Can you tell me how many points you need for an Australian flight?

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Flights throughout Australia are among the many reward options available through the Qantas Frequent Flyer, Velocity, and Flybuys rewards programs. You can save money on airfare by using this option to exchange reward points for domestic flights, which require fewer points than flights abroad.

Here, we examine the current rates for the country's top frequent flyer programs, including Qantas Frequent Flyer, Velocity, and Flybuys, in case you're wondering where your points could get you in Australia. In order to maximize the value of your rewards, we also go over additional important information you should take into account before redeeming points for travel.

Domestic reward flights on Qantas

qantas-new-logo Domestic flights are available through the Qantas Frequent Flyer program with Qantas, QantasLink, Jetstar, and other partner airlines. Important information and limitations include:

  • Restricted accessibility Depending on the flight, date, season, destination, and commercial demand, there may be more or fewer reward seats available. There might not be any reward seats available on some flights.
  • Booking options By logging into your Qantas Frequent Flyer membership account online or by calling the Qantas Contact Center at (13 11 31), you can make a booking for a Classic Flight Reward.
  • Taxes and fees For domestic and trans-Tasman phone bookings, a fee of AUD$45 per person is charged. (The cost for international flights is ) Online reservations are free. Taxes and fees for flights also vary depending on the airline, the destination, and other factors. These can be purchased with points or with cash.
  • Booking periods If you reserve a flight through Qantas For domestic flights, you can use your points for Classic Flight Rewards up to two hours before the departure time. Otherwise, reservations for flights must typically be made between 353 days and 24 hours prior to the departure date. Note that reservations may be necessary for some regional locations up to 14 days or more in advance.

A Qantas Frequent Flyer Classic Flight Reward ticket requires points.

Based on the distance flown and fare class, Qantas Frequent Flyer determines the cost of Classic Flight Reward seats. This indicates that many locations in Australia charge the same amount of points. Details of the points needed based on miles are provided, along with some sample flights.

Points for reward seats on flights operated by Qantas and QantasLink:
Miles Instance flights Economy Business 0-600 Sydney to BrisbaneMelbourne to Adelaide

Melbourne to Hobart

8,000 factors 18,400 marks 601-1,200 Adelaide to Sydney; Brisbane to Cairns

Brisbane to Melbourne

12,000 27,600 1,201-2,400 Perth to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, or Hobart Hobart to Darwin 18,000 41,500
Jetstar flight points:
Miles Instance flights Economy Business 0-600 Sydney to BrisbaneMelbourne to Adelaide

Melbourne to Hobart

6,400 factors 13,800 marks 601-1,200 Adelaide to Sydney; Brisbane to Cairns

Brisbane to Melbourne

9,600 marks 20,600 marks 1,201-2,400 Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane to Perth
Tasmania to Darwin 14,400 marks 31,000 marks

If you don't have enough points for the flight you want to take, you might want to think about one of the following:

  • Points-plus-pay With this choice, you can use points to reserve any seat on a Jetstar or Qantas flight with a JQ flight number or a QFF number. You will be informed of your options during the booking process because the required number of points varies depending on the flight. Keep in mind that this option requires a minimum of 5,000 points per reservation.
  • Purchase frequent flyer miles For the purpose of redeeming a flight, you can buy more Qantas points. Just remember that your current account balance determines how many points you can purchase.
  • More points to earn Earning enough Qantas Points for a reward flight can be done in a variety of ways. Travel reservations made through Qantas, Jetstar, or other partners, frequent flyer credit card offers, point transfers from Everyday Rewards, and purchases made through the Qantas Online Mall all fall under this category.

More opportunities to accumulate and use points Visit Finder's comprehensive Qantas Frequent Flyer guide.

Compare credit cards that give you points for flying with Qantas:

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Virgin Velocity Frequent Flyer logo

Rewards for rapid domestic flights

Virgin Australia offers domestic Reward Seats through the Velocity Frequent Flyer program. The essential information is comparable to Qantas Frequent Flyer:

  • Availability Depending on the flight, date, season, destination, and commercial demand, there may be more or fewer reward seats available.
  • Booking options By logging into your Velocity Frequent Flyer account online or by calling the Membership Contact Center at (13 18 75), you can reserve a Reward Seat.
  • Taxes and fees Online reservations are free. For domestic and trans-Tasman flight reservations made over the phone, a fee of AUD$40 or 5,200 points per person is charged. (For online-bookable international flights, the cost per person is .00)
  • Booking periods You must make your reservations for Virgin Australia's short-haul domestic and international flights at least one hour before departure.

For a domestic Velocity Reward Seat, the necessary points

The points needed for reward seats are broken down in the table below based on the number of miles flown, with examples of well-known locations.

Miles Instance flights Economy Superior economy Business 0-600 Sydney to Brisbane from Melbourne

Melbourne to Hobart

7,800 factors 11,700 marks 25,000 points 601-1,200 Adelaide to Sydney; Melbourne to the Gold Coast

Brisbane to Melbourne

11,800 17,700 23,500 1,201-2,400 Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane to Perth 17,800 26,700 35,500

Any Seat Bonuses

You can use the Any Seat option to redeem points for a Virgin Australia business class or economy seat if there are no Reward Seats available.

