Accessibility Guide for Individuals with Limited Mobility

Information for individuals with disability or limited mobility

The AEC offers assistance for individuals living with disability to ensure they are not at a disadvantage when participating in the electoral system. The AEC can support you in registering, voting, and finding additional information. It is mandatory for all eligible Australians to register and vote in federal elections and referendums.

Simple comprehend guides

These guides explain how to register to vote and how to vote in a federal election.

The information in these guides is presented in a clear and understandable manner.

Images are utilized to clarify certain concepts.

Accessible voting alternatives

Accessibility of polling places

Following the announcement of an election, each polling place is assigned an accessibility rating to assist individuals with disabilities or limited mobility. These ratings include:

  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Assisted wheelchair access
  • Not wheelchair accessible

You can click on the rating listed for each polling place to find out more about its specific accessibility features.

Assistance for voting at a polling place

If you require assistance to vote at a polling place, you can ask someone to help you. Polling place staff are trained to support you, or you can nominate any person (except a candidate) to assist you. This could be a friend, relative, or another individual. If you do not nominate someone, the polling official in charge may provide assistance.

If you are unable to exit your vehicle and the polling official in charge determines that you cannot enter the polling place, someone can bring the ballot papers to you.

Postal voting

If you are unable to travel to a polling place to vote, you can apply for a postal vote once a federal election is announced.

A voter with a disability or limited mobility may also qualify to become a general postal voter and receive ballot papers by mail for each federal election.

To complete a postal vote, the voter can choose an assistant (such as a friend or family member) to help fill out the ballot papers and envelope according to the voter's instructions, but the voter must sign the envelope or make a mark as a signature.

Mobile polling

The AEC offers mobile polling in certain locations. These locations will be announced shortly after an election is announced.

Individuals who are visually impaired or have low vision

Voters who are visually impaired or have low vision can cast a confidential vote from any location, including their own homes. More information will be provided shortly after any electoral event is announced.

Shortly after an electoral event is announced, information will be provided in accessible formats. This information covers when and where to vote, assistance available at polling places, and how to vote correctly.

Individuals living with dementia

Individuals in the early stages of dementia, who are still capable of understanding the significance and nature of registration and voting, may be able to continue enrolling and voting. It is advisable to have a conversation with the person and their doctor to determine if they possess the capacity to understand the voting process.

For individuals who may require additional support in enrolling and voting, the AEC provides a variety of ‘Easy read guides’ designed for individuals who struggle with reading and comprehending written information.

If your family member has dementia and they no longer possess the ability to comprehend the essence and importance of enrollment and voting, you will be required to fill out the Objection claim that an elector should not be enrolled form in order to eliminate their name from the electoral roll. The medical certificate on the form must be duly completed and signed by a registered medical practitioner. Once the form is finished, please submit it to the AEC.

Individuals who are hearing impaired

  • National Relay Service (NRS)
  • TTY users can call 133 677 and inquire about 13 23 26
  • Speak and Listen users can call 1300 555 727 and inquire about 13 23 26
  • Internet relay users can connect to the NRS and inquire about 13 23 26.

For further information

Updated: 24 July 2023

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