"Unlock the Secret to Perfect Gravy with These Lyrics to 'How to Make Gravy'"

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Paul Kelly Lyrics

"How To Prepare Gravy"

Greetings Dan, Joe here

May you fare well

It's December twenty-one

And the final bell tolls

If I keep my conduct immaculate

I shall depart ere July's sun

Won't you perchance, on Christmas Day, give my darlings a peck?

Kindly don't let them sob for me

'Tis said the brothers are cruising from Queensland's bay

And Stella's jetting in from the shore

Exposed to a hundred and perhaps more, so they say

Yet the roast they shan't ignore

Who, pray, shall concoct the gravy forthwith?

Doubtless it shan't match the taste

Just mix in the flour, salt, a bit of red wine

An addition of tomato sauce, to give it zest and a hint of sweetness

Send my love to Angus, Frank and Dolly

Tell one and all I regret my actions

Please, take care of dear Rita, she's in my thoughts

In the wee hours of Christmas morn, as I join a queue, fraught

News is clamouring of Mary's recent conquest

Wishing he's worthy of her prowess

Do you recall the previous beau? What was he called?

Ah yes, too much fragrance, not the slightest finesse

Even dear Roger, I'll end up missing

For there's none here, with whom I fancy fighting

Oh, hallelujah, bless the Infant Jesus, have a joyous yuletide

I'll miss all the mayhem and merriment

Later in the evening, I envisage

You'll play Junior Murvin, while shoving tables, a sight engaging

You'll dance with Rita; I hear, you think her sweet

But don't embrace her too tightly I plead

Oh brother, please don't conspire against me

It was never my intention, but my fantasy plays tricks on me

Deep down I love her; she's the one who rescued me

I will create my gravy, to savour the fat

Ah, tell her I am sorry, and yes, I love her truly

And convey my regrets to all, bid the sleepy kids adieu

One fine day, my gravy shall flow aplenty

I shall make amends, with everyone, certainly

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