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Australian Election Company uses safe, cutting-edge online voting technology to conduct elections, ballots, plebiscites, and referendums.

Online voting creates new opportunities and a distinctive voting experience. Online voting aims to increase accessibility and convenience for voters, accuracy and security of the voting process, and quick feedback on election or ballot results. Online voting is the best option when there are, let's say, more than 1,500 eligible voters.

Benefits of Voting Online

  • Privacy and security
  • Voters' accessibility is improved
  • Simplicity and usability
  • Rapid results tabulation
  • Savings compared to voting by mail, in person, or at a polling place.

Privacy and security

With initiatives to ensure the security and integrity of Election and Ballot processes, security and integrity are imposed by the use of "state-of-the-art" online voting software. We will create and launch the voting website on our secure server, which also houses the voter registration database. Following the completion of an election or ballot project, this database is deleted from the server.

Voters are required to provide authentication information in order to access the online voting ballot screens, which implements process security.

Compared to conventional polling places or postal voting, online voting offers higher levels of general election or ballot security. Various levels of voter authentication may be used depending on the data made available through an organization's voter database and the level of security required. Obviously, the level of security increases with the level of authentication.

Usually, there are two or three levels of authentication. For instance, when conducting online voting for a board of directors election, a Member Number along with a secret password or Personal Identification Number may be used.

Similar to this, a unique Password or Personal Identification Number is frequently used in conjunction with an Employee Number for a Collective Agreement Ballot process.

Online voting also serves as a safeguard against unauthorized multiple voting. After an eligible voter successfully confirms their identity by providing their Password or Personal Identification Number and casting their ballot, their Password is "consumed" and cannot be used again. Voters are only permitted to vote on their Password once.

When multiple voting methods are used for the same ballot or election, such as when postal voting and online voting are combined, voting access from both methods is registered in the voter database so a voter cannot cast both a postal vote and an online vote.

Each voter's vote is kept private. The Online Voting system "consumes" the Password/Personal Identification Number (PIN) and "marks" the Voter Roll (database) to show that the user has voted after they confirm their vote selection(s). The system's ability to simultaneously store the actual vote details in a different database ensures that each voter can only cast one vote and that their vote is anonymous because the vote can no longer be connected to their registration information on the voter roll.

Because eligible voters can cast their ballots online from any Internet-connected computer, virtually anywhere in the world, accessibility for voters is greatly increased. This could be done from a person's home, place of employment, internet kiosk, library, or even while on a cruise ship. Furthermore, no additional software or browsers are needed.

Online voting also expands voter participation opportunities for those who might live far from traditional polling places, be on vacation abroad, have physical disabilities, or who might be ill or infirm. and those whose religious beliefs might prevent them from visiting polling places on election days or during regular polling hours.

A key component of online voting is simplicity. All a voter needs to do to access the ballot screen (or screens) is to log in to the secured voting website on our election server and enter their authentication information, which is typically a Member or Employee Number and a Password/PIN.

Voters could access candidate promotional statements (including photographs, if allowed by the relevant governance requirements) online by simply "clicking" on the name of the relevant candidate if candidate or like promotional statements are a feature of your Elections or Ballots.

A screen confirming the voter's selections will appear after they make their selections by "clicking" inside a box next to their preferred candidate (or candidates), or in the case of a Collective Agreement Employee Ballot, by "clicking" in either the "YES" or "NO" box. By simply looking at the "Confirmation Screen" at this point, a voter can either confirm and submit their choice(s) or change their vote by "clicking" on the "Return" button. A "Thank You" screen appears after their vote has been cast and submitted, concluding the voting process.

With the ability to see each step of the voting process and the flexibility to make changes before submitting their vote, the online voting system has the clear advantage of giving voters these advantages. Additionally, the voter has the option of printing a confirmation of their vote.

Online voting is characterized by quick results tabulation. Actually, theoretically, the election or ballot results are immediately available; there is no need to wait for the execution of potentially inaccurate manual counts, data entry, or electronic scanning of ballots. The Results are made available to clients as soon as our routine internal review procedures are finished.

Additionally, our proprietary software integrated with the online voting system will apply any complex voting systems, including different "first past the post" or preferential voting systems, in order to deliver absolutely accurate count outcomes and output reports, again almost instantly.

Comparing the use of online voting to conventional voting methods like polling places and/or mail-in ballots results in cost savings. With attendance voting, there are obviously substantial infrastructure costs involved, such as the hiring of staff, the leasing of polling locations and equipment, the printing of ballots, the conducting of the vote counting, etc.

Costs associated with postal voting include substantial expenses for envelopes, ballot paper, and other materials, postage, return ballot processing, and a second ballot count.

On the other hand, with online voting, there are essentially few other costs after the pertinent web screens have been developed. We are confident that your election or ballot costs will be significantly decreased because we are aware of how much more effective online voting is than other traditional processes.

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