An Explanation of the Whipper Snipper's Use

Almost all of the people who own property in Australia are familiar with the process of mowing their lawns. On the other hand, using a whipper snipper on the edges of the lawn can be more difficult than mowing. And if you've never cut grass with a whipper snipper before, you're going to need all the assistance you can get in order to give your lawn the perfect edge.

What Does It Mean to Snip a Whipper?

A whipper snipper is a handheld gardening tool that is used for cutting grass and other plant material. It is also known as a string trimmer and a line trimmer. It is made up of a lengthy shaft that has a cutting head attached to one end and a motor attached to the opposite end. The cutting head is equipped with a spool of durable plastic line that spins at a high rate of speed, allowing it to cut through grass and weeds with ease.

How to Determine Which Whipper Snipper Is Best For You

a whipper snipper stands by a fence on a mowed lawn near a house in a rural area

It can be difficult to decide which whipper snipper to purchase. Whipper snippers are available in models that are powered by either electricity or gasoline, and they can have a variety of cutting heads attached to them to accommodate a wide range of cutting tasks. When looking for a whipper snipper, there are a few things you should keep in mind, which are as follows:

  • The dimensions of the space that require cutting down A small whipper snipper is ideal for use in confined areas, whereas a larger model is better suited for cutting grass and making quick work of more extensive areas.
  • The kinds of plants that need to be trimmed that you have. While some whipper snippers are better suited for cutting tough weeds, others are more effective when used on more delicate grasses.
  • The nature of the topography. If you live in an area with hilly or uneven ground, you should look for a model that has variable speed control so that you can adapt the speed to the environment.
  • Your budget There is a price range of approximately $100 to $500 for whipper snippers; therefore, it is essential to establish a budget before you begin shopping.

Check out our suggestions for the top whipper snippers available in Australia if you are in the market for a whipper snipper.

Instructions For Making Use Of A Whipper Snipper

1. Take Stock of Your Environment

It is imperative that you take a look at your immediate environment before you begin using a whipper snipper. Check to see that there are no people or animals that could potentially get in the way, such as children.

When it comes time to clean up after the event, it's a smart idea to have a bin and a bag for organic waste ready and waiting. In addition to making it easier to move the debris out of the way, this will also help the process of mowing the lawn go more quickly.

2. Always put your safety first.

Even though using a whipper snipper might not seem as risky as working with chemicals, gardening still comes with a number of potential dangers. When working with powered garden tools, it is imperative that one always wears appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).  

Gloves can help protect your hands from cuts and scrapes, and safety glasses can protect your eyes from flying debris. Protecting your hands and eyes is important when working with potentially hazardous materials. Additionally, it is important to wear long pants and shoes with closed toes in order to reduce the risk of injury from coming into contact with plant life or sharp tools. You should also make sure to wear ear muffs so that the loud noise from the motor does not damage your hearing.

3. Put Your Whipper Snipper in Position

After you have completed the necessary safety precautions, such as putting on safety goggles and ear protection, it is time to prepare the whipper snipper for use.  

  • To begin, make sure you carefully read through the owner's manual. You will gain a better understanding of the machine's components and how they interact as a result of reading this.
  • Make sure that your whipper snipper is equipped with the appropriate kind of line. Round and square lines are the most typical types of lines. When it comes to general trimming, a round line is preferable, but when it comes to edging, a square line is preferable.
  • In accordance with the instructions provided by the manufacturer, thread the line through the string head and onto the trimmer shaft. Make sure that the line is properly tensioned; if it is too loose, it will come off the spool, and if it is too tight, it will break easily.
  • Before you cut off the excess line, you need to make sure that the string has been threaded through each hole in the head.  
  • After that, you need to put in the battery (if it has one) and fill the fuel tank with new gasoline.

4. Get to Work on That Whipper Snipper

There are a lot of people who struggle to get their whipper snipper engines started, but it really doesn't have to be that challenging. Here are some pointers from the experts on how to get a whipper snipper going.

How to Get a Whipper Snipper Gasoline Engine Started

close up shot of gasoline whipper snipper

The vast majority of petrol whipper snippers have four-stroke engines, which means that the piston moves through each complete cycle of the engine four times. When compared to starting a two-stroke engine, starting a four-stroke engine requires a few minor adjustments, but once you are familiar with the process, it is not difficult at all.  

In order to get your petrol whipper snipper up and running, here is a step-by-step guide:

  • Before you attempt to start the vehicle, ensure that the fuel is not stale and that the engine has been adequately lubricated. If the engine is lacking oil, you will need to add some to the cylinder.
  • Make sure there is gas in the tank; a minimum of a half-full tank is recommended for optimal performance. You don't want to be in the middle of your gardening session when you realize you're out of gas.
  • The fuel lever needs to be moved to the "on" position, and the choke lever needs to be moved to the "full" position.
  • Check to see that the spark plug is correctly seated and that nothing is preventing it from working. If the spark plug is dirty or clogged, it can make it more difficult to start the engine.
  • Before you attempt to start the engine, you need to prime it by pulling the starter cord several times. This will assist in getting the fuel flowing, which will ultimately make it simpler to start the engine.
  • Immediately and quickly pull the cord until the engine starts. If it doesn't work on the first try, go back and try the step before that again.
  • After the engine has been started, you should wait for a minute or two to allow it to warm up before trimming.

How to Turn On a Whipper Snipper That Is Powered By a Battery

You will need to either charge the battery or install a separate 36-volt battery in your battery-powered whipper snipper before you can begin using it. When the battery is fully charged, you can turn on the device by pressing the button labeled "power." After that, pull the trigger to begin the rotation of the blades.