These tickets can be bought by anyone, unlike Reward Seats, so the number of points required is determined by the cash price of the ticket. This means that compared to dedicated Reward Seats, you typically spend more points on an Any Seat reward, but it can provide more flight options.

You might want to take into account using one of the following options if you don't have enough points to fully redeem your Reward Seats:

  • Incentives Pay On any flight with Virgin Australia or a partner airline that is eligible, you can choose to use the Points Pay option. Simply check the "Use Points Pay" box when looking for flights, choose your flight, and then, before completing your payment, use the sliding bar to select how many points you'd like to use. The Velocity website states that every 2,500 points you redeem is worth $15 of the price of the ticket.
  • Purchase Velocity Points. For a flight reward, you can purchase Velocity Points Booster, with purchases starting at 1,000 points for $36. You can buy up to 250,000 Velocity Points annually if you already have some in your account.
  • More points to earn Similar to Qantas, Velocity Frequent Flyer has a variety of partners through which you can accrue points. This includes the frequent flyer credit cards, 7-Eleven, Flybuys, and airline and hotel partners. For additional advice and information, view Finder's Guide to Velocity Frequent Flyer.

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Members of the Flybuys rewards program can use their accrued points to book domestic flights through Flybuys Travel. You can use this service to look for and reserve flights on Qantas, Virgin Australia, Jetstar, or Air New Zealand within Australia.

The number of points needed varies depending on the price of the ticket, with each point having no value. 5% of the retail price Here are a few sample fares and costs to give you an idea of the potential points:

Flight Airline Fare class Ticket cost Points Sydney to Brisbane Jetstar Economy 19,200 point Brisbane to Melbourne Australian Airlines Economy $209 41,800 marks Brisbane to Melbourne Australian Airlines Business $499 99,800 marks Brisbane to Sydney Qantas Business $499 99,800 marks

These illustrations demonstrate how you can compare prices and airline options to find the flight type and number of points you desire for the majority of domestic destinations.

You can reserve flights through the Flybuys Travel program using points or a combination of points and cash. Simply redeem your points in increments of 200 after reaching the minimum requirement of 2,000 points.

It's important to keep in mind that 2,000 Flybuys would be worth $10 toward your airfare, and the additional 200-point increments would each be worth $1. As an alternative, you might prefer to reserve your flight through Flybuys Travel and accumulate more points to eventually redeem a full flight.


Make sure to take into account the following information before using frequent flyer miles to purchase a domestic flight.

  • Other fees and taxes Some flights for reward redemptions on Qantas and Velocity may be subject to additional taxes and fees depending on the route taken, the use of other carriers, or the number of available seats. These will change based on your flight and the time of booking. On its website, Velocity lists examples of taxes, with the smallest fee listed as $17. 47 for taxes on a reward flight from Sydney to Perth with a $137 maximum. A flight from Sydney to Los Angeles costs .
  • Reservation and service fees Fees for reservations made over the phone are specified in the Qantas and Velocity Frequent Flyer programs. The booking fee for domestic flights with Qantas Frequent Flyer is 3,500 points, or $35 per passenger. In a similar vein, changes to Velocity reward flights are subject to a 4,500 point or $35 per guest per booking fee.
  • Revocation procedures Flight cancellations prior to the start of a trip are permitted by Qantas Frequent Flyer, Velocity Frequent Flyer, and Flybuys, though the details of each policy vary. For instance, according to Qantas Frequent Flyer, Classic Flight Reward tickets may be returned "prior to commencement of travel" and will incur a cancellation fee of 6,000 points per passenger. Contrarily, Velocity stipulates that cancellations must be made at least 24 hours prior to the first scheduled departure or a fee of 4,500 points ($35 per guest and booking) will apply. Flybuys states that refunds will be given based on the payment method used (for instance, points are refunded if you used points), but does not provide a timeframe or cancellation fee.
  • Changes to tickets Tickets can be changed, much like cancellation policies, but each frequent flyer program has its own terms and fees. While Qantas Frequent Flyer lists a change fee of 5,000 points with additional fees for changes made via the Qantas Contact Center, Flybuys specifies that changes are permitted but that any associated fees must be paid by debit or credit card.
  • Tickets are available Bookings for reward flights through Velocity and Qantas Frequent Flyer are both subject to availability, so you might not always be able to get the flight you want. You can reserve any flight with Flybuys, but the required number of points will change depending on the demand for particular services.
  • Credits and points for reward flights For most of these programs, booking flights with frequent flyer miles won't qualify you for points or status credits. But if you chose the points-plus-pay option, the cash-only portion of your ticket should be eligible for points.

These frequent flyer programs provide a variety of options, such as full point redemptions and points-plus-pay, for using points to book flights throughout Australia. Although the number of points you require varies depending on factors like when you book and where you want to go, being knowledgeable about your options and making plans ahead of time should help you get a great deal on all the flights you book with points.

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