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Begin this activity by connecting your Medicare account to your myGov account. To get started, make sure you have your Medicare card nearby, as you'll need to enter your Medicare number as prompted.

A lady linking her Medicare account to myGov

To begin the process, visit in your web browser on your computer or smart device. Click the Sign in button and enter your email and password. Then, input the code that myGov sends via text message to your mobile phone to sign in successfully.

The Sign in panel for myGov

Once you've signed in, you'll see your personalised myGov home page. Look at the centre of the page for the Linked services section. If you're linking a service for the first time, select the large blue Link a service button. If not, click the View and link services link.

You'll be directed to your Profile menu, where Link services should already be selected. Locate Medicare in the list under Link a service and click Link.

Clicking the myGov Linked services menu item.

When linking your Medicare account to your myGov, you'll be reminded that myGov will store only your legal name and date of birth that are saved with Medicare. Click I agree to proceed, as it is safe for myGov to do so. However, if your name with Medicare does not match your myGov account, you may encounter difficulty linking your accounts. Refer to Services Australia's Link Medicare to myGov with your Medicare card page for guidance on resolving linking issues.

The Linking to Medicare option panelAn icon of a padlock

It is important to note that your myGov information needs to match your Medicare record to prevent others from using your Medicare card with their myGov accounts.

To complete the linking process, you will be directed to the Medicare Australia website. The easiest way to link your Medicare account to myGov involves using your Medicare card and providing some other personal information.

Begin by selecting "Select the best option for you" and then choose "I’m listed on a Medicare card". Click "Next" to proceed.

Medicare will prompt you to input your Medicare card details. It's important to enter your Medicare number accurately, and if there are multiple individuals listed on the card, include your individual reference number as well.

Our example Medicare card showing two names on a Medicare card

You will also need to furnish your personal details on this page, such as your name, date of birth, and residential address. Once you have filled in all the requisite personal details, click "Next".

The Medicare Your address panel

Medicare will then ask you additional questions to verify your identity, such as the bank account into which your Medicare refund is deposited, the expiry date of your Medicare card, and details of any other persons you may have included on your Medicare card. Fill in all of these details and click "Next".

The Medicare Confirm your identity panel

Your myGov account should now be linked to Medicare. myGov will display a final screen so that you can verify that your details have been added correctly. If you are satisfied, click "Continue".

The Medicare Success message

You will now be able to view your account page on the Medicare website. To return to myGov, click on the black "Return to myGov" button situated at the top right of the page.

The Return to myGov button

The myGov "Profile: Linked services" page will appear, indicating that Medicare has been successfully linked as a service. You can now securely and easily access using myGov, where you can facilitate Medicare claims and other services.

Furthermore, from the "Profile: Linked services" page, you can link other services by clicking each one and following the instructions.

The myGov Profile: Linked services link options

This concludes the "How do I link a service?" activity. You have acquired the knowledge necessary to find the "Profile: Linked services" page in myGov and link Medicare and other services.

A lady linking services to her myGov account.

Afterwards, prepare to refresh your knowledge on the maintenance of utmost protection and security of your valuable information through the How is my information kept safe on myGov segment."

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