5. Deviate from the Way You Were Going

You can select the direction in which the trimmer cuts with the majority of whipper snippers. You should always make sure that the trimmer is spinning in the opposite direction from the one in which the whipper snipper is moving. This will assist in reducing the likelihood of the blades becoming entangled or being pulled out of position. It is also a good idea to keep the head of the trimmer close to the ground in order to prevent damaging plants or kicking up stones.

6. Achieve Perfection in Your Margins

garderner trimming the lawn with a whipper snipper

To begin, make sure that the whipper snipper is held at waist level and then engage the throttle. Make sure that your trimmer is working at its maximum speed for the best results. Move the trimmer head around the area you want to cut grass or weeds in a slow, circular motion, and use a back-and-forth motion to cut the grass or weeds.

Work from the inside out rather than the outside in to get the cleanest cuts. If you begin cutting the grass from the center outward, you will slow the speed of the trimmer, which will result in less efficient cutting. You are in a much better position to produce a straighter edge if you begin from the outside, which is another advantage of this method.

7. Whipper Snippers should only be used on grass.

One common error that people make is attempting to slice through anything that is more substantial than grass with their whipper snipper. This can result in the trimmer line becoming tangled, which will cause the machine to become inoperable.

Cutting through tough material can shorten the life of the trimmer line and dull the blades, reducing the device's ability to cut grass effectively. Therefore, the next time you feel the urge to use your whipper snipper on something other than grass, you should give it some serious consideration. There are other tools that are better suited for maintaining your lawn and garden, and you can read about those tools in our post that is dedicated to the topic. the very best lawnmowers And if you'd like to, you can. keep weeds out of your garden , there is also a post dedicated to that on our site.

Aftercare for the Whipper Snippers

After you have completed everything, make sure the power is turned off and that the string has stopped rotating before you put the machine down. After each time you use the trimmer, you need to make sure the line is emptied, as well as any debris that may have accumulated in the head of the trimmer. Remove any dust or grass that might be stuck to the machine by brushing it off. It is also important to lubricate the cutting head and the trimming line on a regular basis if you want your trimmer to last as long as possible.

The Proper Way To Put A Whipper Snipper Away

  1. Allow the engine to completely cool down. When the engine is still hot, trying to force the cover on while it is still hot can cause damage to the plastic.
  2. Remove all of the fuel that is still in the tank by emptying it. Leaving fuel in the tank can cause the fuel to deteriorate, which can clog the engine.
  3. Check to see that the blade is securely fastened in its position. During storage, the blade won't be able to become damaged or dislodged thanks to this measure.
  4. Remove any grass or debris that may be stuck to the blades and the motor. By doing so, any accumulation of dirt or grass will be removed.
  5. It is imperative that you keep your whipper snipper in a cool, dry place that is out of the sun. If you have to leave it outside, make sure it is protected from the elements by covering it. This will prevent it from becoming ruined.


Is It Difficult To Work With A Whipper Snipper?

gardener mowing the lawn using a whipper snipper

Yes, it is The majority of individuals feel that making use of a whipper snipper is relatively simple. Before you start working on your lawn, it is essential to become familiar with the tool through practice and preparation. Also, when you first begin to trim, you should go slowly at first so that you can get a feel for how the blades react when they come into contact with the grass.

Should You Cut the Grass with a Mower or a Whipper Snip First?

There is no correct or incorrect response; however, there are a few things you should keep in mind. If you cut the grass first, you'll find it much simpler to navigate around obstacles like trees and flower beds as you cut the grass. On the other hand, beginning with whipper snipping will result in a neater edge and make it simpler to achieve straight lines.

What Is The Proper Way To Hold A Whipper Snipper?

Make sure that the whipper snipper is being held at the same level as your waist. Maintain an erect stance and grasp the whipper snipper on the right side of your body, with the muffler pointing in the opposite direction of your body. You will have the most control in this position, and it will keep fatigue at bay.

Holding the handle near the base of the whipper snipper and keeping your index finger on the trigger will allow you to maneuver it more effectively. This will grant you a greater degree of control and enable you to direct the whipper snipper with greater accuracy. It is important to remember to keep your arms and shoulders relaxed. If your muscles are tense, it will be more difficult for you to control the whipper snipper, which could result in an injury.

Where do I begin with the Whipper Snipper?

Before you do anything else, check to see that the spark plug is installed correctly and that the gap is adjusted appropriately. After that, check the level of oil in the vehicle and add new gasoline to the tank. Pull the starter cord in a measured and consistent manner until the engine starts. When you first start using your whipper snipper, you should wait a few minutes to allow it to warm up after you turn it on.

How Do You Finish the Edge of Your Grass With a Whipper Snipper?

beautifully mowed lawn edge

Start by making cuts along the edge of your lawn, making sure to adhere to any straight lines or contours as required. Be sure to keep a steady pace while moving slowly in order to not miss any of the spots. Continue working your way inward towards the center of your lawn while angling the whipper snipper so that it cuts against the edge you just created. As soon as you reach the middle of your lawn, you should reverse direction and begin cutting back towards the perimeter, ensuring that the blade is tilted inwards the entire time. Proceed in this manner until you have covered the entire circumference of your lawn.

When you want the best results, use a slow mower.

It takes practice to become proficient at using a whipper snipper, just like it does to learn any other new skill. The trick is to determine the appropriate amount of pressure to apply, as well as to become familiar with the tool. After you have gained some experience, you will be able to breeze through your yard's maintenance tasks like a seasoned pro. If you are unsure how to get started or require assistance, please contact us. mowing your lawn and grasses , give us a call

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