Brisbane Bush Turkey Exterminator

Scrub turkeys, also referred to as brush turkeys or brushturkeys, are the architects of the natural world. During the breeding season in Brisbane, brushturkeys spend a significant amount of time building enormous mounds out of mulch, twigs, and leaves. These mounds can be up to 5 meters across. The eggs are kept warm by the heat produced by the decomposing matter in the turkey's nest, which is called an ovipositor.

Male turkeys can be identified by the prominent yellow patch on the back of their necks, and it is their mounds that are typically responsible for the most destruction to gardens. Following this, the female turkeys will come to the nest mound in order to lay their eggs, which means that a single nest mound may contain eggs from more than one female turkey.

Mounds are constructed by the male scrub turkeys as a means of incubating their clutches of eggs. It is the male scrub turkey's responsibility to look after the nest. Even though turkeys can build nests and mate at any time of the year, the months of September and December are considered to be the peak of the bush turkey breeding season.

Turkeys Can Be Effectively Relocated Using Brush

Male brushturkeys are capable of wreaking havoc on gardens in a matter of hours and have been observed moving mulch from one garden to another, sometimes even moving it across the road, all in an effort to increase the size of the mounds they create. Due to the fact that they are territorial, the males will steal materials and mulch from another turkey mound in order to construct their own nest and improve their standing with the females. If he is not removed, the male will create a nesting site, which, if left alone, the female will continue to use for many years.

Throughout the years that we have provided a removal service, we have seen mounds where brush turkeys have taken over a garden compost heap and are using it to start a nice warm nest. These mounds can be identified by the presence of a brush turkey. On the other hand, their innate need to construct a nest is so powerful that the mulch can be combined with a wide variety of peculiar items from the neighboring gardens. There have been a great deal of peculiar discoveries made both inside and on top of nests of Brisbane brush turkeys. Items such as washing that had been dragged down from a clothes hoist, wood from garden furniture, and a plastic Christmas tree that was almost completely covered in one mound are examples of some of the surprising things that we have seen.

Even when they aren't nesting, brush turkeys are still capable of causing problems. If you have a female brush turkey that is digging up all of your plants, we can still help you set up a cage and remove it even though we normally remove the male brush turkeys when they are mounding.

Prompt, friendly, and humane removal of a male turkey that was being VERY aggressive from my backyard garden. I cannot speak highly enough of the service.

Kerrie Stefan

Brisbane Turkey Removal Permits from the Wildlife Department

Due to their protected status, bush turkeys cannot be captured or trapped without first obtaining a removal permit. We are only able to remove them if they have not started laying eggs in their nest; otherwise, we will not be able to do so until the eggs have hatched. The most effective course of action is to contact Peter the Possum & Bird Man as soon as possible after observing any signs of brushturkey nest building in order to have the bird removed before it causes any harm.

Our scrub turkey removal servicemen in Brisbane operate under a wildlife permit that enables us to trap invasive bush turkeys and release them in more suitable brush land elsewhere in the region. We relocate the scrub turkeys to a location that is sufficiently remote to ensure they will not return.

In the past, when we had a lot of lawns, our removal of turkeys seemed to be mostly near the leafy suburbs of Brisbane. However, now that many people prefer more naturally planted rainforest type gardens, bush turkeys can be found all over Brisbane. Therefore, the turkeys have taken advantage of the circumstances and have spread throughout all of the suburbs. Because our servicemen are located all over Brisbane, we are able to perform removals in the majority of the city's suburbs. We will make every effort to complete the removal as quickly as possible in order to limit the amount of harm caused to your garden.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions about Scrub Turkeys if you're interested in learning more about brush turkey removal.

Turkeys Being Assaultive to Chickens

The unfortunate reality is that some bush turkeys do not appear to have a high level of intelligence and may mistake a black chicken for a female brushturkey. Turkey toms have the potential to inflict significant harm on chickens and even take their lives.

If this happens we recommend you lock your chickens up as soon as possible, hopefully the bush turkey will move on, but if he does not we can also set a cage to relocate him In the event that the turkey is not stopped, the predators might also begin attacking the brown and white chickens. People who live in regions where bush turkeys are prevalent are strongly encouraged to acquire white chickens, as our research has not turned up a single case of someone who experienced an issue despite keeping only white chickens.

We are able to remove turkeys from your property if they are attacking your chickens; we will place a cage with food inside it near the chicken coop in order to attract the turkey. Therefore, we still have a good success rate of removing the turkey and relocating it in order to keep your chickens safe, even if the turkey is not nesting nearby.

Why Should You Go with Peter the Possum Man to Get Rid of Your Scrub Turkeys?

  1. Quotes about brush turkey available at no cost and no obligation
  2. Removal of the scrub turkey in a quick and effective manner
  3. We have service people based all around Brisbane, including in Ipswich and Redcliffe, which means that we have a local person to relocate your scrub turkeys no matter where you are in Brisbane.
  4. Skilled in making use of the behavior of the scrub turkey in order to catch him in a humane manner

For a Price Estimate, Please Get in Touch With Us.

Fill out our form or give our office a call between 8 and 5 Monday through Friday to receive an estimate for the removal of brush turkeys from your home or place of business. 30am and 3 Monday through Friday, 1:45 p.m.

Get in touch with us right away for prompt and reliable scrub turkey removal in Brisbane.

Check out the following link for more information on the breeding and behavior of Brush Turkeys.

Brush Turkey Captured
Peter, Using a Brush, Captured a Turkey in a Trap
Brush Turkeys Removal Brisbane

Males are typically larger than females and have a prominent yellow skin flap on the front of their throats. There is a possibility that some female turkeys will have a tiny yellow bib.

In most cases, the male scrub turkey is the most destructive species because he is the one that constructs the nest mound and is responsible for its upkeep. We move male turkeys in accordance with the terms of a wildlife permit. Once the male is removed, the females will typically disperse, and they will typically only remain for a short period of time.

Because they are native wildlife, Brush Turkeys are protected by the government. It is against the law for members of the general public who do not have a permit to harm, relocate, or capture them. We are able to relocate turkeys so long as we adhere to the terms of the special permit that we received from the Department of the Environment.

However, if a male turkey is actively mounding, we will use the mound to catch him because we are taking advantage of his territorial behavior. However, once he has been removed, the mound needs to be dismantled as soon as possible in order to prevent it from attracting a second male brush turkey to the same turkey nest.

Even if there isn't a nest mound or the male isn't actively building the nest, we can still try to catch it, but it might take a little longer. We are able to set up a cage for up to two weeks, but there will be a charge regardless of the results.

We strongly advise that as soon as the male turkey has been removed, the mound be demolished as quickly as possible, as this will prevent other male turkeys from taking over the nest. After the male turkey has been removed, the female turkeys will typically disperse and find new territories. The males are the only ones who mark their territory. The females are constantly on the move and may only spend a few days scratching in your garden before moving on to another location.

We drive the turkey ten to twenty kilometers away, and we can guarantee that you won't get it back. It is then let loose in an appropriate forest area. Because we can't promise that there won't be any other male turkeys in the area, we recommend that you get rid of any mounds as soon as possible so that other male turkeys aren't drawn to your area.

Because the male is in charge of the incubation process, we are not allowed to relocate the brush turkey until the eggs have hatched. This is a requirement of all permits that are issued for the relocation of brush turkeys.

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