Anderson Plug Assembling Instructions

Instructions will be provided in a step-by-step format, beginning with a bare cable and progressing all the way through crimp terminating and successfully completing an installation. Installation of an Anderson plug. Our easy Anderson plug wiring guide will walk you through the steps necessary to ensure that you have a dependable Anderson plug connection always and on every occasion  

In this manual, we will provide step-by-step instructions for assembling a full Anderson SB® Series connector and contacts in order to terminate a lead. The most typical example: Anderson referring to the Multipole Installation of a PowerPole. — is quite They are easy to put together step by step due to their simplicity, sturdiness, and lack of gender specificity.

Before we get started, let's discuss the most frequently asked question that we get on. Anderson Plugs: Which instrument should I make use of?

How to Determine the Appropriate Crimping Tool

Despite the fact that we use the authentic Anderson 1309G4 tool outlined in this manual, as well as in the video down below , the a href="MY_REDIRECT_PREFIX" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">span> HD16L/span>span> HellermannTyton or /span>/ are both options that garner a lot of favor. for compression of Anderson Connectors for PowerPole with Multiple Poles onto 6AWG (13 2 millimeters) and 8AWG (8 0mm2) wires The best products are listed below. represent a combination of good quality and reasonable price that we have discovered on the market

No matter who you are: utilizing either a Deutsch crimper or an Anderson plug crimper The hand crimping tools listed above are all capable of producing a secure and comprehensive crimp with a minimum of effort. Many of these products, such as the, are also suitable for use with other makes and models of connectors, such as the. Connectors for the weather pack put together.  

In order to better assist you in comprehending the instrument for crimping the Anderson plug assembly , this is a brief video that provides an overview of the comprehensive guide.

The first things you will need are the appropriate tools, in addition to a pair of Anderson connectors and cable that is suitable for the job.

Anderson Assembly Tools

Outer Jacket Stripper
An outer jacket is present on twin core automotive cable, such as the 6 mm cable that we are utilizing in this instance. The Weicon 51001007 is an instrument that is utilized for stripping flat cable (center, top). You also have the option of using a box cutter, which is shown in the image to the right, to carefully pierce the perimeter of the outer jacket and remove it. Both of these will be explained in detail for you.

Inner Jacket Stripper
The two inner cores each have their own insulation, which will need to be removed before proceeding.   In this particular instance of wiring an Anderson plug We are making use of a Weicon 51000005 (centre, bottom)

Flat-Blade Screwdriver
It is necessary to use a large screwdriver with a flat blade in order to seat the Anderson contacts into the housing.

Crimp Tool
Connector-Tech ALS is a manufacturer that specializes in producing full. Anderson Cable Assemblies, which is why in addition to recommending it, we sell the authentic Anderson Power Products 1309G4 Crimp Tool. This is the instrument that is depicted in the guide.

For optimal crimping results, reach for the HellermannTyton HD16L Crimp tool. Anderson plugs onto 6AWG (13 2 millimeters) and 8AWG (8 0mm2) wire It is the most optimal combination of high quality and reasonable price that we have discovered on the market.

You can the Anderson plugs can be crimped or soldered. despite this, its dependability is reduced in settings with a high level of vibration, such as the bed of a ute or a trailer.

Step 1: Strip Outer Jacket

Remove the outer jacket from the cable that contains the twin cores. We suggested cutting away at least 70 millimeters of the material so that the inner cores could enter the housing via a direct route that would not place undue stress on the cable or contacts.

Anderson Assembly Strip Outer Jacket

If you do not have access to a flat cable stripper like the Weicon 51001007, you can use a box cutter to make a shallow cut around the perimeter of the outer jacket and then carefully pull the material off the cable. This method is recommended in the event that you do not have access to a flat cable stripper like the Weicon 51001007. Caution is required to avoid going too deep because it is simple to pierce the inner cores (see image below, right).

Anderson Assembly Strip Outer Box Cutter

The second step is to strip the inner cores.

Strip 11 millimeters of insulation from each of the inner cable cores using a wire stripper. Because of this, it is possible for the conductor to sit entirely within the 50-amp Anderson contact. In this instance, we made use of the Weicon 51000005, which is capable of stripping cable from 0 to 1. 2mm to 6mm in diameter

Anderson Assembly Strip Inner Core

The third step is to crimp the contact points.

Crimping the contact in place with the Anderson Power Products 1309G4 Crimp Tool is the best way to bring an Anderson lead to its conclusion. Because it produces a safe crimp with a single indentation that is unaffected by vibration, which is a factor that can weaken solder joints, we use this tool on all of our cable assemblies.

The first thing that needs to be done is to load the contact into the crimp tool. Place the contact so that the blade is perpendicular to the jaws, the barrel of the contact is flush with the surface of the jaws, and the Anderson logo is facing upward. When the cores are inserted into the housing in this manner, there will be no risk of them becoming twisted. "Prime" the crimp tool by squeezing it until it reaches the first detente, which will keep the contact from moving. Crimp the cable after inserting the positive (right hand) core of the cable. Proceed in the same manner with the second core.

Anderson Assembly Crimping Contacts

There are tools available that are less expensive overall but do not fulfill Anderson's requirements. Assemblage of the SB50 specifications, but may still be capable of providing a dependable crimp Soldering the contact into position is another option to consider if you do not have a crimping tool. To reduce the amount of solder that is needed, we recommend choosing a size for the contact barrel that is as close as possible to the size of the conductor.

Check the Polarity as the Fourth Step

When you've finished crimping or soldering both contacts into place, grab your Anderson SB® Series housing and hold it with the logo facing up. Place the contacts inside the housing while ensuring that the positive pole is on the right. This will ensure that the polarity is correct.

Anderson Assembly Check Polarity

Insert the Contacts as the Fifth Step

Place the housing on the surface you are working on, and while holding the lead, position both contacts so that they are inside the cavities that correspond to them. Utilizing your screwdriver with a flat blade, apply significant force to the barrel of the contact, and wait for it to click into position. When the tang is securely fastened to the contact blade, you will be able to both hear and feel it. Holding the housing in one hand while pulling firmly on the cable can help you determine whether or not the contacts have been properly seated and whether or not your crimp or solder job is satisfactory.

Anderson Assembly Insert Contacts

The Check-Mate Test, the Sixth and Final Step

By mating your connector with another, which is the final method for determining whether or not your contacts are properly seated, Anderson plug The act of mating the two will, in the event that the contacts were not installed correctly, cause the loose contacts to be expelled from their housing. When it comes to the SB®50 Series, the only housings that are compatible with one another are black and grey. Every one of the other colors has its own special key.

Anderson Assembly Mate Test

If you follow the steps in the right order, putting together an Anderson connector from start to finish is an easy process. Instructions for the Anderson plug and make sure that your work is double checked at every opportunity. You can tailor the length of your lead to your specific application by terminating the cable on your own, which gives you more flexibility. regardless of the case Installing an Anderson plug into a vehicle , trailer home, or any other use whatsoever

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