Buy and Sell Bitcoin on CoinSpot - Available on Google Play.

Here is a demonstration of what the new CoinSpot App can do for you:

Simple & Rapid Cryptocurrency Trading

Buying and Selling any digital currency available on CoinSpot is now made even simpler by the neat and straightforward CoinSpot App user interface. Choose from the complete list of coins, specify your quantity in AUD or cryptocurrency, and instantly receive your funds in your CoinSpot wallet ready to be used as desired. Swapping directly from one cryptocurrency to another will be available soon!

Track Over 310 Cryptocurrencies

Stay ahead of the market by effortlessly keeping track of all the listed coins on CoinSpot with an interactive list. Effortlessly swipe between all the coins and tokens, the largest gainers and losers over the past 24 hours. Select any coin or token to promptly access key indicators and charts with daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly timeframes.

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CoinSpot Wallets - Monitor, Manage, Send & Receive

By utilizing your CoinSpot wallets within the app, you can easily monitor your holdings and wallet values in a single, simplified view. Directly access your Bitcoin wallet (or any other available currency) to view your recent order history, conveniently send and receive directly from the app, and review your recent send and receive transactions.

Access your CoinSpot Account Features

Obtain streamlined access to your CoinSpot account features, such as depositing and withdrawing AUD, making it quicker than ever to access and utilize your funds according to your preferences. Easily access our knowledge base and support team for any inquiries you may have along the way.

Trade and Conduct Transactions, Securely and Safely

Your CoinSpot account is always protected by the strictest, best practice security procedures, including multi-stage verification and customizable account settings accessible under the Security section of your account. As the first Australian-based exchange to hold both an ISO27001 Certification for Information Security Management and a Blockchain Australia Certification, you can have full confidence that you are in capable hands.

Not an expert? No problem!

If you are new to cryptocurrency or just starting out, there is no need to worry. CoinSpot is designed to accommodate everyone, from novices to experienced traders alike. We are incredibly excited to have you on board, and we have an outstanding support team who are ready to assist you with anything you require.

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In need of assistance?

If you ever have any questions, our team is available for live chat 7 days a week via our Help Centre. Alternatively, you can always send your inquiries to [email protected].

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Security begins with comprehending how developers gather and distribute your information. Practices of data privacy and protection may differ depending on your usage, location, and age. The developer has furnished this information and may update it periodically.

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This application might share the following types of data with third parties: App information, performance data, device or other identifiers, and financial information. During transit, the data is encrypted.

Evaluations and critiques

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The fees are slightly elevated, and the markets are limited. Nonetheless, it performs adequately. The customer support team is exceptional and always ready to assist. I haven't tried other platforms yet, but Coinspot appears to be user-friendly and straightforward, especially for beginners like me.

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Highly suitable for novices. A simpler method to organize and manage price alerts would be beneficial. I would appreciate the ability to arrange alerts alphabetically to identify duplicates and filter them based on their active or inactive status. Additionally, having a means to view and sort all my advanced orders would be advantageous.

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It is taking an excessively long time to display funds that have already been transferred from the bank. I transferred $10, but it has not been added to my account yet.

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Enhancements and bug fixes.

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