Claim Your Winning Business Name Now

Do you wish to operate a business under a name that does not bear your personal identity? The solution is registering a business name. Embrace the following five-step guide to select and register a suitable business name:

    1. Opt for the Perfect Name

    Ensure you choose an apt business name as it is the heart of your identity, image, and brand. A perfect business name should possess the following attributes:

    MemorableEasy to pronounce and spellOriginal and not identical to existing business names, company names, or trademarksAppropriate, professional, and inoffensiveShortDescriptive and functional (e.g., Marketing Results) or new and peculiar (e.g., Google)

    The Use of Your Personal Name

    You can utilize your personal name for your business (e.g., Jane Smith).

    If your personal name serves as your business name, no registration is necessary. However, if you desire to name your business 'Jane Smith & Co', register your business name, as '& Co' is not part of your personal name.

    Naming Regulations and Limitations

    Several words are unsuitable for use in your business name.

    Refer to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) website for a list of restricted words, characters, or expressions for business names.

    2. Confirm the Availability of Your Business Name

    Conduct a Check Name Availability search on the ASIC website.

    Also, ensure your business name is not already a registered trademark. Check the Australian Trade Mark Search to avoid infringing on another individual's legal right to the name.

    3. Apply for Your Business Name

    Registration of a business name necessitates an ABN. If you don't already have one, you can apply for an ABN and register your business name simultaneously.

    The BRS system is currently obtainable for new businesses beginning as a sole trader, joint venture, company, trust, partnership, or superannuation fund.

    You can apply for the following registrations through the BRS if you belong to these business categories:

      Australian Business Number (ABN)business nameGoods and Services Tax (GST)Australian companypay as you go (PAYG) withholdingfringe benefits tax (FBT)luxury car tax (LCT)fuel tax credits (FTC)wine equalisation tax (WET)Administrator AUSkeyExisting businesses with an ABN can apply for their tax registrations via the BRS—visit this link to initiate the process.

      4. Trademark Your Name

      Protect your business name or idea by trademarking your name and logo. Don't assume the registration of your business name confers automatic rights over the name.

      Apply to renew or cancel your business name with the ASIC.

      Visit the ASIC website to:

        Renew Your Business NameCancel Your Business Name.

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