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October  ·  5mo ago · Online

Why has your customer service deteriorated to such an appallingly deplorable level? Why are hold times so completely unreasonable? Why should I continue doing business with a bank that treats me with such complete and utter disdain after being a customer for more than 20 years?

Gail V.
Gail V.  ·  Six months ago, NAB, which stands for National Australia Bank

Why in the world do you have to wait such a long time for security to pick up the phone when you call them? I haven't made it all the way through yet.

Phil · 6mo ago

The exact same thing has been going through my mind recently. After a while of trying to get through, I was finally successful and asked, "HAS THE BANK BLACK BAND ME SO I GET NO SERVICE?" The "NAB banker" wasn't positive and didn't understand how to verify the information.
It should come as no surprise that the reason I called wasn't resolved.

PH B.  ·  7 months ago NAB, also known as the National Australia Bank

Do you have any recommendations for different ways to get in touch with NAB so that we don't have to wait one to three hours on hold?

George · 7mo ago

Absolutely not, nada, zilch, nada, these kids they now seem to be hiring think that you're just another annoying customer, and the bank would be so much better off without you.

Hua Y.
Hua Y.  ·  Ten months ago, NAB, also known as National Australia Bank

Please tell your CEO to spend some time reading over the review and more time focusing on training your staff. Thank you. If he does not know how to complete the task, I will gladly assist him.

Julia A.
Julia A.  ·  1 year ago NAB, which stands for National Australia Bank

They have allowed me to overdraw in my savings account for a long time, but now they won't let me. How come I always pay them back? Way, you can't overdraw in your saving account with nab any more.

Izac P.
Izac P.  ·  1 year ago NAB, which stands for National Australia Bank

If I go to a nab ATM to deposit money to a bsb and account number that is also to a nab account, will that be considered an instant deposit? This question refers to the instantaneous nature of the deposit.

Jaimie L.
Jaimie L. · 1y ago

Dont if you bank with the NAB, you will be wasting your time because they are completely incompetent, and the NAB has zero concern for the individuals who bank with them.

Claudia S.
Claudia S.  ·  1 year ago NAB, which stands for National Australia Bank

I want to have my money taken out of my account as soon as possible. Because I have colitis, I am unable to enter a branch.
This account contains funds provided by the government in an effort to save my company. When exactly are you going to allow me to send it out?

Claudia S.
Claudia S.  ·  1y ago · Online

I have opened an account with NAB, and money from the government has just been transferred into it so that it can assist my company. I am currently hospitalized due to a severe case of covid. I attempted to transfer this money to a business partner so that they could pay my urgent bills; however, I was prevented from accessing my account. NAB requires that I enter with 100 points of identification. When I told them about covid, they were surprised. They did not care and told me that in order to have my account unlocked, I would need to go in with covid, which would mean breaking the isolation rules and potentially spreading the virus. This is absolutely repugnant behavior on their part; I am on the verge of losing my business, I have covid and am in terrible condition, and they don't care if I spread this virus to other people. It doesn't matter to me if my account is permanently closed because I won't be using them ever again; however, I do want them to give me my money in cash. My account

Tinh L.
Tinh L.  ·  2 years ago, NAB, also known as the National Australia Bank

Is it possible for me to make a deposit into the nab account of a friend using an ATM belonging to smart commbank?

SOC · 2y ago

Yes you can The automated teller machine functions in the same way as the bank teller.

danny · 2y ago

I tried using one of these so-called smart ATMs, but I ended up losing my deposit, and it took me a week to get it back. Instead, you should make an internet transfer.

Michelle F.
Michelle F.1  ·  2 years ago, NAB, also known as the National Australia Bank

My son went to the NAB branch to deposit money into his account, and the receipt indicates that the amount deposited was $2,240. He eventually went online and discovered that the deposit amount was less than $1740. rang bang but was unsuccessful in getting through. is the amount received on the deposit receipt Proff?

Anonymous762 · 2y ago

If I were you, I'd make a complaint to the authorities about this. After that, I'd give nab another call to vent my frustrations about the situation. Continue to voice your concerns regarding this matter to the nab bank. Maintain your decorum and a level head when dealing with them. Maintain a journal in which you record every conversation and encounter you have with them.

Kristy C.
Kristy C.  ·  2 years ago, NAB, also known as the National Australia Bank

Is it possible for me to cash a check that was deposited into my account by my employer? Seeing as how my boss just handed me my cheque,

Dicko · 2y ago

It is extremely difficult, and in some cases even impossible, to cash a check. The banks will provide you with a list of all the possible reasons why they cannot In most cases, you are required to deposit it, wait for it to be cleared with the bank or account it was drawn from (your boss's), and only then will you be able to receive the money. Before, it would take between three and five days It takes between seven and ten days with today's technology. Go figure

andrew · 2y ago

No, each and every check is required to be deposited into an account first, followed by a three-day wait for clearance. Going to the bank branch where your employer maintains an account is the only way to cash the check, and even then there is no guarantee that they will do so.

Morna W.
Morna W.  ·  2 years ago, NAB, also known as the National Australia Bank

I am a mature age pensioner, and I wanted to withdraw $5,000 in $100 bills so that I could hide it under my mattress. Teller asked me what I wanted the money for, and I responded by saying, "to pay bills." Teller then inquired as to who I was paying the money to, how many people I was paying, where I got the money from, requested my driver's license, and suggested that I speak with the manager. After waiting ten minutes for the teller to speak to the manager, the manager explained that it was to prevent fraud and fulfill their duty of care, blah blah blah, and also asked me questions that I was hesitant to respond to. Whose care Whose scam I guess that puts me in the danger zone now. Anyone else have something similar happen to them?

Dicko · 2y ago

I've also been there. Recently, my initial request was for $10,000, but I was informed that I would need to pre-order anything that cost more than $5,000. When the teller told me that, she was very impolite. Leaving, I proceeded to the CBA located next door. They gave me ten thousand dollars. I believe that the banks are keeping a close eye on you to ensure that you have not been tricked into withdrawing large sums of money or that you have not fallen victim to a tradie scam that requires cash payments. Because I am unable to get in touch with NAB, I still do not understand why my account was frozen. After waiting for four hours, I was finally able to speak to someone, but they refused to tell me

Glen G.
Glen G.  ·  3 years ago, NAB, also known as National Australia Bank

I have presented all of my identification documents at the NAB branch, but I am still unable to access my money because they claim that they have not received anything from the branch. I really need my money, so what options do I have?

micheal · 3y ago

I don't understand why you'd be asking this question here, given that this is NOT the NAB; the sensible thing to do would be to get in touch with the bank.

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