that its members have prioritized, such as effective climate action and justice for First Nations communities. Accordingly, we are educating voters on how to back the parties and candidates who have the strongest public policy stances on these issues.

We made an effort to thoroughly research and fairly represent party and candidate policies; however, if you believe you have found an error, please email us at [email protected].

How GetUp will spend election day

With thousands of volunteers at 380 polling places nationwide, from far north Queensland to northern Tasmania, it's GetUp's most ambitious Election Day effort yet. Volunteers will put a lot of effort into advancing issues that are significant to both GetUp members and voters in the local electorate in 29 electorates across six states and one territory.

At the voting booths, GetUp members will distribute 500,000 independent issue-based how-to guides to voters while sporting GetUp t-shirts, orange corflutes, and cheerful faces.

Our impartial voting guides let voters know which candidates are devoted to advancing our major concerns and have received widespread support from the community. The guides always present at least two candidates, and occasionally as many as four, allowing voters to choose how to vote on a subject that is important to them.

Where can I find GetUp volunteers?

Unfortunately, on election day, we can't be everywhere. We'll be in locations where GetUp members can have the biggest influence on our top priorities.

To increase the likelihood that voters will consider our issues when casting their ballots and that important decision-makers will pay attention, we will also be active in areas with a large GetUp membership.

Willing to participate Register to volunteer on election day here

Stay far away from the action There are still a ton of other ways to make a difference. Email [email protected] org com to learn more

The number of First Nations voters in marginal seats like Leichhardt and Lingiari is greater than the margin on which the seat is held, and we have been collaborating with those communities for years.

To put climate change on voters' radars at the polls, we chose marginal seats like Macquarie, Page, Eden-Monaro, and Gilmore that are experiencing the effects of climate change firsthand, such as fires, floods, and drought. We believe we can influence voters here in order to change their vote in light of climate concerns.

We selected marginal seats where both the incumbents of the Labor and Liberal parties are facing pressure, such as Macquarie or Goldstein, where we believe that voters concerned about the environment can exert pressure on these backbenchers to speak out against climate change and affect the policies of their leaders, or seats like Bass, Braddon, and Lyons. where voters want both major parties to take action to address the rising cost of living and inequality

We know that local voters have the power to sway local candidates, and that local candidates have the ability to sway party leaders. By raising awareness now, we can succeed in securing the new policies that our communities need.

What issues are highlighted on GetUp's voter guides

GetUp members have been working hard to convince lawmakers that Australia needs to be just, prosperous, and fair during this session of Parliament.

As a group, we:

  • We gathered 100,000 signatures calling for the passage of a National Cultural Heritage Protection Act, and we had the final report of the investigation into the destruction of Juukan Gorge include our expert recommendations.
  • Won a probe into Morrison's $50 million investment in frackers in the Beetaloo, and brought the voices of traditional owners to Parliament and Origin's AGM.
  • Voter ID Bill from Morrison and Hanson was defeated
  • Made headlines in the national media with our Who Controls Our Media Over 6,500 GetUp members sent the report to their MPs and Senators, putting our reform recommendations in front of every politician in the nation. The report was made public during a live Senate Inquiry hearing during questioning of former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.
  • Repelled Angus Taylor's numerous attacks on renewable energy sources
  • Presented a petition from 55,000 members calling for a federal ICAC to the Crossbench on the grounds of Parliament.

It is evident from this election that collectively, we shape the future.

Along with other long-running GetUp campaigns, like the fight for a federal anti-corruption commission, our how-to-vote cards highlight the issues that are important to our 2022 campaign, including First Nations justice, climate action, and addressing inequality.

Voting on a particular issue has a significant influence on the election. It strongly urges the next administration to address the issues that GetUp members care about.

Which candidates and parties are mentioned on GetUp's voting instructions cards

It's straightforward: vote for candidates or parties that have performed well on issues important to GetUp members and have garnered support from the local community. There are at least two candidates on every how-to-vote card, and frequently there are three or four. Voters are ultimately responsible for deciding how to cast their ballots.

Which criteria are used to rank parties, candidates, and policies?

GetUp independently examined candidates and parties in 60 different policy areas, evaluating the effectiveness of those policies. Additionally, we requested responses from all major parties and candidates to our party policy survey, giving them a chance to express their opinions on a number of different policy issues. We prioritized parties and candidates whose policy platforms broadly align with the core values and policy priorities of the GetUp movement to determine the order of preferences.

Here is a link to the detailed policy questions we posed to parties and candidates.

We have attempted to fairly represent party and candidate positions. Please get in touch with us if you believe you've found a mistake here.

Does GetUp back any candidates in this election?

We don't support candidates; instead, we evaluate them based on their policy positions. GetUp is running campaigns for issues that its members have prioritized, such as effective climate action and justice for First Nations communities. Accordingly, we are educating voters on how to back the parties and candidates who have the strongest public policy stances on these issues.

GetUp conducts independent research on parties and candidates, asks all major parties and candidates to participate in a policy survey, and then ranks them according to how closely their policy platforms adhere to the fundamental principles and objectives of the GetUp movement.

This is consistent with GetUp's dedication to achieving political independence. Elections are important change opportunities for our issues and present the best chance to create a more equitable, thriving, and just community for all. Due to its political independence, GetUp can collaborate with and objectively assess all political parties and candidates.

Check out GetUp's independence statement at for more details.

What does the AEC have to say about GetUp's voter guides?

The Australian Electoral Commission determined in February 2019 that GetUp's how-to-vote cards were in line with our status as an independent third party organization.

The results of their review supported our 2016 election how-to campaign's independence by highlighting the fact that our voting guides emphasize issues, rate candidates on those issues, include multiple candidates, and never give or receive funding in support of any political party or candidate. Keep reading.

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