"Breaking News: Howard Strikes Controversial Preference Deal with One Nation in Two Crucial NSW Electorates"

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Howard and One Nation have struck a preference deal in two electorates in New South Wales. This breaks Howard's 2001 promise to relegate One Nation to last place. One Nation's extremist views are detrimental to Australian politics. They have only been elected to any Australian parliament on the back of Coalition preferences; therefore, all major political parties should put them last on their “how to vote” lists.

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Preferring One Nation sends a dangerous message to both Australian and international communities. The move could negatively impact community relations and the nation's economy, and it is unacceptable for the Australian Government and its Prime Minister to be seen associating with One Nation.

In NSW rural electorates, the Coalition has broken Howard's promise and preferenced One Nation. The Coalition's how-to-vote card features John Howard's image and is authorized by the NSW State Director of the Liberal Party, Graham Jaeschke. The electorates preferenced by the Coalition are Riverina, held by Nationals Chief Whip Kay Hull, and New England held by independent Tony Windsor, where Phil Betts is running for the Nationals.

In a 2001 press conference at Federal Parliament, Mr. Howard stated that One Nation should be placed last on every Liberal Party how-to-vote card around Australia. The Howard Government has become so desperate that they are breaking this promise. One Nation is a divisive and corrosive force in Australian society and politics, and it is unacceptable for politicians to associate themselves with the group.

The preference order on Coalition how-to-vote cards in New England and Riverina is as follows:

  • New England:
  • 1. Phil Betts – The Nationals
  • 2. Tony Windsor – INDEPENDENT
  • 3. Brian Dettman – One Nation
  • 4. Richard Witten – Citizens Electoral Council
  • 5. Luke Brand – Country Labor
  • 6. Bruce Taylor – Greens
  • Riverina:
  • 1. Kay Hull – The Nationals
  • 2. Gary Johnson – Citizen Electoral Council
  • 3. Craig Hesketh – One Nation
  • 4. Ray Goodlass – Greens
  • 5. Peter Knox – Country Labor
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